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Hayo Niel ft Gray Jon’z – Closer

Post by Ovie O, March 4th, 2013

“PXC Records Vocalist/Song Writer, Hayo Niel is back again! Fresh off the rave reviews of his first single this year (Sweet), he encourages his lady to come “Closer”.

His new single “Closer” is a shift back to his more mellow side, In between his soft melodies and Gray Jon’z laying bars that flow too good to be true, they create a great love song that just wraps round the eardrums and swamps you with that good mushy feeling.

As an artist, Hayo Niel has worked on a couple of projects including his hit banger “If I Fall”, “Mi O Ran Yan” a song by his co-signee Gray jon’z with cameo appearances by M.I., Djinee, Ice Prince, Dipp, Eva, Pope and Morachi and ‘The Best’. Currently working on his first album which would be titled Ace, Spades and Hearts, Hayo Niel intends
to be among those who would usher in the next generation of music entertainment in Nigeria.”


hayo-niel closer


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6 responses to “Hayo Niel ft Gray Jon’z – Closer”

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  2. Weeta says:

    smooth, sweet and Mellow…. Good job man!

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  4. MBeezy says:

    Nice. I like.

  5. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    hmmm…If i follow these guys mouth, some shawty defo going on a 9month course.

    LEVEL: bros level
    RATING: dope die

    Boy, man's on a downloading spree today…God bless these men and free music!!!

  6. tags says:

    j.Holiday / Craig David hybrid. This Hayo guy is bad like dat!

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