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VIDEO: 2face Idibia – Dance Floor

Post by Ovie O, February 14th, 2013

Off the Away and Beyond album comes the video for “Dance Floor” by everyone’s favorite act, 2face Idibia. Very “happy” video, if that makes any sense. The director captured the mood perfectly.

Directed by Godfather Productions.


YouTube Preview Image

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33 responses to “VIDEO: 2face Idibia – Dance Floor”

  1. madiba says:

    boss legend…

  2. Someone says:

    2baba shooting video quietly. Lovely song. A must have album.

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  4. osa_NWA says:

    execellent !!!

  5. Tom says:

    2baba…tunnnnnne! maad video

  6. RedneckNaija says:


  7. Joel says:


  8. Weeta says:

    Got on NJOK, saw him, a beehive of excitement, Pushed the play button 19 secs after paused, screamed! decided to leave a comment, what comment! I don't even know, what can I say, he leaves me speechless. I can only think of something utterly befiiting,
    You kind of get the feeling that really should mean DEITY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. steel says:

    No skin….no asses… booobs……no flashy cars……what an interpretation of humility

  10. poise says:


  11. ikay says:

    this man's humility kills me, (entered metro taxi)…2baba, thanks

  12. yemi says:

    9ice 2 baba..nothing do u..keep it up

  13. Watching a video and smiling all through actually shows the happiness and positive energy in it, nice one 2Baba!

  14. spazy says:

    2face is Africa’s living legend…there is so much maturity in his songs….May God continue to bless you…much Love from The Gambia…..

  15. T-creat says:

    Tuface remains a legend.
    Dou most of his videos don't really tally with his songs
    but i still respect me him cos he is the only man in d music industry in Nigeria whose songs has meaning.

    Am not trying to drag down godfather production's effort cos it is not easy but i would have done a better job from the beginning to the end of the song. and the song would have tallied with the video.

    2baba if you are reading these. i could send you a script,screenplay or storyboard of what the video of this song should have looked like.
    This is my email, u could send me a request and i would send it to you for free

  16. meno says:

    Men this is my world best ..I love this 2baba..

  17. The good thing about being a living legend that is loved is that you could experiment with a lot of strange concepts and ideas and still get away with it. It is getting pretty tiring seeing Tuface's videos where the director decides to "play safe".
    I think the director could have "experimented" a whole lot more.
    Take a look at Black Eyed Peas…

  18. NA ME says:

    where is dance in the rain video. that is the best song in the album. 2face needs some advice.

  19. Na me talk am says:

    Matured video and some people are getting angry cos no fine girl shaking yansh……. a good song don't need distraction or extra things to make us like it. NBC will promote this as an example to others who intends to turn our African queens to video prostitute in the name of selling their music videos.

  20. Nyben says:

    2baba u are too much.Keep it up.

  21. TIMMY says:

    world's best……mi likey likey…….kudos to 2baba!

  22. Louis O KinGs says:

    Can'T stOp PLayInG iT!

  23. Skyron Moo says:

    keep it up dude, its a talent.

  24. I'm listening to O-SUN%your sound track new%CASHBOY ENTER… @Hulkshare:

  25. TrackCee says:

    The legend himself.

  26. that is 2 baba you are good man.

  27. Lucky Pat says:

    I can repeat dat song lik 10 times, 2 baba 2 gud and 2 gbaski.

  28. Lucky Pat says:

    hope 2 sing with u someday, my musical name is game boi luv u 2 the bone.

  29. kwame says:

    why are all the naija artiese dont promote their own country? always southafrica is nigeria that bad

  30. don sahlas says:


  31. oche james says:

    2baba always the best

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