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Welcome to the New

Post by Demola OG, February 4th, 2013

The #1 Nigerian Music Site Just got Better

We are excited and proud to unveil the new

As you will notice, a number of things have changed in the look, the logo and dynamic new features have been added such as the music player and the well selected playlist to enhance your experience while plugged in to


 Music Player

The music player is probably the first thing you will notice the moment you launch In order to start playing music on the music player, you can either press the space bar on your computer’s keyboard or simply press play and to skip to the next song,  just click on the left or right arrows in the player or use the right and left arrows on your key board.

The most important thing to remember is that music that plays from the Music Player will not stop playing while you are browsing from from page to page within In other words, once you hit the play button on the music player, music will continue to  play as you read comments or click on a new post and will only stop once you press the stop button on the player or hit the space bar on your key board.


Play List

The Play List is preloaded with the freshest new singles and hot singles from the past which have been posted at one point or the other on To access the playlist, just click the ‘Click to Open Playlist’ button and the playlist will slide down. You can scroll down the playlist, search within the playlist  and also click on the page numbers to access older songs.



The VIDEO category page is probably the most sticky page on the site and will keep you clicking, watching and clicking some more until you run out of time. The Featured Video will display in the large default youtube size and you can watch the featured video immediately without going to a new page. Click on the VIDEO option in the menu at the top of the site and you will land on the videos category page or just click here





The music section will continue to showcase songs released from the remarkable Nigerian/African artists around the globe and you can go to that page here


Look out for an Artists page and other interesting additions in the near future.

Feel free to let us know what you like and any feedback you have by leaving comments below or sending them to


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18 responses to “Welcome to the New”

  1. freshGuy says:

    Its really good. I Love it. Nice one Ovie and Demola. (Y)

  2. Decent says:

    Its really good, Nice one Ovie and Demola

  3. kiki says:

    It' tight…People will forget what the old one looks like & get used to this in d nxt few weeks…Nice one Notjustok.

  4. Someone says:

    Great work guys. The new sight really looks good. Well done to Ovie, Demola and others who we don't and may never know their names that are working very hard behind the scene.
    But this your new logo looks a bit similar to the fertilization diagram we see in biology.

  5. aboki says:

    Forgive me if this sounds like trolling…but why does the logo look like sperm fertilizing and egg? Is that on purpose?

  6. timchan says:

    I think the "whole site" iframe might end up causing more problems than it might be worth (just to allow constant music). You are now getting plenty "unsafe javascript attempt" errors, some of the web services you are accessing might bark at this iframe approach (e.g. facebook). Plus embedding the whole site in an iframe might cost you some page rankings. Ajax might have been a better solution albeit harder to implement correctly.

    That said. Good site.

  7. kela says:

    it looks terrible

  8. You guys are always innovative. Good one.

  9. 31m30 says:

    Am loving the playlist option…good job guys

  10. dekunle99ng says:

    This is good stuff…love the cool look and neat outlay….great job notjustok crew….

  11. I'm impressed but its not working well on Mozilla if i want to comment, well am back to Chrome so its all good. Keep up the good work

  12. kila says:

    f%^k u okie! am used to the old look, just like am used to nigeria govt eating money! last time am gon be here!

  13. Kanyinulia says:

    Nice one. It's looks more matured now. but it's going to take some time for us to become accustomed to it.

  14. topman says:

    nice compilation of the playlist…It will be nice if we can shuffle the playlist because we just get to listen to the tracks in the same sequence every time…not too cool to me…

  15. .@notjustok has a hot new website. Love it

  16. am one of dj in nigeria I won to d bet lake jimmy.

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