VIDEO: Akon, P-Square, Iyanya, 2face, M.I, Wande Coal, Naeto C, Others @ Calabar Carnival 2012

Post by Ovie O, January 5th, 2013

Here are some video clips from the Calabar Carnival 2012 held from Dec 1 – De 31, 2012. Everyone… as in… everyone performed. Akon, P-Square, 2face, M.I, Wande Coal, Naeto C, Darey, and countless more. I’ve attached some performances below. Feel free to check more out on Youtube.



YouTube Preview Image

Akon & P-Square

YouTube Preview Image

2face Idibia

YouTube Preview Image

M.I Abaga

YouTube Preview Image

Naeto C

YouTube Preview Image

Wande Coal

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

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39 responses to “VIDEO: Akon, P-Square, Iyanya, 2face, M.I, Wande Coal, Naeto C, Others @ Calabar Carnival 2012”

  1. Jazz Man says:

    The calabar crowd is WAY BETTER than the Lagos crowd.. FACT. It is just embarrassing to see that people in lagos prefer to 'form' by staying seated in their VIP tables rather than making noise and supporting naija artists at shows. This is a real concert unlike the unresponsive shit we saw at the koko concert. This is why artists would much rather perform in calabar and other african countries rather than in lagos! Its sad to say as a lagosian but this is very true. I wish i was there!

    • Nicolas says:

      How you go expect big boy way enter to come watch show to dey jump and shout….If you are rich,you should know what am talking about,you wont have strength to be jumping and shouting…Grow up Nigger…

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        pure BS…so u think it makes sense to purchase a ticket for a guy's show, go there pindown and lock up frown…I hate this part of Naija audience with a venom…what rubbish….do u know many UK premiership season ticket holders are multi-millionaires in £ but trek to emirates stadium on matchday to scream in the stands, i personally know 2 guys…u know how many super rich people are trekking around having fun@ Notting Hill carnival??? Have u ever been to Glastonbury, V Festival, Party in the Park,Ibiza, Stockholm etc…VIPs are the most hardcore ravers and they get muddy too speaking as a participant no fiction here. Forming Bigboy mentality outside Naija is a meaningless wasteman ting,cream babe sef fit no go gree hook up. Guy MONEY IS NOT CHARACTER learn by force and fix up bruv…and even within Naija, artistes feed off the vibe while performing so instead of u ruining it with fake superficial bigboy @ a show just watch it at home and stop acting like new money…keep it real and enjoy life…YOLO

        I cant even address the… "Grow up Nigger" part of ur comment cos its utterly senseless…

      • mikky says:

        @TheLASTMAN well said my brother. why go to a concert if u wont dance n shake body. over here in france, if u r in a club, concert, show or anything, just dance like no tomorrow and u will see girls approaching u on ur way to d toilet asking for ur number. If u dey sharp enuf, u fit bang am for inside toilet immediately. tell dt guy dt sitting down in a concert does nt mk u a BIGBOY. it mks u luk lik d opposite

      • Skibanj says:

        ''If you''re rich,you won't have strength''…ugh! ara ako

      • MBeezy says:

        Smh. Ignorance.

      • @myviewr says:

        dumb fuck your the problem wrong with nigeria

      • Icon says:

        gosh nigeria ppl are so dry, even winter time we party harder than them, you paid to get in, Enjoy the show, dance make noise if you can , buggy it, life is too short to be sad at such event, your government already made life had for you guys, enjoy the show, so the acts can perform more, smile always stop this sad face like animated icon.

  2. brymo says:

    This Crowd is a dulling crowd what is way better @jazzy man cant you see they are not even moving an inch just looking like zombiezzzzz

  3. UC says:

    lol Psquare and Akon pull their cloth troway.. are u a learner ?? make bad guys carry that cloth enter OKIJA SHRINE first .. lol first of all Go Down Low .. NICE PERFORMANCE

  4. Johsnon says:

    Lmaaaaoooo But Akon Don Turn To Second Hand Artist Sha i wont be surprise if he is listed among african best categories in any awards these year sha!! If you like thumpdown!

  5. ROMAN says:


    • Phalaenopsis says:

      Dude, what's with this MayD shit? You guys are so quick to say something bad about Psquare without remembering that you are able to know MayD and hear his songs because Psquare took him in, trained him and introduced him to the world. When things did not work out, the marriage was broken. So what's all the noise about? Through MayD's association with the twins, he is able to stand on his own today. FACT. You all should appreciate the fact that they gave us MayD and MayD knows that.
      Separation amongst partners occurs all the time in the music industry. E no start with Psquare.
      About cutting off MayD's part, artists do that all the time, if the singer is not around to sing his own part in a live event.
      Grow up and be learned.

  6. liiy says:

    Calabar is a must be place for me end of this year.

  7. Akon made me laugh, "There's no fighting in an akon concert, if you don't break it up I'm gon come in and break it up." Akon no be Yankee you dey once you jump in you become part of the madness so let them fight, as a matter of fact they are not fighting just exhibiting their frustration with our corrupted government that has failed us.

  8. @Deeflows says:

    Crowd was loud for 2 baba…Nice one

  9. @Deeflows says:

    Live band is the way forward…Nice one by 2 baba

  10. God bless 9ja! Endowed so so much talents, WOW!

  11. 9jafreak says:

    Wande Coallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    Killed it!

    Sings well, electrifying energy!

  12. omobabaolowo swaqq says:

    p-square r live mah, dey killed it

  13. baba_O says:

    got bored watching this video. P-square & Akon were even begging the crowd to yell. shaking my head.

  14. Slik Dave says:

    Wande Coal did it for me, lovely charisma plus crazy stage performance…….

  15. @myviewr says:

    what is that wande cole song called ???????

  16. kamal says:

    wande cole said hes leaving MAVIN…HE SAID O TO O NI ,,,,,,,

  17. baba suwe says:

    WANDE oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u man…#yeshomo!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. word says:

    M.I IS A KING !!!!

  19. word says:

    wande can sing mehn he killed it

  20. oqsif says:

    sorry to say but lol Calabar peeps fall ma hand cha… epic fail

  21. wadsyaown says:

    make wande coal take am easy before he begin they look like Gucci mane.

  22. nice1, thumbs up to psquare.i love those guys, always killing d show.

  23. Caly carnial carnival gt wild d crowd came bitin n d artiste gt dia adrenalin pumpin at 50l/secs

  24. Kmoney says:

    Wande You make sense die .. 2 baba i feel you too

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