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Yung6ix – Zombie (Prod by Joshbeatz)

Post by Demola OG, January 4th, 2013

Funny enough I was just thinking about Yung6ix yesterday and here he is with new music.

I expect this young man to something significant in 2013.

“Nigerian hip-hop prodigy Yung6ix smashes into 2013 with the amazing new single titled, Zombie. The song which serves as a teaser of sorts to his upcoming ‘6IX’O Clock’ album, features a repetitive soul-wrenching sample by Afro-beat god, Fela Kuti off his own iconic, similarly-named ‘Zombie’.

Produced by the super-talented human beat factory, JoshBeatz, Zombie shows Yung6ix building on the form which made him one of the most buzzed-about artistes of 2012. After a nation-wide tour (look out for the documentary, coming soon), 2 successful singles (‘Oh My Gosh’ & ‘Picking Things’ feat Naeto C), as well as a critically acclaimed guest appearance on MI’s celebrated ‘Illegal Music 2′, Yung6ix looks to position himself as the one to look out for in the new year. Zombie is the first of a slew of singles planned to pave the way for what is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated debut projects in Nigerian music.”

Zombie Art


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51 responses to “Yung6ix – Zombie (Prod by Joshbeatz)”

  1. RedneckNaija says:

    I feel the song would have been a 9/10 if he had rapped over the initial fast paced beat that played at the beginning of the track. Still a nice song. 7/10.

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  3. IKnoHipHop says:

    ds dude got good word play, a terrible accent, awful delivery, not so impressive voice, all in all this dude has neva impresd me…plus ds chorus aint worked for him atall

  4. s s t m says:

    i was expecting u post sumting but here is a nice one


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  7. ayoo says:

    Lawd! This is fire!

  8. nich says:

    i believe this is the long awaited hit track……..if storm 360 fails to make a powerful video for this track…..they have let the young boy down……..this song is powerful…a monster video would eventually bring him up there……………………….it takes only a song or a video well delivered to take an artist to the top……

  9. Muzik kritik says:

    Have been a fan when he started out on the streets. Good wordplay as always. delivery seems poor, accent needs some brush up. More room for improvement. 5.5/10

  10. Valentine Anderson says:

    This is a Blast !!!! Yung6ix you the best Man!!!! Wizkid dey learn for where you dey ……Keep shinning ……steady lte them know!!!!!!

  11. soc says:

    Dope, sick, illy, new shit Maine!….

  12. Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda says:

    I like this dude and all but im not so impress with this one… don't know if its the beat or delivery .. nice word play nonetheless

  13. AyGreen says:


  14. daniboy says:

    real G …yung6ix u too much joor

  15. Yung6ix you're the BOMB!!!! Mehn u're too tight.

  16. NwaDiAla says:

    Normally i dey root warri er'day from erigga, to Sample ekwe to AY to to Bovi etc based on say na where dem born me and na where i for grow….

    But YungSix cant you rap without forcing hardness? especially using words like fuck, niggas etc every single time?….using profanity does not prove that you are a hard man just as tattos does not make skales of EME a killer….. I dey feel your songs but this your repetitive use of vulgar is getting boring.

  17. TRUTH says:

    Mehn straight up WACK!!! Just pack weak punchlines pour for the whole song… Yung6 Wake up!!!!!

  18. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Yung6 vs Mad BEAT
    winner = MAD BEAT
    …real talk tho i like Yung6 but he needs to compensate 4 his whiny voice wiv sum dome shattering lyrics, vary delivery style n drop almighty punchlines…things M.I wld consider tools of the

  19. Oyinlusi Lekan says:

    yungsix go hot dis yr o.

  20. I hope the Kuti family won't sue for a royalty here, I guess prior permission has been taken, however JOSHBEATS, hmmmm Oooooooshe! Crazy ass beat but I think other A-List rappers would've done more clinical finish to it, Yung is still upcoming though so big ups to him for the effort…

  21. vickiboi says:

    i need the instrumental abeg

  22. Johsnon says:

    This is WACK and as a matter of fact,a disrepect to Fela!

  23. Chimera says:

    can i listen to just the beat ? lol

  24. Nenye Ibeanu says:


  25. Dope Fresh HipHop. This is Mad!!! #Zombie na my #SellingPoint @Yung6ix

  26. lone_wolf says:

    ohh the fela zombie tin doesnt rhyme if wat dis guy is singn…i fnk ppl r juz in love wif d idea coz dis song is nice buht it honestly needs sumfn,mayb itz yung6 voice idk

  27. akoobome says:

    after all d hyping on twitter i guess i was expecting too much. tight wordplay. though

  28. Owoeye Oladotun says:

    its cool

  29. Owoeye Oladotun says:

    Nice one!

  30. Tweet this ish says:

    If anything its a joy for me to hear the creativity of both artist and producer respecting such a prominent talent and phenomenon such as Fela by Sampling his music, it inspires me to see his music is timeless and even to today us younger ones can still relate to it in respect to the hip-hop fusion demonstrated in the above track. ill love to hear a ayuba , Kwam 1 and Majeck Fahseck samples as well. lets pay dues to the older ones by sampling their music ull be surprised by the message u can deliver by sampling its magical trust me , producers and artists take note of what this two gies have done and please emulate , Hip-hop is a culture and we should explore more avenues to infuse it with our culture to create a new blend . I also want to say a big shoutout to #last Ma Killa# hes one dude that makes genuine comments round here no bais involved and also a big shoutout to the the new-school musicians such as LOS , DRBlasgidi and Drb #dont know whether u lot split up but ive been following yall since ur days in the uk with them interviews and stuff #, AJEBUTTER 22, AWON BOYZ, BURNA BOY, AYO JAY . shoutout to those people i didnt mention hopefully i can notice yall this year keep grinding.Happy new year everyone 2013 #TurnUp#

  31. Just keep on doing it dnt stop.

  32. j k says:

    kinda noisy tho…bro shuld av dropped yur flows in pidgin so peeps go enjoy d whole fela/yungsix stuff…who no drop ear down no go get ur lyrics well..i guess dropin lyrics dat peeps can easily relate wit is one of such tins dat mak up a hot song.

  33. that good bra I gat your back nigga cool.

  34. Less Goo there….! Nice one

  35. enny breezy says:

    Yung6ix…Yung6ix…Yung6ix….to be honest, I don't feel dis, u said u still rap like u are unsigned, but I guess over confidence is getting into u…this song is wack and it lacks that creativity of 'zombie nor go go unless u tell am to go'…its a nice concept, sick beat, but wack lines my bruva…South Shout all the way from warri…

  36. gerry says:

    Yung6ix just insulted the hip hop culture, this joint is waker dan my five fingers…..sws

  37. Armstrong Noel says:

    Mheeen see dope beat…..buh u kent even hear wat message yung6 is tryn to spit on dis track……..mhen honestly dat beat was too matured for Yung6 to handle…………pls we’re ken I download da instrumentals

    Mhen na old men suppoz kill dis beat walahi talahi……

  38. and1 says:

    Yung 6: u de man…h8ters errwhere. If una no like him own, go sing una own as e too easy to sing….Olofofo errwhere.

  39. kunkizy says:

    nice one mehhhhhhhh

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