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May D – So Many Tinz (Prod by Fliptyce)

Post by Ovie O, February 13th, 2013

May D has a way of delivering catchy verses and hooks over sick beats. You find yourself moving involuntarily; and that’s the mark of a quality Afro-Pop musician. “So Many Tinz” falls right into that category.

Slam this joint with your speakers turnt way up! Feel free to leave it on repeat.


May D So Many Tinz Art


Produced by Fliptyce


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34 responses to “May D – So Many Tinz (Prod by Fliptyce)”

  1. samuelakinola says:

    first and proud

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  3. icccceedmmoise says:

    same beat MAY D.kilode naw…..nice tho

  4. soundsright says:

    Sure boy

  5. Dj Pussy says:

    CHANGE PRODUCER FAST!!!! If legendary beats or sarz produce for you if the song no blow…come call me bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song is just aiit & that's not what you need right now!!! U need BANGERS!!!!

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  7. kenneth says:

    monotonous tune….

  8. Weeta says:

    You're right bro, (MANY THINGS FOR U OUT THERE). Now all you need to do is act on them words, like trying the wicked producers in the game. Don't stop the hustle.

  9. May D, I'm proud of you biko, one man MOPOL na dstill relevant and getting it locked down, fliptyce too no dey play rara… Good stuff!

  10. TILAPIA PAPA says:


  11. Jide says:

    This is a very good song. U just need time to get into it. I bet u dis is also a banger. #Sureboy

  12. flyboi says:

    if im not mistaken , the drums on this song is the same as lie ijo… and den the song, i dont get it…

  13. Doogie Fresh says:

    All d songs are beginnin to sound alike,dats gonna be a problem.But May D's talented sha…

  14. odesman says:

    nothing special abt dis song simple.

  15. JJAtairu says:

    1st the recording engineer is wack….. my fathers traditional weppa wanno music dey blast clearly pass this….. and music is ages old….. bad quality.

  16. tim says:

    Rubbish….. ode mayd

  17. damando says:


  18. Yinoluu says:

    It sounds TOO much like Ile Ijo.. when he says "as a sureboy", the next thing in my head is "I must to tungbaba"… It's not a good thing for your songs to be so alike

  19. This song is a HOOK. as a sureboy there is so many things for U.
    Leg Up MayD.

  20. lilbreezzy says:

    to ya’all critics you think its easy to be gifted like mayd? Stop beefin nd pray to God 4 talent nd creatiuity ability. Mayd u ar the man! U’ll always remain my mentor, good vocal work bro!

  21. armani says:

    Sure Boi!
    I Luv It Wen Ppl Hate It….Kip It Up!!!

  22. Dickson Agbontaen says:

    dis is hot.

  23. John David says:

    Nice 1 hom bwoy! u r better than dis mothafukers who anit gat pants::::

  24. impressive……………..

  25. mayD u are doing gr8 agenebode boys no de carry last.

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