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VIDEO: DRB-LasGidi – 3 Kingz

Post by Ovie O, January 15th, 2013

“After a whirlwind christmas that saw the DRB boys perform at 12 shows, shoot 4 videos and headline their very own show at Harbour Point, Lagos and was brought to you Flytime Entertainment, its safe to say the boys from DRB have fully stated their intent on being the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry.
They kick off 2013 with this high energy club banger produced by Selecta’s very own GB, who is quickly establishing himself as a hit maker.

The video is a montage of DRB’s christmas 2012 and all it entailed, from shows to radio spots, and video shoots, family outings an even beach parties.”


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16 responses to “VIDEO: DRB-LasGidi – 3 Kingz”

  1. Wiz Kid says:

    These boys are improving sha

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  4. RIA says:

    BOJ seems cool ….
    but those grown ass women be embarrassing themselves anyhow ! Sit down!!!

  5. Phalaenopsis says:

    Got to hear about them from the article posted here about artistes to watch in 2013 by Ovie. Like their sound. They sound original. Will definitely be watching them. Wish them all the best.

  6. DEX says:

    BOJ is the cool, calm and collected one. Teezee, the fashion conscious one and Fresh L. Nice one. That little kid at the end got his dougie on though… Lol B-)

  7. i'm on twitter says:

    Where's that guy that thought they were poor boys because of the album art when the audio came out lol …shey now you've seen that they aren't poor…..wonderful video..God will bless you people in 2013 just keep working hard and don't let the fame or success or money get to your head . stay humble

  8. kenneth says:

    damn that kid can dougie…
    and the only thing i can see is their beards…

  9. nor be me talk am says:

    guy men… na once dem de know dem anywhere dem enter

  10. baba suwe says:

    all these omo baba olowo dem…..fresha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. na me talk am says:

    heeeey! that kid at the end was smooooth! nice on drb…una get mouth!

  12. Kapelo says:

    arent this the same guys Wizkid said he made famous on Twitter?…they seem like very cool and down to earth boys

  13. SeriouSLY #24601 says:

    I love this niggas… Huslted outter naija and finally came back home to make enough chedda.. Davido,LOS and DRB Bigups!!!

  14. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    well if this is going to be the outlook of the group going forward in 2013 then it looks like they just might be headed for good gold…just be sure to supply what the naija fans need music wise. forget UK for now they'll tow along…i'm feeling the whole Trinidad James Swag even Jimi Hendrix would find today's fashion trends so fresh…damn

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