VIDEO: Rita Edmond – Crazy About You

Post by Ovie O, January 4th, 2013

I recently came across Rita Edmond’s work on recommendation from top producer DJ Klem. Her two singles “Crazy About You” and “Tick Tock” are very enjoyable. Check ’em out.

“Rita Edmond is a promising and talented singer who hails from Imo-state Nigeria. The first children from a family with 5 children. Typical of most great singers, Rita Edmond started with the church choir. However, she made bold steps singing to a huge audience at the Calabar Carnival Queen beauty pargent (CCQ) where she was also a contestant in 2010, she was a must-see as she blew her listeners away with her amazing musical skills. Rita has a sweet and powerful vocal delivery with a matching energetic and hypnotic charisma on stage. Rita is out with two hot Kukbeat-produced new singles – ‘Crazy about you’ and ‘Tick tock’ which promises to entertain you, written by Klem and Rita Edmond.  Enjoy!”


Crazy About You

YouTube Preview Image

BONUS: This song has more of that local sound than the other. Lovely rhythm.

Tick Tock

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10 responses to “VIDEO: Rita Edmond – Crazy About You”

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  3. Neat video and like the pidgin used, shows ingenuousness and the beat is on-point. However the chorus takes loads of the time on the track, would've love to hear some other verse and more of her lines… Lots of work needs to be done here but she's a talent no doubt

  4. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    the new female artistes are too similar

  5. paulmirabilis says:

    i like the second track more…she try sha

  6. Davenport says:

    Rita Edmond is surely a talent to lookout for. She’s talented, pretty and promising. Naija is blessed, not just ok for life!

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