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Samklef ft. Olamide – Suwe (Remix)

Post by Demola OG, January 21st, 2013

Super Producer Samklef features fast rising indigenous rapper Olamide on his Suwe Remix.

Listen and share your thoughts.




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37 responses to “Samklef ft. Olamide – Suwe (Remix)”


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  3. sexysandra says:

    Wow dz is jam sweet tune

  4. Vikkibellz says:

    Loving this song.. Damn!! Great collaboration.. Nice one samklef Noni.. We love it..

  5. david says:

    Mi oshey baba suwe! Olamide killed it.. Samklef ur beats are always the best. I love the beat

  6. mr flexing says:

    Just listened to it and all I can say is brilliant brilliant brilliant.. Samklef is sure a genius any day any time.. The beat is on point. Olamide's verse was perfect.. They both killed it .. Its going to be my tune for days

  7. becca says:

    Goin in 2013!! Suwe remix is the jam of life..

  8. Samklef noni and olamide is here noni

  9. Windy says:

    WACKY DESIGN.. u will give HG2 Designs… This Art Cover too WACK…

  10. Jay says:

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa done

  11. SamKlef nooni with his husky voice, distinctively cool. Olamide is always a perfect blend in Samklef's jobs anyway and this ain't different, at least peeps ain't saying he's shouting on this one, lol. 'Oluwa ti te play e o le pause e'

  12. ejifranks says:

    good beat… there is dis tin about sammi's voice i dont just gel with…guy bkeep dropping the madt beatsss

  13. Samklef vs omo nla olamide ema suwe e noni.

  14. Olamide is a learner noni! Lol

  15. INJECTION says:

    i dont like the rmx or maybe its the vocals i dont like there is jst something off ill go with the original which is ok

  16. Fabulous collaboration.. Samklef noni the King Beat Maker.. Oshey! Olamide killed it too love it die.

  17. Samklef Noni the king of all beats.. Nice one baba. U and olamide killed it. 2baddos!!

  18. Suwe we we suwe.. Omo this song and the beat too sweet.. Samklef Noni u are the boss.. Wen is the rain video going to be out. That one na another correct jam. Keep doing what u knw how to do best. God bless u

  19. Ani no naira.. That's wassup boss u too gbaski. This song is a hit. Shout out to Olamide he killed it.. 2 baddos oshey!!

  20. Baddo!!!!!! Hit song!! Suwe suwe we we we

  21. I'm so crazy about this song right now.. Samklef u are really doing good. U shud keep up with ur good work. Nice beat I love the beat..

  22. Oshey 2 baddos.. This song is a hit. Like monster hits. Correct jamz

  23. Nice production.. Too sweet and I love the lyrics both of u dd an excellent job..

  24. Samklef Noni u are a boss for sure.. This is a Tune.

  25. A very mad collabo.. 2 baddos oshey!

  26. A very good song. Lv d lyrics its very simple and creative. Samklef killed it

  27. Chei nah money wey dey make you happi
    Call me big pappi I go take you go Yankee no Suwe
    All dem other guys won toast you, I fi boast say nah you dey host me
    Post am for facebook say I poke you, no be joke when I say I poke you
    Jokes aside nah you I won take go alter, Say I do till death do us part
    This union nah credit to Jehovah, no be bible say every man need a woman
    Be my Eve I don chop your apple,
    Forbidden fruit but you sweet past any fruit wey I don taste, no be Suwe.

  28. El Savador says:

    Samklef really has this nice singing voice, well he surely uses some mad effect. Love the song though

  29. This song surely wud the song of the year!! Hottest collabo ever.. Whoop!!

  30. Olamide!!!!!!! You be the one wey no make me miss DaGrin .

  31. olamide I site u, I know 1 day I wil feature u.

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