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VIDEO Premiere: Davido – GOBE (DOWNLOAD)

Post by Ovie O, February 25th, 2013

This is the official Premiere of a new single and video from Nigeria’s A-List act, Davido, titled“GOBE”.

Davido was easily the stand-out act in Nigerian music for the year 2012 with his debut album “O.B.O” hitting the market. The album contained a plethora of hit singles accompanied by classy, expensive and well-directed videos. And inevitably, countless shows/concerts home and abroad.

“GOBE” officially kicks off 2013 for the HKN Chief Executive who has also signed his cousins, Sina Rambo and B_Red, as well as stellar producer, Shizzi, to his label. Will there be an album in 2013? No word on that yet. For now, get your Azonto, Etighi & Makossa on and dance to this madt single.

“GOBE” will be a hit. You can take this to the bank.


Davido Artwork v1a

Produced by Shizzi!

YouTube Preview Image



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186 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: Davido – GOBE (DOWNLOAD)”

  1. mixturez says:

    There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!

  2. vinci says:



    This dude has come to stay…

  4. CrazyDUDE says:

    And Its DAVIDO Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. victor dolapo says:

    see gobe dope vidi

  7. Kemi says:

    Okay.. Now Wizkid. Go ahead and post your Azonto video and steal the spotlight from Davido. I know that is your plan sha.

  8. sul says:

    Davido nice video and song but mahn. seriously u need to change that your fendi belt.

  9. sane says:

    `i simply like this guy because he created himself out of something. its easier to create something out of nothing because working to get rich is easier than being rich and still working hard. You got my love as a FAN.

  10. Tim says:

    Nice Vid… o MAKEY

  11. DIMPLES says:


  12. akintayo says:

    gobe ooooo

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  14. fullHD says:

    Best video so far this yr

  15. respect says:

    Impressive! Davido is doing big things! #Respect to shizzi…still killing it tho

  16. tko says:

    DOPE SONG..DOPE VIDEO..welldone

  17. Phalaenopsis says:

    This young man sure knows how to win doubters over. I always doubted him but this song and video right here..!
    Your story is a lesson to all up and coming in every aspect of their lives -not just music. And the lesson is no matter what people say, just keep working. Don't attack those who doubt you and even say negative things about you, rather carry their negative comments and turn am to fuel wey go dey fire you as you dey go.
    Good job Davido!

  18. oaa148 says:

    this is what they call moving on to the next level. Clean video, cool delivery, the boy is good. Its going to be a hit no matter what.

  19. BIG MOUTH says:

    Davido on some ''OLUWA IS INVOLED'' shiiiittt at the end!!!

  20. First of all Shizzie killed the beat, lovely video, sweet song, amazing choreography, feeling the custumes and the girls putting on the Nigerian football Jersey (I feel you die), FINALLY, who God don bless, no man can curse

  21. @fyyneboi says:

    That girl on light yellow tees and black pants .#phewwwww.DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  22. Enigma says:

    HKN officially endorsed…

  23. Phoria says:

    Hmnnn a video wt no B_red or Sina…Nice concept

  24. Changeclothz says:

    diz video iz fuccin kleeannn a

  25. na so says:

    Wetin boss dey fine for young boys parry now lol…nice vid.

  26. ladyToks says:

    nice song im guessing thats d ending he was going for … over all love d song

  27. bimpe says:

    Guaranteed new national item……….

  28. JAY-KAY says:

    Davido has done it again. Dope song, dope video great work and a wonderful concept!!!

  29. markjaskam says:

    Damn…davido see gobe ..this one jam past oo…A+++

  30. giditout says:

    clean picture, lame video

  31. Victor Ikepba says:

    Waoh. That is a singing.

  32. conected says:

    mehn davido on it again nice one nigga

  33. Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda says:

    R.I.P Replay Button

  34. Sawyerr Olumide John says:

    Another Street anthem from Davido.

  35. wow! Good one ma guy guy davido @ Gobe.

  36. where is B-Red and Shina Bambo? wud av loved to see Shina dancing to dis gbedu of life..On point!

  37. Kingsley Enyinna says:

    He did some fin diff, no B-red & sina…….Omo see Gobe….

  38. scorpion says:

    Davido has shown that he aint no one hit wonder. Nice song and video.

  39. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    kinda predicted that in 10yrs time Davido would have amassed a huge body of good work. The musical direction in this job here is guaranteeing that. Nice song, excellent video…stay out of the news for the wrong reasons and keep that focus young broda. Life is all about Time and chance.

  40. Bigpopa1 says:

    Quailty jam. The 'boss's facial expressions while they were playing the games were very funny

  41. FINALLY! A director is able to put all of Davido's energy under control. Watching him dance to rhythm just showed that he is maturing. Keep up this pace and you will outshine a LOT of other artistes…
    One more thing… keep this director!

  42. Shizzy says:

    Imagine davido bleeding with no dirt or blood on his white t shirt common be real make it believable

  43. damando says:

    lovely, fresh , clean , sexy video… dont hate on this

  44. ZEEZY says:

    What does GOBE mean?

  45. I just watched Wizkid's Azonto video and i'm dissapointed to bits, So i just came back to watch this video again to feel alright. Davido you be baba now.! #Respect

  46. Obama's Nephew says:

    Naija needs more of this, and less of the rest

  47. DEX says:

    Nice one Davido. Keep up the good work. Ahn ahn, this one that he's always having that extra 'cheeky smile' at the end of his videos (E.g All of you & Gobe). Hm, Life is good ey? Bossy. B-)

  48. allowit says:

    R.I.P 2 Replay Button

  49. Imospecimen says:

    Brah, this joint here is for that David O-summer-take-over. Bad tune. Omo See Gobe – whatever that means. lol.

  50. wizzyprime says:

    Davido all d way…d dude killed it jare as usual

  51. Young Fab says:

    I swear! Davido is the best thing now! Wizkid just carry my hand fall am for ground! Chei! See Gobe!!!

  52. nawti Boi says:

    Nice video Davido..But that Zara Man no be latest..Come ma wall-drop..Lol..

  53. switts says:


  54. preiz j. says:

    I like am die………… Chei see GOBE……….. David on point nor……….. Wizkid RiP

  55. Ephy says:


    #Onrepeat!! 🙂

    Welldone Davido!!

  56. KAZEEM says:

    Davido 9c 1 bro…Just keep doing ur thing

  57. james emmanuel says:

    Oya nw

  58. jennifer says:

    Nyc wrk

  59. haruna elegushi says:

    hey nice song there bro keep it up

  60. Chima says:

    Davido you have all that it takes to be on top..Dont listen to haters and dont let their dirty gossip work you up,they are haters and they did that to 2 baba and he sang just like Rain Drops..So man you are a young man with all it takes so if they cant encourage you let them go to hell.Let them tell me any artist of your age that has giving us a good Video like you do and your productions and your still growing up..Make them talk my broda,they will all die in no time..Make the money and let them keep talking,travel all over the world and let them hate.FOOLSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  61. lumzypella says:

    Davido U̶̲̥̅̊ be bad boy

  62. kivie says:

    Gud video

  63. tiver says:

    Davido abeg you too much, you teeth complete tiver warri boy say so.

  64. orebiyi says:

    o boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gobe na bad video i love d video……………….davido u r 2 gbaski

  65. ay'zee says:

    Davido u 3much bro…dat song is jst too dope,nd d vidio is killing…kip it up bro.u get mout like kettle

  66. maich says:

    Davido…big up!!!!

  67. Ejiro says:

    Am madly in love wit dis song

  68. Ejiro says:

    Am madly in love wit dis song

  69. Ejiro says:

    Am madly in love wit dis song

  70. doublezeez says:

    9ice 1 jare davido, U̶̲̥̅̊ я̩̥̊ on point…

  71. walters says:

    I really luv dis video Davido Move on

  72. abel says:

    Dis video is soooo hot I love it

  73. Henrietta says:

    Dis video is hot…. And very expensive, i must confess. Kip it up dude

  74. ppumpin says:

    Davido badoo you yoo gbaski! Hi ve give you my mumey too just be your wife

  75. daniel says:

    i dnt rli lyk davido buh dis song made me ovr lyk him………..kip it up bro……………….

  76. john eyo says:

    I swear I so much luv dis track..thumbs up 4 d producer

  77. akeem says:

    i love davido keep moving it on.

  78. akeem says:

    i love davido keep moving it on.

  79. akeem says:

    i love davido keep moving it on.

  80. Adedamola gbogboade says:

    Davido u are d best in d world.keep up d gud work.I luv u so much.All I pray is that 1 day we shall meet.keep it up

  81. asa says:

    Men dis is de best song ever ride on guy

  82. Tunde akin says:

    Keep rocking the music industry

  83. seyiterry/g says:

    I lov u’Davido!,nd all..HKN’gangs.pls try 2keep it up.bro…

  84. sunnepar says:

    I love davide keep it up, we love u men

  85. joshua saul christian says:

    i want to downlord gobe music video

  86. i want downlord gobe music davido

  87. Young khev says:

    Davido daz great me am a superstar 2

  88. Evergreen says:

    Way to go Davido… This gobe of a song’s really gat me high

  89. natarsha says:

    i love dis

  90. james khalifa says:

    I like this song !!!

  91. shonsholex says:

    davido I realy luv dis song so much, u get mouth

  92. youngklef says:

    All d HKN niggars u 2 get mouth, guys i dey gbadun u oooooooooo

  93. edwin chika says:

    k am gud

  94. charles says:

    dis is good

  95. ekpenyong felix says:

    Nice 1 man! Keep it up! U just bomb it all, hnmm! Meeen it’s amazing seeing me cousin eddy in da video. Awesome!

  96. ekpenyong felix says:

    Nice 1 man! Keep it up! U just bomb it all, hnmm! Meeen it’s amazing seeing me cousin eddy in da video. Awesome!

  97. Olawunmi says:

    Na real gobe oh…..9ce 1 davido

    omo c gobe nani

  98. titilayo says:

    I dey looove d video gah ooo

  99. Rick sammy says:

    Best hit ever of davido

  100. BOYZZZZZZ says:

    GOBE means what?

  101. glory says:

    i luv dis video kep it up big bro

  102. KUMZY says:


  103. Smallz says:

    Jst love d way he danced thrughout d video… Jst like a happy little kid… Thumbs up!!!

  104. owo shady says:

    Meeeeehhh chief davido u re a bomb..u prove to them dat u re in for serious joke

  105. kuzano says:

    Am in luv wit d video, Davido n d chicks lol

  106. kuzano says:

    God bless d Director 9ice concept too

  107. kuzano says:

    God bless d Director 9ice concept too

  108. na real gobe davido always feeling u

  109. EESHA says:

    Guy abeg i won de dance,4 ur videos

  110. myke says:

    Dis shit is d bum saazzy gurlz 2 complint a gr8t video

  111. Irvin says:

    DAVIDO!! Irvin aka irvo frm zambia.cnt sing or dance bt ever sinc i watchd this video.i fil lyk a star is born

  112. Omo see gobe I luv gobe oooo I want gobe lol

  113. Victor says:

    Gobe is when your boyfriend finally introduces you to his mother who happens to be the pharmacist that has been advising you against the rate at which you buy POSTINOR from her

  114. Samkiz says:

    Davido u got it better than other artiste out there keep it pumping nigga

  115. ibe ike says:

    Download gobe vifep

  116. ibe ike says:

    Download gobe vifep

  117. Ntin do u guy,i wanna sing jus lyk u.i lov u

  118. pinkykutty says:

    i cnt stop watchin dis video….i LOVE it…i wana learn d dance steps

  119. korede says:

    9c song & video.
    9c DAVIDO.

  120. kessy says:

    Dis is so swt…cnt jst stop watching..more grease 2 ur elbow

  121. Rreard says:

    I want to be davido freind

  122. Solomon says:

    I want to download video

  123. The video make too sense

  124. augustine says:

    african best in america nothin do you, i the feel you.

  125. augustine says:

    love this click

  126. Woo dis video is superb

  127. Testimony says:

    Davido u are d best, nd am with u 4rever.

  128. Davido u ar too much in diz Gobe viedo…….i really lyk it

  129. lwanja says:

    u r an artist. I like ur music so much keep it up

  130. olaide says:

    I need davido video

  131. Adeoye says:

    davido u 2 much i relly love u.keep it off

  132. isaac says:

    Davido U r d boom with my big broda Dbanj

  133. olajide says:

    it’s a nice music and a nice video

  134. davidjo says:

    see u are my mentol in musci and celebrity life no won will ever b lyk u .luv u

  135. Olamilekan says:

    davido omo baba olowo as i say 2 omodeolowo,by big broda keep it up, u are d man on top,u fal ti

  136. Dominic says:

    Dis one 2 bad guy u r my bado

  137. dis guy is to much i love hime

  138. kennedy says:

    Mehn d music is really making sense

  139. Ernest says:

    wow this is cool Davido keep the fire burning.

  140. Lizzy says:

    I lv d way u pple dance in dis video. Nice 1.

  141. nice1 latest gbedu on point.

  142. Man u r a bomb. I like dat

  143. nasiz says:

    davido omo u re 2 much luv u wella

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