L.O.S – Bad Guy P + On Fire

Post by Ovie O, January 30th, 2012

L.O.S enters our radar once again with their new singles “Bad Guy P” and “On Fire” which serve as follow-up to their 2010 debut single “Magic”. It’s only a matter of time before this four-man group (Yung, Bridge, Briss and Tomi) become household names in Lagos and, inevitably, every other part of the country.

“We are delighted to introduce you to Naija hottest male hip-pop group. L.O.S is a four-man group, comprising of three versatile and talented rappers and a singer. They are officially signed to Storm Records and managed by Bankhead entertainment.
Badguy P is a laid back radio friendly hip pop track; the song is more of a life-style confession type of song, produced by Yung who is a member of the group while ‘On Fire’ which is produced by TK is a party anthem guaranteed to unlock the listener’s mood upon pressing the play button pop song. Both songs show the versatility of the artists and are both sure to blow your mind and give you reasons to embrace this Young, Fresh and Talented artistes.”


Bad Guy P


On Fire


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126 Responses to “L.O.S – Bad Guy P + On Fire”

  1. Bryne says:

    Good music need jazz on bad guy p

  2. Aloaye says:

    LOS is ere to stay

  3. Klint says:

    Dope track on repeat

  4. Mr incredible says:

    Hisssssss this niggers got muffin on me

  5. Okusi says:

    G5 am ballin

  6. Toju says:

    I wud be wait ing fon valentine o

  7. Lama says:

    Big boy like me am balling

  8. MissItunu xoxox says:


  9. Tats Gumbo says:

    Yessssss! these boys are definitly on 1..

  10. Tats Gumbo says:

    Yessssss! these boys are definitly on 1..

  11. ipop says:

    Cold world need no blanket……..hahaha…… LOS, I love dis dudes.

  12. BIgfoot of MIcworx says:

    L.O.S tore down every fooking verse on Badguy P. Jeeez! LEgggo

  13. tony says:

    this shit sounds fucking sick…cant stop replaying…'if u don't know me, ur dulling..big boy like me, im balling…10 bottles its nothing…'…sick beat too

  14. Onyeoma Nwosu says:


  15. Onyeoma Nwosu says:


  16. Neeyee says:

    Big boi like me i’m balling… ten bottles TS… nothing

  17. LotannaDon says:

    I LOVE LOS TO DEATH !! Tomi Thomas' voice is amzzing and those lipss ^___^

  18. Emeka Okafor says:

    dope, de r so refined! me like

  19. Emeka Okafor says:

    dope, de r so refined! me like

  20. @TOMI…..Keep it locked down Akanda

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