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Mo’dela -Wetin Konnec + Into You Ft. L-J and Esseh Andy

Post by sweegdeddy, March 5th, 2013

Mo’dela has his mixtape J.U.N.E. up for release in coming weeks, and here are two of the singles from that mixtape, peep them and share your thoughts!


Wetin Konnec


Into You Ft. L-J and Esseh Andy


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5 responses to “Mo’dela -Wetin Konnec + Into You Ft. L-J and Esseh Andy”

  1. Dsam says:

    I like as you dey konnec pikin and english. For your mixtape? that one go still konnec

  2. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    "wetin connect terry G with a Jamb from"…lol. should have completed the track like that. The world is ready for another Joooor Oh….btw dem man did kill dat "Carolina" beat

  3. Roy Clintson says:

    Nice one boss… U killin it smothly… Nice delivery @Into U & Wetin Konnect

  4. Dr Zaga says:

    Werin connect 2face with hair brush… Oh my!! That's hilarious……..
    some sick soft tunes… novel style…. me likey!!

  5. Scott Owen says:

    kool jamz

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