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SQN Music Introduces Femi – Liberian Girl (Cover)

Post by Demola OG, February 8th, 2013

SQN Music, the same label Chuddy K is signed to, introduces Femi, a practicing doctor who also creates contemporary music with specialization and strength in guitar playing which he displays in Liberian Girl.

This track is a cover of Liberian girl originally written and performed by the late Michael Jackson.

Expect more heat from SQN in the coming weeks. Back up and harmonies on this song were done by other SQN Artists ChuddyK, Cray and Boboh



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7 responses to “SQN Music Introduces Femi – Liberian Girl (Cover)”

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  2. K Boy says:

    This is PERFECT!!!…Wish more raw talent like this would be in repping Naija music…not those empty popular stars

  3. paulmirabilis says:


  4. Shola says:

    This is my guy from way back. Wait for his cover of Lionel Richie's stuck on you. i believe in you Femi aka Ari…….carry go

  5. Tom says:

    To be sincere…This is on point!!!!

  6. @SoonQie says:

    I blame our media for not giving this real original artist to redeem our image out there. The Radio & Tv most esp. Was chatting with a Jamaican frnd 1c & we got talking about music & i asked him how much he knows about our music, he was quick to say it was too "noisy for my liking" It pained me, was quick to defend that by sending him Banky's Loving U & he loved it. Never wanted to bliv it was Nigerian to start with. Lets giv guys like this a special chance, i bliv the more songs like this dominate our media, the less mediocre songs u will see out there cos thise artist would be encouraged to toll that line.

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