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Wizkid – That’s Me ft Paedae (R2Bees)

Post by Ovie O, February 26th, 2013

Ever heard Wizkid rap before? Well, there you have it. Wizkid laced a hiphop joint with Paedae of R2Bees a while back. It’s titled “That’s Me”.

Listen/download below.

Oh by the way, “Azonto” video drops tomorrow. Yay!


Wizkid R2Bees art


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31 responses to “Wizkid – That’s Me ft Paedae (R2Bees)”

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  2. lenient says:

    below mediocre!!! not impressed

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  5. Man 2 Man says:

    Skales is even better rap terms

  6. scorpion says:

    what a waste

  7. Imospecimen says:

    Same verse he used on Tim Westwood Tv. Mediocre!!!


  9. Young Swag says:

    did i hear him say eme/konvict?

  10. baba_O says:

    CRAP! shut the fuck_up Wizkid. you dey yarn opata.

  11. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    this is one of the only Wizkid tracks i cldnt be bothered to download in my life…dude has major talent but still needs major guidance…protect Wizzy at all cost, even from himself.

  12. BIGGIE says:


  13. SlowsBaba says:

    is this the end of star boy? Remember how much you suck on Jimmy's Jump off while tryna rap, Guy hold on to your style and stop tryna copy the western people. Just my opinion

  14. Don says:

    lol, they were obviously goneeeeee

  15. zunnybunny says:

    haha… i bet dude was dry when he wrote this. He should have taken his normal joint for some inspiration.

  16. vinci says:

    tim westwood!!! smh…this guy wan spoil him careeer

  17. BIG MOUTH says:

    i like it!!
    I like when artiste EXPERIMENT!!!

  18. Real Sanyeri says:

    wizz u can't be jumping on every beat with everybody cos they're your frnds….imagine that nonsense song he did with badman abi wettin dem dey call that one…the uk artiste!!! No drop song again self, let ''The Matter & Samba'' circulate well well…I'm waiting for 'em videos..STAR BOY!!!

  19. So did anyone hear him say 'EMEzie'?? This is probably an old track or they've finally worked things out *fingers crossed*… Don't criticize him cos once you're successful, you'll want to try other things, I remember Lil Wayne tried Rock…

  20. Tim says:

    he already said ' I DONT DO THIS……….. He tried all ur ghen ghen rapper for 9ja self cant do this… Shit Craz! I showed up ur chick disappear

  21. k-five says:

    I thought WIZZY's tim westwood section was a freestyle…why use same lyric twice..

  22. kenneth says:

    The same people that are saying "wizkid change your style, do something different" now this, and they are saying "Stick to what you do best…." sad…you just can never please this lots….

    Anyways, whats wrong with the song..It would not be a bad addition to an album to provide some diversity …but it seems this is old material

  23. ace d freshkid says:

    all u fools saying shit about wiz shud go get a life or kill ur self, i lik anytin he does, this is more like a freestyle, oits for fun, u dumb fuck

  24. DEX says:

    Wizkid, not everyone can be a Chris Brown or Drake or even Skales in terms of singing and rapping at the same time. Please stick to what we know you for. Bless up.

  25. King rjb says:

    Lessy gho dere.

  26. erhl says:

    wizkid fokup big tyme…

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