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Terry Tha Rapman, OD & Pherowshuz – Sexy Lady (Koba) ft Dammy Krane

Post by Ovie O, January 29th, 2013

New music from Tha Rapman, OD and Phero titled “Sexy Lady”. Read up the press release below then bump the joint.

“Three of Nigeria’s most respected rappers, Terry Tha Rapman, OD and Pherowshuz are formally coming together to release an album. The album which is 80 percent done will be titled B.A.N.S which is an acronym for Boyz Are Not Smiling- a phrase originated by Terry Tha Rapman.
In preparation for the release of the biggest rap album in Nigeria’s rap history, the three rappers are releasing their first collaborative single. The title of the single is ‘Sexy Lady’ (Koba) and it features 2012 Headies Rookie of the Year and HyperTek recording pop act- Dammy Krane. The bouncy single was produced by Low Keys.
According to industry tastemakers and music critics, ‘Sexy Lady’ is a single that will definitely top the charts and be a serious contender for the best collaboration of 2013. Dammy Krane delivers his best hook till date on the single. Pherowshuz, Terry Tha Rapman and OD show why they are easily in anyone’s Top Ten Rappers list with carefully penned bars showing their wealth of experience and versatility.
“The fans have been asking for this for a while. It was just the right time for us to do this. We’ve been in the studio for a few months and the songs we’ve worked on are good. You can’t hide good music, we just have to let it out” says Terry Tha Rapman, winner of the Best Rap Single Headies 2010.
Pherowshuz who doubles as a producer on the B.A.N.S project says that the new single will set them apart from the competition. “We’ve been quiet for a while. The project we are about to push will show how unique we are. We’ve written the best rhymes for years. Now we want to show the whole world that we can make records and be totally diverse. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed” states Phero. Pherowshuz produced Terry Tha Rapman’s single ‘Sample’ in 2009.
“You’ve heard Maybach Music,YMCMB and G.O.O.D Music. You are now about to witness what B.A.N.S is going to do. It’s not a game anymore. ‘Sexy Lady’ is just a teaser; you might even call it a trailer. When you get the whole thing you will be amazed at what we’ve been doing” says OD who won the 2007 Next Rated Headies category.
The video for ‘Sexy Lady’ will be accompanied with a video. The video shoot will be accompanied by many viral videos before the release of B.A.N.S.”


Terry Tha Rapman Sexy Lady Art


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23 responses to “Terry Tha Rapman, OD & Pherowshuz – Sexy Lady (Koba) ft Dammy Krane”

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  2. Dammy Krane (Baiday) though, LMAO! The three listed rappers have already earned my respect before now and this ain't bad either, let's see what the B.A.N.S album brings, fingers crossed…

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  4. LADE says:

    E get as this chorus o !! Dammy krane we expect more from you.

  5. paulmirabilis says:

    Nice jam

  6. yorwa! says:

    mtshchew! this same guys crucified ruggedy for selling out, then, if you do a dance track as hiphop head you've committed a crime. owu don blow them. old papas sounding like wizkid. am waiting for modenine to do his own. oya e ko shi!!!

  7. Pope says:

    OD don dey sing??? Hahahahahaha Mr Gangstar Rap! Mr "i dont rap on beats over a 100(tempo). Fake dude!!!

  8. SoupaHotFire says:

    The only chart this is topping is the sellout chart. Wtf? I was expecting to hear some hard beat/bloody rapping only for me to hear these idiots singing over a party beat

  9. lone_wolf says:

    am sure ovie.o was laughing when he wrote that intro…"this will probably top the charts" seriously!!! this is just on the average its not bad sef buhht its jus there

  10. 1991 says:

    dammy ooo lmao! love that guy

  11. iLanre@ByteChunks says:

    Love the jam…. baseline sounds like the old jam – my sweetie (for those wey recognize)… Great job…

  12. tjay says:

    iClicked cos I saw Dammy Krane was in it

  13. I love this game. Really.

  14. JJAtairu says:

    I like anything dammy krane. 2 artist to watch out for this year …. dammy and wizzy…..

    sickkest acts yet….

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