VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Murder Dem

Post by Ovie O, February 27th, 2013

The most famous “missing man” in Nigerian music, Jesse Jagz, returns with the video for his most recent single “Murder Dem”.

Jesse Jagz, the leader of Jagz Nation is on the “Most Wanted” list for challenging the social norm. One step ahead of the game, he’s gone underground and is planning his strategy to hit them HARD. Watch the story unfold . . . Part I — Murder ‘Dem! Video directed by MEX and Song produced by Jesse Abaga.

Murder ‘Dem hit radio in December last year as a surprise release for Jesse’s fans and an ice breaker announcing Jesse’s return. The track showcases Jesse’s Avant Garde production style beginning with the popular Christmas carol, “Joyful Joyful” and the bars alert people that “he’s been gone for a minute but he’s back like he left sum’n!”

Directed by MEX.


YouTube Preview Image

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32 Responses to “VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Murder Dem”

  1. Young Swag says:


  2. kind beedee says:

    My Favorite Chocolate city artist

  3. slim says:

    this video is so damn creative …vice one

  4. police says:

    complicated guy/video

  5. always setting standard!! we all know Jargo is the brain behind most choc city materials!! big ups homie!

  6. BIG MOUTH says:

    Love the song so ….so much
    but Video? kinda booring!

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

      mango head, ok now i get it…so ur plan is to stop others from commenting on NJO so u make 1-dimensional comments on every post to compensate for some kind of inadequacy in ur personal life…epic failure e nor work

    • Big T says:

      na that your BIG MOUTH go kill you…..dumb rat

  7. kenneth says:

    Video kinda boring…

    His best material till this day is Jargo…its a classic

  8. MAMA says:

    love the vid…creativity at its peak

  9. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    The Langtang Mafia…refreshing 2 C u bak on d block Jargo. Rated AG (ALL GOOD/silver)

  10. fanboi says:

    boring video. squareball would have done better.


    Love this song and the video… some minor adjustments and it woulda been a 10/10 but still all good…

  12. Obama's Nephew says:

    The video was good. The Nigerian military video clips along with the "Joyful, Joyful" sample made for a very interesting and provocative song concept, but I must say the lyrics were a MASSIVE LET DOWN!!!

    Perhaps he should have giving that track and song concept to a more lyrical rapper that actually has something to say about the subject matter he depicted in the video.

    Dope Video, and song concept. Horrible execution

    He gets a B- for effort

  13. ugoharris says:

    Glad 2 have u back after your short hiatus from music. This a cool and a really nice n creative video that well reflects your emotion from the song.
    Keep it up bro.
    One thing, though, that ur hair color looks kinda weird oh, abeg make u try a different color.

  14. mixturez says:

    Jagz Keeping it locked down. it been 2 summers mehn. Nice

  15. @sLeeK_MiKe says:

    Something different… Murder 'em

  16. adesokan says:

    this guy is confused

  17. you says:

    doesn't like showing is face but i love his music tho>…..

  18. johnbull says:

    this is total BS jor!!! waste of the 5 seconds i used watching it

  19. TC Ceo says:

    Straight up fab… Murder dem..

  20. Sauce says:

    It is a known fact that Jesse Jagz is fascinated with Vybz Kartel. From jacking his beats on Ice Prince "Magic" production to jacking his flow on "Omo Abaga" and so many other tracks. Little did I know he'd take his fascination a little further by trying to look like "di teacha"…lol

    Common men!…how do you explain this ?….Please watch the video and watch this…Coincedence ?… I think not!…LOL….

  21. Ojetayo Abayomi F says:


  22. YoungG says:

    Nice one jargo..

  23. Baraqat says:

    Yeeehh bruvv

  24. Ena Ofugara says:

    This is SCARY. Immense talent and mental imbalance often go together. Like Van Gogh the artiste, or Ernest Hemingway the writer, we are enjoying the creativity of Jesse but I assure you this guy is in a very dark place. What kind of intellect samples "joyful joyful" and straight away talks about killing? Unfunnily, that slow classic soundin "j0yful joyful" is what serial killers listen to before going on their macabre mission. Then he says "stacking up bodies bodies me nuh bury dem" Why not? he is enjoying the smell and putrefaction? Then he himself admits "I am so twisted in my soul" and does a pun with "Kilimanjaro" without the Mountain being on his mind. Then the lines "kill them suffer them" Then moves to words like "shoveling" and then he "sprays all his fans like ANGLICAN".
    There are helplines for disturbed geniuses like this. When he comes again to the US, on any given metroline are phone numbers to call for psychoanalysis and help. I don't what in this guy reminds me of Majek….so much talent the body becomes to weak to carry it.
    If the plays or hits on this song gets to 1 million, it is me repeating it because no song has shocked me this much ever. Mex is as good as anyone globally and if it was Jesse Jaggz Kanye that had the Kanye opportunity, he willbe on a song with JayZ by now. This is as good as it gets and K'naan Africa's biggest export in hiphop in the US has nothing that compares to this. I am certain Konshens, Vybes Cartel Movado etc will know this guy is on a par with them….only more global even. My Jamaican female friend is asking me if Jagz parents are from the Carribean. I tell her NO Nigerians are talented like that.
    TEN OVER TEN video and song.

    • It's Poetic license. Jesse Jagz is a musical genius. Breathtaking song and video…..

    • Ena Ofugara says:

      @Abbot. Van Gogh cutoff his ear, hemmingway killed himself. i guess that is poetic license? I do not doubt he is a genius but trust me this brother is in a dark place. he is talking abt "belly of the beast" and "resurrections and easter" which is symbolic of a brutal killing of Jesus. Don't ypu ever wonder why stars resort to drugs like Marvin Gaye who was jumping off cars and holding untohis gun saying people wanted to kill him? Now i just read rumours of his canabis addiction and also how no one knew he was going to leave Chocolate City. He did not give any inclination even to MI I hear. Usually people seesuch moves coming. It shows what this guy is thinking about in his head no one has an onkling. Follow serial killers and u will find that same behaviour…YOU NEVER SEE THEM COMING
      make una hold Jesse Jagz oh. I done tell una. (still jamming the song. My 15th replay

    • Oghogho Danjuma Ogba says:

      Brilliant artist..He sang the song for the first time on Nigerian idols and i was blown away….When he was asked who he was murdering, his response was "It is a song i wrote for my fans cos my music is too bad"….HuH!! so on that psychoanalysis angle i agree and please text him the number just in case its too late before he gets to the metro

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