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Iyanya ft. Tiwa Savage – Somebody + Album Track Listing

Post by Demola OG, February 3rd, 2013

As we launch the new Notjustok website, we bring to you a leak from the Kukere master, Iyanya featuring the beautiful Tiwa Savage titled Somebody.

This leak is apparently a single off Iyanya’s new studio album which drops this Friday Feb 8, 2013.

Listen and Enjoy!

IYANYA - CD ART tracklisting for blogging

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41 responses to “Iyanya ft. Tiwa Savage – Somebody + Album Track Listing”

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  2. […] Read compete article from content source: LEAK: Iyanya ft. Tiwa Savage – Somebody + Album Track Listing […]

  3. RedneckNaija says:

    So we gotta buy the songs now?

  4. DEX says:

    Pretty decent song. We're waiting for the album release. Oh and the new site is pretty cool by the way. Badder dan! (Y)

  5. uiu says:

    One thing tho,what about the comment update on the right side? That let u see the last comment on a post?

  6. boy says:

    You guys are intelligent…Very very intelligent…I like how you didn't change this comment section….

  7. Somebody says:

    This song is just a total rubbish, no wonder no one is commenting about the song but the site upgrade… This guy's songs r always sounding the same. We'll still dance to it tho….

  8. Sway says:

    Definitely one of the best upgrades to a site that I've seen. Most web owners try something drastic with the back engine and try to completely change the whole user experience, but NJO have kept it simple by adding and upgrading the important parts while enhancing graphics/visual aspects. A job well done.

  9. krypticmoh says:


  10. JJAtairu says:

    ha ha i guess where no in the if you dont have fast internet yet eff you regime. The stream is on auto is maybe a bug on chrome. Please check, atleast let it autostop when another track is being played. PEACE OOUT……..

    And — ooh kukere — you dn dey fuk up……. concentrate .. make hits not pancake music….. where ekelly, samklef….. nna

  11. Area Fada says:

    Ahh the song no dey play nahh!!!
    Or nah only me??
    Abeg repair the thing Sharp Sharp

  12. Spaco says:

    Did Iyanya Ft NJK on dis song?All i was hearing was like 1million times…
    Well done for the 4 the Upgrade Tho…

  13. tko says:

    the song is Blehhh 🙁 when i saw ft tiwa i actually wished it were a nice duet asper iyanya has a good voice apart from kpangolo things he has been singing.

  14. Lovely music as expected and the site upgrade is amazing, but please this '' tag, make una change the voice to sexy female voice too biko

  15. ejifranks says:

    iyanya ft tiwa…6/10 4me..aitte iyanya i know you rite 4rm ur karoeke managment days at calabar casino. versatility has always being part of you.pls dont give us somtin too different from ur present but pls also dont give us ur fans the same same tin always. u know wat i mean now my guy SPICE up..alyte notjustok new site is a browsers dream. i just love the creative upgrade with underlying simplicity .the mobile version is now also well packaged 4smooth and easy surfing and likey 9.5/10 my rating..shikena

  16. jacobadebiyi says:

    na wa for this new layout oh, notjustok change it back to the original layout abeg, this layout doesnt suit the website

  17. true talk says:


  18. femoscorpion says:

    Nice cool song….

  19. tjay says:

    bet why una no wan stop all this shout for the song..shey we never know say na notjustok already? why una dey do like winch* sef?

  20. yoruba Bale says:

    no time to waste time….iyanya, iyanya iyanya, how many times i call u….u know wat it means

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