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VIDEO: Vector – Follow Me Dey Go (Behind The Scenes)

Post by Demola OG, January 24th, 2013

The video to Follow Me Dey Go video by Vector was shot on location in Miami Florida. The song as you will hear in the BTS video below has a reggae flavor and sounds pretty catchy.

Look forward to seeing the official video which was directed by Antwan Smith in a week or two.

Joe Latinum shot the BTS

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24 responses to “VIDEO: Vector – Follow Me Dey Go (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. ppapy says:

    how come all nigerians tend to think they are american by forming their accent ? if only you know funny we find you lots, you'd speak normally…..

  2. flaminglips says:

    dope 1 from a broda from anoda moda

  3. What_It_Look_Like says:

    how u do dat crazy man tin /
    and the crowd never boo'd you like Banton (Buju Banton)

    Dis Vector guy drops gems like this on almost every record he drops.

    Festac Stand the Fcuk up !!!!

  4. Weeta says:

    Big ups VEC! Always on point.

  5. Olamiwale says:

    Always on point VEC !

  6. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Antwan Smith…supreme Hustler. chop chop chop money chop naija own join if u aint feeling dis guy u're definitely madding, big ups Vec doing big tings in a small way. Nor tay 4 miami o. Ajo o dabi ile!!!

  7. I can't just wait to have this video on ma phone…. Vector u're the bomb!!! Follow me dey go!!

  8. The video is so awesome,all the way from Miami. Watchout friends… Follow me dey go frm my dude Vector da viper

  9. jake says:

    if i find out who this lastman guy is and i see him,dirty slaps will be ur greetings,people like this are usually some low life,low confident rats that only talk behind their old laptop with windows 97,this lastman guy irritates me alot…..will sure figure u out,u will be freaked out that day

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