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Naomi Mac – Kene Ebe Otu (Nigerian Idol First Season’s 1st Runner Up)

Post by Demola OG, January 25th, 2013

1st runner up at the first Nigerian Idol competition and Regime Music Societe recording artist, Naomi Mac returns with what I believe is her first single titled Kene Ebe Otu.

There is a reason she went that far in the 1st season of the Nigerian Idol competition; the young lady has an amazing voice and does a solid job putting this song together composition and delivery wise.

Listen to Naomi on Kene Ebe Otu below and share your thoughts.




Uncertain as it may seem for winners of most musical reality shows organized in Nigeria, there is a great twist to the coin in the case of this vocal and lyrical dynamite; Naomi Mac. Her emergence as the first runner up of the Nigerian Idol Season 1 organised by Etisalat Nigeria a year ago, earned her a unique fanship and acceptance to the general public during and after the competition especially with reference to her extraordinary performances of Shania Twain’s ‘From this Moment on’, the late Christie Essien’s ‘Omo Mi Seun Rere’, and of course one of the greatest songs of all time, the late Michael Jackson’s song; ‘Heal The World’, which she delivered with such extreme musical ability and originality during the competition.
The Bayelsa-born third child of a singing family of eight, started singing at the tender age of six (6), and started performing on stages at seven (7) alongside her sisters – Grace Mac (of MTN project fame 2012) and Layefa Mac – in local churches in and around Lagos and the western region for over 10 years.
Right after her success at the Idols in 2011, she has continued to make appearances in major shows organized by Etisalat Nigeria (the lead sponsor of the Idol Reality Show) including the popular Easycliq Festival “Cliq-Fest” organized in universities across Nigeria, product launches, press conferences, Sony’s Internet TV Launch Event, amongst others, and alongside doing studio recordings with the likes of Cohbams Asuquo, Michael Tone, Parker Ighile and others.
As an ice breaker and an added feather to her cap, the vibrant singer has upped her game one more time with the debut video shoot of her single “KENE EBE OTU”, a song which is written in both Ijaw and English language addressing the core and critical issues of strife, distrust, and wars across the Nation and beyond urging Nigerians and everyone to Love.
In a close interview when Naomi MAC was asked why her choice of a peace, love and change song for her debut single, she says, ‘‘I am inspired to sing songs like this because I know my roots, I know where I am coming from and I CANNOT PRETEND not to see the ills in the society and our country. Undeniably, we need a CHANGE and who knows maybe this could just be that message to heal the World as Michael Jackson has earlier told us and restore LOVE so we can live together as ONE”.
While thanking her fans for holding on, she urges them to be on the lookout for the video release which would be enjoying media flights immediately after the premier.
As she shares her experiences with us, she also remarks, ‘…A lot of work is in progress and we would prefer to keep them as a process and only announce them when they become products. But one thing is sure; there is so much to give to my fans and this World; that we MUST achieve…’

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21 responses to “Naomi Mac – Kene Ebe Otu (Nigerian Idol First Season’s 1st Runner Up)”

  1. glassy says:

    dope.bin waitin for dis

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  4. Cool and calm music… Even though I no understand anything wey she dey sing, I LOVE IT!

  5. kiye says:

    she is NOW and FUTURE WOW

  6. Emmanuella Rosebond says:

    Nice 1….. Well composed…. Excellent voice,felt it!

  7. Dope boi says:

    love this song

  8. mina says:

    what language is this? bonny? tiv?ika? lovely voice.

  9. frank says:

    this na real African song!

  10. ola says:

    i have always believed in this gal….gud hearing u again babes

  11. micky says:

    this is a lovely music with meaning. damn! folks from the south be going in hard.

  12. Wande'sfan1 says:

    Nice, i love her voice…She should be singing for Olympics/Champions League.

  13. Wande'sfan1 says:

    I didn't wait to listen to the second verse, i love her diction too….wow Nice.

  14. Mary Ann says:

    Call what Language is that but cool all the way

  15. oz jay says:

    I wonder why you went cold all this while… is it God's time or what?
    This is Classic on the rise again, please more of this… more please, i see a big star.

  16. Ellen S. Arthur says:

    U just gud. If u continue like this, I bet the sky will be ur starting

  17. I love u..ur voice, ur style,its all unique…u gav a traditional song a western fill,dats nyc..wish 2 see more Sis..**smilez**

  18. okocha francis says:

    Naomi mac u are good for everything, I need to no u more pls by send me ur phone contact thanks.

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