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B_Red ft Davido – Insane Girl (Prod By Shizzi)

Post by Ovie O, February 8th, 2013

HKN new signing, B_Red, releases his debut single “Insane Girl” featuring… yes you guessed right… Omo Baba Olowo himself, his cousin Davido. The jam turned out way better than I expected.

Heavy start, in my humble opinion.


B_Red Insane Art

Produced by Shizzi


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59 responses to “B_Red ft Davido – Insane Girl (Prod By Shizzi)”

  1. YEE says:

    Nice tune . 1st shaaa

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  4. YungEm says:

    OK I'm loving this… Nice tune

  5. 1st says:

    wow,Shocked. Better than what I expected. * good song.

  6. Dbanj says:

    Nice oneeee…But uhmm…Davido and friends…Yall should free shizzi for now…Try other producer's like sarz,legendary beats,del b…etc..bye

  7. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    correct song…remix this with May D and take it to the bank…new skool tings on point!!!

  8. ITS SHIZZIEEEEEE! Lovely song o jere, e dey burst my brain, the beat most especially… HKN on-point

  9. olufumbi says:

    Not bad

  10. Changeclothz says:

    thisss shittttttttttttt bangzzzzzzzzz

  11. Ty says:

    Shizzi Killed the beat of this song. Baddest producer, he produced i love my baby and body by wizkid, Ekatee – Maye, Davido – Dami duro, May-D – Gat me high. What else. This guy just produce hits. And big ups to HKN and B-RED. Mad tune Insane gal.

  12. mixturez says:

    Doope shit.. no sleeping on the bicycle this year . Big ups HKN

  13. Mogul Is Here says:

    oh Lord that Beat…….and Hook…insane

  14. Dsam says:

    Sing after me song??? Nice one though, more of this and we definitely buying and cheering.

  15. CORE says:

    Am feeling Shizzi on this one like alwayz…..Shina Rambo should go and sit somewhere cos B_red is here to stay!!!!

  16. TheTRUTH06 says:

    I think the beat is amazing. Vocals rather mediocre.In total not a bad song. Room for improvement

  17. smaila says:

    Shizzi!!! got lots of competitors in this competition mehn

  18. RedneckNaija says:

    I thought B-Red would be like Shina Rambo. I was wrong. I'm really impressed bruh. Good stuff.

  19. SEANNY says:

    for some insane reasonz i got this song re-play

  20. TeamImprove says:

    All shizzi beats sound similar…

  21. nich says:

    he is better than davido….this song is dope…

  22. DEX says:

    This is a tune though!! Better than… B-)

  23. sgezee says:

    awwwwwww. Bred nice, Davido ur head is dere. nice song, still on reply

  24. Nwa Aba says:

    There's something about this melody….Makes you feel some type of way (all positive though) Good job B_red

  25. omotola says:

    nonsense song! you are gonna end up just like sina. fools. big up to shizzi

  26. LUA says:

    loving it hkn gang ..

  27. BOSS says:

    videoooooooooo needed ASAP

  28. Comment says:

    I like this notjustok playlist…everything in one place.//////.nice

  29. ejifranks says:

    Hmmmm long time … wat have i missed ….Lets see… B red =nice

  30. father beezy says:


  31. chirs says:

    B_Red is better than shina..But i think hkn should also try other producers rather than just shizzi.. I aslo think you should do a song with Burna Boy if you want to blow proper. Boom…..

  32. DEJI says:

    Hit ……….. nice one B RED..

  33. Furli says:

    SHARP….For Real

  34. bibios says:

    So inluv wif dis song nd its beats more especially….SHIIZEEEEEE!!!…..*song on replay* 9ce one HKN..big ups B red

  35. D beat sounds like Don Jazzy production, anyway nice.

  36. @johnson.umeh you tried it realy sounds like donjazzy making.

  37. Biyola says:

    This track is still my best for 2013.
    Music peeps will testify. Shizzi on point

  38. fonky serge says:

    B red and davido are really talented young artist and i wish them success in all the music lunching ooooooooooohhh

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