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VIDEO: Team Capital – Studio Diaries Starring Frank D’Nero, Mike Anyasodo

Post by Ovie O, February 22nd, 2013

Jonzing in the Team Capital studios is now a norm these days. The “Studio Diaries” series returns with PH-City Superstar Frank D’Nero alongside Myk Anyasodo, M3Riss, Punisher and Munir with Teflon as the “host”.

When there’s booze in the system, boys go innnn!!! I particularly like the “Ashewo” bit.


YouTube Preview Image

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14 responses to “VIDEO: Team Capital – Studio Diaries Starring Frank D’Nero, Mike Anyasodo”

  1. Omooba001 says:

    i can tell you who i are….0.36….0:43…..are u kidding me…lmaooooooooo

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  3. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    …and sometimes its really that simple, trap some goodfellas in the studio, throw in some high grade blau and shepe and u get a full album of worth but where is Jesse Jagz???

  4. HUGOverified says:

    Lol.. Mike dey try wella.
    Jonze men! i like am

  5. na me na me says:

    impressed with that mike amyasodo guy, he's proper on it… make dem no too hide am oo… he needs to come out and prove what he got time dey go before wizkid pack all d money go finish…

  6. Namebedis says:

    ahhh MIKEEE !! what's up with you? Push your music well abeg…dis guy too much joor..see as talent just dey lay low wack guys dey grab award (una sabi dem naw)

  7. Namebedis says:

    ehen…make una start to dey release all dem dis songs sharply ohh…gbedu dey hia!

  8. LIQUOR INSPIRATION, LMAO! Moral of the story: To make a hit, lock up talents in the studio and give them lots of Liquor…

  9. suraj says:

    lmao… i feeeel unaaa !

  10. @EdoBorn says:

    sincerly all those guys are good. Mike its been a while broda

  11. kenneth says:

    bunch of talented folks..i bet most don kpoli and mix that with have great ad-libbing….

    That Mike guy is talented…dayummm

  12. ephiko says:

    bunch of crazi talents . . . . .mike is mad talented . . . . buh my best parts were that of "the punisher" .

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