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Hayo Niel – Sweet (Prod by Gray Jon’z)

Post by Ovie O, February 18th, 2013

His “If I Fall” single is still one of my favorite Naija love songs ever. That should tell you how highly I rate Hayo Niel. He has a way of creating something truly special whenever he’s in the studio with Gray Jon’z. This new song “Sweet” is no different. I absolutely love it. Grown folks’ party music right here.

“PXC Records presents Vocalist/Song Writer, Hayo Niel, has shown that he is dedicated to bringing quality music and that unique sound to the Nigerian music scene with his calm, soulful voice,intense lyrical content,and his fusion of R&B and Afro Pop.

His new single “Sweet” shows his consistency in making good music. A feel good love song with a catchy hook, it is impossible to listen to it and not want to groove!

As an artist, Hayo Niel has worked on a couple of projects including his hit banger “If I Fall”, ‘Mi O Ran Yan’ a song by his co-signee Gray jon’z with cameo appearances by M.I., Djinee, Ice Prince, Dipp, Eva, Pope and Morachi and ‘The Best’. Currently working on his first album which would be titled “Ace, Spades and Hearts”.

Hayo Niel intends to be among those who would usher in the next generation of music entertainment in Nigeria.”


hayo niel


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6 responses to “Hayo Niel – Sweet (Prod by Gray Jon’z)”

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  3. Weeta says:

    Sweet man sweet

  4. @ChimmyKid says:

    Lovely tune… I love it….

  5. Amazing production, nice finish…

  6. MBeezy says:

    If I faaaaaaaall in looooooove o. Lol. I like this but doesnt come close to If I Fall.

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