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22 responses to “VIDEO: Davido “All Of You” Freestyle on Ego Fix TV”

  1. […] that’s what he says. Watch his freestyle on Ego Fix TV and you be the judge. *O.O* READ FULL ARTICLE ON AUTHOR WEBSITE Author: Ovie […]

  2. […] Read more or Download the song here VIDEO: Davido “All Of You” Freestyle on Ego Fix TV […]

  3. Dsam says:

    Sorry! You can't sing but thank God for your success. You are destined to be where you are today. U better pass all of us but you go punch your manager.. .Ur head no correct…LOL

  4. Omooba001 says:

    Hello Sir..Echoooooooooooooooooooooo

    In other news…i just went you to know i am better than all of you…FIRST TO BADT

  5. que_vision says:

    you sucker than all of us

  6. Not really feeling this, but shine on my guy.

  7. krypticmoh says:

    i have a better singing voice than davido but his lucky to be at the top, where more talented artist couldn't reach. thank God for autotune

  8. effiko says:

    chai dat shizzi guy is badt ooo

  9. dee says:

    this is wack nau…. if you gonna go with vocals he sucks, i basically think hes fathers name and wealth was wat really boosted him

  10. DEX says:

    Someone should give Davido Baba Blue or Tom Tom…AHN AHN!! :/

  11. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    meaning what nau? bruv nor dey do dis kain thing abeg, i'm not saying nor do BTS but dont release it when when ur voice shits on u. we dey gbadun ur recordings mehn, infact i went to listen to "feel alright" to cure myself from this. Truestory ,its playing right now.

  12. SeriouSLY #24601 says:

    Freestyling on EGO FIX TV… Bros you no dey old pass 19 yrs? We are not stupid oo!!!

  13. Dr sid says:

    My guy just dey mess hin self for national tv…U can't sing bruh! if u must drop something to refresh your fans…how about a documentary ''Hanging out with hkn gang'' club scene,bla bla bla….wey d gobe video self?

  14. MBeezy says:

    I'm speechless really……

  15. Juicemane says:

    I actually don't comment on this ishh but just had to cos of my man SHIZZIIII… This guy is a sick producer…DAVIDO God bless you *yawns*..

  16. Ayorinde says:

    I want 2 see u plz send me ur number davido am jos a kiddy fine boy

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