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VIDEO: NOSA – Always Pray For You

Post by Ovie O, February 7th, 2013

It all started here on NotJustOk for Chocolate City’s recently signed act Nosa with “Always Pray For You”. This song is all sorts of beautiful. And the video is matches it perfectly. Shout-out to everyone involved in the creation of this well-packaged masterpiece.

“When NOSA’s first single “Always Pray For You” hit the airwaves, it quickly gathered rave reviews with blogs like NotjustOK gushing about him with the words “it’s not everyday we hear a Nigerian artiste sing in pijin (sic) English and make it sound simply amazing”.

On Thursday, February 7, NOSA and our favourite Blogs will be teaming up for the exclusive video premiere of the well-received track “Always Pray For You”. The EP features a bonus track “Star”, which further solidifies NOSA’sposition as a mainstay in the Nigerian Music Industry.

NOSA’s love for music began as a member of the children’s church choir. As his passion grew, so did his interest in music production and song writing. NOSA soon graduated from writing a few lines here and there to recording full-fledged tracks, experimenting with various forms of music – gospel, highlife, R&B and jazz. His ability infuse various local languages with attractive melodies has carved him a niche sound that cannot be replicated. Today, as a devoted and full-time Minister, his songs continue to inspire many with words of hope and promote awareness to incite change.”

Directed by AK One


YouTube Preview Image

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15 responses to “VIDEO: NOSA – Always Pray For You”

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  2. YungEm says:

    I have been waiting for a song like this.. the whole of this year.. this is just awesome and i good message also…. on repeat for sure

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  4. Na So says:

    Great song Nosa. Very meaningful and heart melting.

  5. RuggedFury says:

    This is real good music. Unique

  6. Someone says:

    Wonderful, inspiring, meaningful and uplifting song. Thank you Mr. Nosakhare

  7. sodk says:


  8. Mr Who says:

    Finally a video to the song….I thought the video did justice to the song and I think VANITY deserves one too.

  9. i_am_king says:

    Lovely song.. was bumbing dis all day

  10. if this song and the the video nor carry award, you go know say partial.
    dey for this music industry.

  11. Uzoka Naija Boy Glory says:

    amazing song.

  12. @eunicute says:

    when i first listen to this song on my frnd phone i cldnt do wtout listenin to it in a day kudos to nosakhare more of dis

  13. jay says:

    The best i have heard in while now,it can only be compared to then African queen.well done my brova

  14. Rhilly says:

    Nosa is Music!!!!!!!

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