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G.I – Oshe

Post by Demola OG, January 17th, 2013

Remember G.I of Flambush fame from ’08? Well he is back with a new single after taking time away from music to focus on completing his university education.

This new track is titled Oshe and the video, which was directed by Mex, should be dropping next week.

Welcome G.I back and enjoy his new joint below.



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46 responses to “G.I – Oshe”


  2. Sterik Iyore says:

    Jam of mutherfuckin lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Adysurvivor says:

    wow!This kid can flow! mad beat tight lyrics. listened to one of his tracks 'money' and knew this guys got talent. Looks good too, theres no way this guy shouldnt blow. oshe!

  4. Welcome back, sure you know the game have changed since '08 but am sure you mix of then and now might bring a perfect blend to the whole new you, just like this song depicts. Nice comeback effort, keep it up

  5. Dami says:

    G.i all i have 2 say is welcome back.

  6. Adysurvivor says:

    wow!This kid can flow! mad beat tight lyrics. listened to one of his tracks 'money' and knew this guys got talent. Looks good too, theres no way this guy shouldnt blow. oshe!

  7. Dre says:

    Damn mehn G.I this is what we talking about, I gat kicks in my Jean LOL. the video for the Singles gats be super crazy, cant wait to see some big buddy lol

  8. On point is tha name of de game mehn… Nice One bro

  9. blaze says:

    Na jam be dis o these guy dey burst ma head

  10. micheal says:

    woooooooow this is a dope jointtttttt

  11. Ben says:

    Nice and different. Cool

  12. PICHI says:

    WTF…why did it take you so long to be back .. whee this is super joint ……

  13. Nii Armah III says:

    Touchdown… You don't need to be told.. Ghana is calling

  14. iLanre@ByteChunks says:

    talent dey ooze…. i still have 92 bars on my playlist… Adding this sharply… Just in time for cruising all the way Friday…. Oshe!!!

  15. MaD track *feeling ur …… OSHE!!! G.I I belive Ʋ die… Jst Cän't wait to see Ʋ blow over the top

  16. @highzeall says:

    Big ups nicca.. u geh mouth

  17. Prisca says:

    fine boy.

  18. Villa says:

    Nice one bro….

  19. Shegz says:

    The Boy G.i just showed he's gat Talent Skillz on this jam and i know theres more were Oshe came from, Welcome back bro this jam is just the beginning. Ooooooooooooshey !

  20. sinzoo says:

    G.I is def a tite rapper rite 4rm d time i knew im…still bumpinq 2his biqbottle jam..wlcome 2d game….#oshe

  21. mimi says:

    ONE WORD, WOW !! i almost didn't open this when i got the link but am glad i did TALENT and LOOKS u need to shoot a video for this. very nice 1

  22. dis dat hot new exclusive album release

  23. daina says:

    dis nigga shudnt waste time,put this work out, this is a brilliant work, i heard punchlines on this song that i haven't heard b4 in ma life and that's a bit shocking cus most this rappers use recycled shit , but this here is unique. thumbs up, i pray this industry politicians(radio/tv stations) dnt frustrate this with money money money, somtimes y'all jus play goodmusic thats wat the media is pose to do

  24. blunt says:

    nice jam, just hope u aien't gat ur head up ur ass cus that's wat most Nigerian artist dese days doin, but u look like a nice enuf kid good eye candy. best of luck

  25. wainscott says:

    listend to this song over and over again, the f***in song keeps playing in ma head and for some reason i keep hearing dbanj saying oshe !!! lool, wundnt be a bad idea tho, very nice song

  26. mimi says:

    #OSHE #OSHE# OSHE# OSHE#OSHE , been playing for days in ma head now !! you guys need to hear the beat on big speakers its heavy, damn "i wanna go down but i gata know do u shave it baby" llol shave what ?

  27. wizzy says:

    na jus tattoo,woman breast and legs wey i see for this pic catch my attention for here, i never hear song, but if these comments correct then am dulling, but if its not wat dese pips r saying ill DISS ur fathers life oo

  28. Jayi says:

    Luv d song,hope d video make sense.

  29. airtocix says:

    @naijatop100 VOTE: OSHE… #naijatop100"

  30. Kero A William says:

    Niceeee song G.I… Oosheyyyy…. Kip d flag flyin!!!..

  31. oscar enwezu says:

    9ice song, keep the falg flying

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