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#NotjustokPlugNPlay – The Chuddy K Mix ( Brand New Site Launches on Feb 2 2013)

Post by Demola OG, January 25th, 2013

So here is a Mix Chuddy K put together  courtesy of SQN records, for the Notjustok Site Launch promotion. Enjoy it while you wait on the new site launching on 02/02/13.

The brand new site is packed with some new features that don’t exist on this current site, such as a music player that you can play as you browse without interruption; so yes you can play music continuously as you browse from page to page or as you read all the hilarious comments from the most creative human beings I have ever come across.

I will share more features in a few hours when we drop a mix from another artist. I think most of you will love the new site.




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9 responses to “#NotjustokPlugNPlay – The Chuddy K Mix ( Brand New Site Launches on Feb 2 2013)”

  1. Chalie says:

    better than W4's. pumped for the new NJO

  2. F|ɛcTōR says:

    Pretty cool Mix

  3. You better ka tan soke daada! NJO is about to penetrate… LOL

  4. Simon says:

    Cool its about time NJO got a music player of some kind, iv seen some pretty

    awesome players around here for example. cant wait to see it.

  5. Steven says:

    Cool, cant wait to see NJOs music player i guess. Its about time cus they have music player here too. February 2nd it is.

  6. What_It_Look_Like says:

    Una no get concept for music again for this naija abi ? Every song is about a girl. She feelin me dis, i say baby do dis baby do dat. Even for site launch, still singin about girl. Not even as a metaphor for something else either. Na wa o. W4 the same tin.

  7. yum yum says:

    OMG, I wanted to comment yesterday that notjustok should sample the new site for like few hrs and see the people's feedback before they fully change it. Ovie,oya sneak-peak make we feel am 😀

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