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  1. Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda says:

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  3. daniboy says:

    hmmm… ok oooo

  4. @Teeboss03 says:

    Gat Me High is greater than Magical Feeling…..Just saying

  5. RedneckNaija says:

    Awesome song! Really got a nice vibe to it.

  6. As usual, no surprises… Lovely and amazing track but its just tooo predictable…

  7. Namebedis says:

    Una be winch? Damn! All of una songs na hit..
    Ehen For the Ladie ONLY: Make one fine chikala come give me this magical healing i beg…bcos conji na sickness ohh…na die i dey so i beg!!

  8. nich says:

    we know the hit track is on the way…..i thought people should have known p-square by now……

    however this track is already a hit………they guys are back again……..

  9. 911 says:

    this production with the direction of this song the beat never finish

  10. PRINCE says:


  11. kenneth says:

    Nothing special!
    What's up with the pop music though?…they better step up their game, because they are fast becoming irrelevant

  12. STURVZ BABA J says:

    LMBAO @ Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda… TOO DAMN FUNNY

  13. OLA says:

    lmbao @ Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda.. too damn funny

  14. Babaniyen says:

    Omo don't go sleeping on a bicycle o. Next thing wey we go see now na Remix with Jenifer Lopez or Lady Gaga

  15. mac says:

    u call dis junk? wait till d video comes out, u'll be loving it over.P Square ar d BESTEST!!!

  16. damando says:

    una be baba anytime even if you voice out rubbish

  17. Stivinagi says:

    This song is not intended for Nigerians, it's for white people jasi, kudos to psquare, more money, ibo boys to the core!

  18. wapi says:

    am feeling this…mehn! you guys are tight, as in tight 🙂

  19. Louis O KinGs says:

    AnotheR foreigN smasH…winKsSs!

  20. Louis O KinGs says:

    SplenDiD iNdEEd!

  21. @Louisobas says:

    WaitiNg 4 the RemiX/ viDeO…

  22. paul chimezie says:

    p square….i have something to tell u…i am also a musician…but looking for a sponsor…and i really LOVE u guys…

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