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PREMIERE: GT Da GuitarMan – EJIKA (Shoulder)

Post by Ovie O, January 29th, 2013

There’s something truly ethnic about GT Da Guitarman and his music. He’s got the perfect balance between the modern sound and that vintage Yoruba sound in his songs. That has not changed since Day 1.

Here’s GT’s new single. Lovely vocals for yet another lovely tune titled “EJIKA”. Read up, listen and download the song below.

“Here’s Ejika (shoulder) the perfect love song for this season. The Video shoot is slated for Sunday, 3rd of February and will be directed by Ember Entertainments official Video director-12 digits pictures..

GT started his monthly tour concert series -The Soularest concert last year october with his band (The Emband), which has since moved from festac to ilashe to Yaba. The december Edition featured amazing acts like Yemi Alade, Mike Anyasodo, Ms Iye, Korede Bello amongst others.

 Music lover should expect a lot from this uber talented performing/recording act this year as there’s a lot more to come!”


GT Da Guitarman _EJIKA


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31 responses to “PREMIERE: GT Da GuitarMan – EJIKA (Shoulder)”

  1. Where have you been hiding man? True talent just dey dull, wish he had a massive management, anyways he's doing good… Big Ups!

  2. JIDE says:

    GT is one of the artist in Nigeria that delivers good music, not the popular noise. Its only unfortunately that he is underrated. Big Up to u bro, nice jam

  3. shefcee says:

    this guy is good

  4. otalenu says:

    my main man

  5. JIDE says:

    GT is one of the artist in Nigeria that delivers good music, not the popular noise. Its only unfortunate that he is underrated. Big Ups to u bro, nice jam

  6. Lanretall says:

    Unique, alwaz on point.

  7. […] Read more or Download the song here PREMIERE: GT Da GuitarMan – EJIKA (Shoulder) […]

  8. fan says:

    GT needs to dumb it to down a bit… Iyana did it and we can see the result.

  9. Egba Mewa says:

    EGBA MEWA REVIEW:Ejika by GT The guitar Man , Amazing Vocals

    good progression and nice beats to nail the job. Different from the normal

    band wagon style . Real talents always standout from the crowd

    GT will still be around when many overhyped acts vanish and are not relevant

    anymore . Keep making good music and concentrate on your live gigs. You will

    be very happy with your self .

  10. MBeezy says:

    Good music is slowly but surely getting the recognition it deserves. Love it.

  11. olusunyah says:

    Thanks GT for not joining the noise-makers of our society. Some of us still appreciate good music…….thumbs up

  12. Omostunnah Jidoo says:

    Fantastic Sound. Beautiful Music. Don't normally leave comments, but on this occasion, i have to. Very much impressed. We might have to do some good Music together some day. Musicians like you motivate me to believe more in what i do Msucially. You are a rare Gem to our generation of Musicians. God bless.

  13. paulmirabilis says:

    I've always loved this guy's music because he stands out with his style…nice one GT

  14. SB_01 says:

    Wooow…I have played this song 5 times already and I'm still not satisfied. GT….Great job. Naija music still get hope.

  15. MrUnkpe says:

    Oh Lord Of Good Music,Where Is Your Face,Please Help And Rescue Those Dat Do Good To You….GT My Man Believe Me Your Hustle Go Pay This Year By God Grace…..

  16. the leftist says:

    this is beautiful music not noise @all, men i can't stop listening to this

  17. Oluwaphemy says:

    Raw talent…. Good Bless you with this. i am so pleased and i pray God be with you and bless your Hustles…….

  18. Nyc song GT da guitar man, the sky is ur starting point.

  19. Amazing song…it brings me priceless memories.kudos.

  20. 9jafreak says:

    Big stuff!

  21. baloski says:

    nice …i can see that a lot of hard work was put into this afro rock

  22. I love this song. Ishey ni GT shey. The play with musical instruments. The play through Genres. The calculated modulations. The quick African beats and melodic-ululation. Its Awesome. Genius.

  23. RedneckNaija says:

    After listening to the first 30 secs, I knew I had to download it. Beautiful piece.

  24. Trust GT is 1 of d best artiste we av in 9ja. Am proud of Ʋ.

  25. Wao GT this song is world class.I hail plenty bro

  26. Pedro says:

    I like the fact that he has not derailed. #goodmusic

  27. O npa mi bi oti…..Iwo lejika ti oma je aso o bo lo run mi. I wana say tnk u ooooooooooooooooooooGod bless d day I found u!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice track!

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