May D – So Many Tinz (Prod by Fliptyce)

Post by Ovie O, February 13th, 2013

May D has a way of delivering catchy verses and hooks over sick beats. You find yourself moving involuntarily; and that’s the mark of a quality Afro-Pop musician. “So Many Tinz” falls right into that category.

Slam this joint with your speakers turnt way up! Feel free to leave it on repeat.


May D So Many Tinz Art


Produced by Fliptyce


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34 Responses to “May D – So Many Tinz (Prod by Fliptyce)”

  1. samuelakinola says:

    first and proud

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  3. icccceedmmoise says:

    same beat MAY D.kilode naw…..nice tho

  4. soundsright says:

    Sure boy

  5. Dj Pussy says:

    CHANGE PRODUCER FAST!!!! If legendary beats or sarz produce for you if the song no blow…come call me bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song is just aiit & that's not what you need right now!!! U need BANGERS!!!!

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

      you're so right but no forget say na still fliptyce do ile-Ijo, na May-D suppose select beat well when he goes to Fliptyce cos producers dey cook beat keep down

      • Dj Pussy says:

        Az innn! E just dey pain me…People are ready to love his songs, They just waiting for him to deliver!!! he needs more songs.

    • lone_wolf says:

      the producer doesnt have anything to do with this,dont you dare try and throw fliptyce under the bus ever! the guy is a super dupa producer! its the artist that couldnt deliver a 100percent on the beat that should be blamed…but the song is a good song…i was feeling the beat more trthan the song sef

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  7. kenneth says:

    monotonous tune….

  8. Weeta says:

    You're right bro, (MANY THINGS FOR U OUT THERE). Now all you need to do is act on them words, like trying the wicked producers in the game. Don't stop the hustle.

  9. @sLeeK_MiKe says:

    May D, I'm proud of you biko, one man MOPOL na dstill relevant and getting it locked down, fliptyce too no dey play rara… Good stuff!

  10. TILAPIA PAPA says:


  11. Jide says:

    This is a very good song. U just need time to get into it. I bet u dis is also a banger. #Sureboy

  12. flyboi says:

    if im not mistaken , the drums on this song is the same as lie ijo… and den the song, i dont get it…

  13. Doogie Fresh says:

    All d songs are beginnin to sound alike,dats gonna be a problem.But May D's talented sha…

  14. odesman says:

    nothing special abt dis song simple.

  15. JJAtairu says:

    1st the recording engineer is wack….. my fathers traditional weppa wanno music dey blast clearly pass this….. and music is ages old….. bad quality.

  16. tim says:

    Rubbish….. ode mayd

  17. damando says:


  18. Yinoluu says:

    It sounds TOO much like Ile Ijo.. when he says "as a sureboy", the next thing in my head is "I must to tungbaba"… It's not a good thing for your songs to be so alike

  19. This song is a HOOK. as a sureboy there is so many things for U.
    Leg Up MayD.

  20. lilbreezzy says:

    to ya’all critics you think its easy to be gifted like mayd? Stop beefin nd pray to God 4 talent nd creatiuity ability. Mayd u ar the man! U’ll always remain my mentor, good vocal work bro!

  21. armani says:

    Sure Boi!
    I Luv It Wen Ppl Hate It….Kip It Up!!!

  22. Dickson Agbontaen says:

    dis is hot.

  23. John David says:

    Nice 1 hom bwoy! u r better than dis mothafukers who anit gat pants::::

  24. impressive……………..

  25. mayD u are doing gr8 agenebode boys no de carry last.

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