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VIDEO: The Zara Gretti Chronicles – “Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense”

Post by Ovie O, November 22nd, 2011

Jack in the Box! We’re popping into your lives again with the 2nd Webisode of the Zara Gretti Chronicles.

Take a peek into Zara’s world as you roll with her and her friends from the Zoo Drums launch, “Everybody Loves Ice Prince” launch rehearsal, and the secondary school themed “How Far Magazine” photoshoot with Sound Sultan as teacher and Zara, Zee, Eva and Chidinma as school girls.

Do enjoy peeping through the little hole…. TOM!


YouTube Preview Image

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17 responses to “VIDEO: The Zara Gretti Chronicles – “Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense””

  1. TruthIsBitter says:

    and here goes another great concept.. Zara launching herself with style …ooshheeyy ..God bless ya hustle dimpled Zara

  2. CONDA says:


  3. egberipopsy says:

    u go fear accent naaa …lol

  4. kunle says:

    Cool stuff! Whos this talking about editing here?

  5. gggggg says:

    were was evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????? eva my love*cryin*

  6. huj says:

    hice cream see h factor wizkid will b proud

  7. 9jafreak says:

    Sultan…how far

    Remix that Jagbajantis High School killin

    Go Zara

    but why na kon hide Eva now?

  8. RoRO says:

    me, Zee, ZARA, Chidinma? LOL……I love her personality tho, random & fun….big ups

  9. NwaDiAla says:

    Someone needs a Vegetable diet 🙂

  10. jack bauer says:

    babes we feeling ur steez over here in obodo oyibo but small wahala dey cos ur vids are blocked on U tube so what would Jack Bauer do?
    a. hack CTU main frame and watch it thru dat
    b. track d target down and get the live shiznit with happy ending
    c. just blaze a fat one and shun

  11. Walter Adeshina says:


  12. jack bauer says:

    eeeyaaa!!! Jack got an exclusive reply. Well done babes. Forget these haterz and bad boy killaz like CONDA on this thread. They feel real pain when dey see progress. Send em not. btw i don't really work at ctu anymore i'm someone u know but nt leaving my details here for some random nut to pick up. tell u who it is if u inbox me zedbrush at yahoo dot com . shine on!!!!

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