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Kheengz – Naija For You + Queen To Be

Post by lalaboiy, February 13th, 2012

Checkout a new young rapper Kheengz from Northern Nigeria, Niger state to be precise. These are his nicely sampled songs, Naija for you and Queen To be and a bonus freestyle done over wizkid’s For Me track. I like this and currently have Naija for you on replay! Enjoy and let us know what you think.

– Lalaboiy

Queen To Be

Bonus: Freestyle on “For Me”

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34 responses to “Kheengz – Naija For You + Queen To Be”

  1. hyper dandy says:

    shit!!!! nice 1 bro….al order yung rappers op u @ Alert!!!

  2. DanteDangote says:

    So on point … Naija 4 u.. madt tune

  3. bajeh peter says:

    geee you are the man i guess civil has made you better and stronger keep the fire burning never let it down

  4. mr.Elvi says:

    Dats ma dude,ur head is dia.

  5. okoro says:

    correct correct correct

  6. GreenZ says:

    Naija for you and Queen !!!!!! I'm loving this all the way mehn

  7. B.O.B der BaR says:

    Yo! Kheengz congrats!!! Minna dudes are so proud of you…good joint! So on point

  8. Reply says:

    LOL! as i hear , she's your queeeen to be …I feel like make i watch coming to america now now now lol…nice songs tho!

  9. KuRRupt KoP says:

    kame 2 kik up dust n mk nw enymiz bt diz niggar dey buss 4 state.savin ammo 4 d nxt wak MC.tyt

  10. benoni says:

    Nice one ! Space dey for u for d game!

  11. Kay Wizzy says:


  12. NwaDiALA says:

    all I can say is DAMN….I am rooting for you..

  13. Engr Ifeoma Nathalie Udeh says:

    nyc one kheengz.

  14. Engr Ifeoma Nathalie Udeh says:

    nyc one kheengz.

  15. meenah says:

    Very good artist. Proud to be a northerner

  16. moh says:

    Abusite rapper….cypher king

  17. Oops the boy is good no beef 4here.

  18. Oops the boy is good no beef 4here.

  19. prince abadunu says:

    9ice 1 kidbro,we r pround of u all.vis is d revolution of rap.kip it up luv 4rm mi n d family.

  20. leeboy says:

    Dis guy is good. Tell d oda artists 2 watch d throne

  21. Aisha says:

    I love Queen to be. Eddie murphy should hear it. Lol

  22. olu says:

    Trying 2 survive in a place cald “scarCITY”

  23. phizzle says:

    its runs in d family

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