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VIDEO: Flavour N’Abania – IWE (Tribute To MC Loph)

Post by Ovie O, November 8th, 2011

Flavour has quickly put out the video for “Iwe“; a previously-posted tribute song dedicated to his late friend and colleague, MC Loph. R.I.P MC Loph.

Directed by Oracle.


YouTube Preview Image

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53 responses to “VIDEO: Flavour N’Abania – IWE (Tribute To MC Loph)”

  1. mayoski says:

    very touching

  2. Multijake says:

    Flavour God Almighty will forever reward you in a million fold for this you have done for a friend and brother, am proud of you flavour… rest in peace loph…

  3. @teeboss03 says:


  4. Madiba says:

    FLAVOUR IS A TRUE PATRIOT! RIP MCLOPH…. very deep & emotional song. Thumbs up!!

  5. JeanGold says:

    R.I.P MC Loph

  6. @ByteChunks says:

    This guy is flipping passionate about music mehn……
    Too much..
    RIP MC LOPH…….

  7. Celestine Ugwuanyi says:

    Great job FLAVOUR! You sang from the soul! The track brought tears to my eyes! Awesome tribute song and video for a lost friend! You spoke the minds of your fellow country men on the track! Nigerians appreciate you for this and God bless you real good!

  8. SUNNY says:

    R.I.P OBIAJULU NWAOZOR aka MC LOPH……Things were really rough in the beginning, so he moved through ENUGU and ONITSHA before he finally took the bold step to move to LAGOS and pursue his musical wasn't really easy to for him in LAGOS, but he was patient enough and played his cards right till he dropped the album HANDS UP…..with included the hiphop version of OSONDI OWENDI;a CLASSIC high life HIT which was originally done by the late CHIEF STEPHEN OSITA OSADEBE(R.I.P)….the song was loved by everyone, and was played in different COUNTRIES around the WORLD including here in the UK, now everything seems to be taking shape, him working on an new album, set to get married and even bought a new car, DEATH came from nowhere and snatched him away……..R.I.P MC LOPH; ur legacy will always remain

  9. air-comodore bricks says:

    RIP Loph…ur candle burnt out long before ur legend ever did…adieu nnwanne

  10. mooh says:

    base line is Heart ripping….RIP Loph!!!

  11. nwanne says:

    Nice one flavour Loph nwa mama will be proud, loved the Osadebesque type of highlife used for this tribute… the great man will be mightily impressed if he was still here today.


  13. derelldonadoni says:

    Powerful voice. Very very good song. I don't understand the words but the music speaks.

  14. Phalaenopsis says:

    Ebere emegbuorum nne muru Loph’- I so much pity Loph’s mum.
    Mama biko ebezina nu , biko diwe- Mama, pls stop weeping, pls be comforted.
    Mama biko ebezinanu, biko ndo- Mama pls stop weeping, Pls take heart.
    Mama biko ebezinannu Chukwu no nso- Mama pls stop weeping, God is your comfort.
    O’ kwa Chukwu wetalu na Chukwu ewelugo- It’s God who provided and He has taken.
    O welugooooo, 3x- He has taken 3x

    Iwe n’ewe m ka Loph si nwu- I am so angry at how Loph died.
    Ima zikwa na Loph buzi ofu nwa nwoke- Did u know that Loph was an only son.
    Loph na nwanne ya so were naba village- Loph and his sis were going to the village
    Ka ha kponalu mama ya nwunye ya- To take his wife to his mum
    Ka ha bunara mama ya moto ofuru- To take a new car to his mum
    Accident emee, Loph anwuo!! Nwanne ya anwuo!!! 3x- An accident occured, Loph died!!His sis died!!3x

    Chorus: Loph is gone..MC Loph is gone…!!

    I remember the first time I enter LAgos
    Aguda- Surulere was were I started
    It was at Loph’s place that I was sleeping(Obi Eastside, my good friend!)
    I remember the time Loph enter Enugu
    It was at Flavour’s place that he slept
    In the evenings we would hang out
    Whoever knew Loph, I say please be comforted
    It is God who provided and He has taken

  15. zion says:

    each time i listen to this song, i do shed tears, not just only bcos of Loph, but because of many helpless innocent souls that departed this earth.Thanks Flavour

  16. slim b says:

    watz up eastside music, iknow isa painful situation a great artist like m.c loph is gone is so sad.

  17. Akinkuotu busayo says:

    Your memory loph

  18. Ugo says:

    …flavour is really good. he needs to stay focused. Mc Loph he must have been a good friend. RIP.

  19. GuessTheMaga says:

    God bless you Flavour, i dont understand what he is saying but the music voices grief, i felt it. May the gentle soul of the faithful departed Rest In Peace! Amen

  20. NwaDiAla says:

    Nne Loph biko nwelu obi…Olisa no'nigwe wetalu kita o welugo….RIP MC LOPH

  21. Qash is Qing says:

    Someone who speaks Igbo fluently should post a translation.

  22. slim b says:

    nice song, quality video. flavour mr. nabania you are tumuch.

  23. @Damygurl says:

    Flavor mehn! Great song.

  24. tjlyord terry says:

    I am watching and at the same time crying…. You do not value someone except that person leave you. R.I.P MC Loph

  25. u will live forever in our heart….R.I.P LOPH WAN MAMA

  26. Rugged Kidd says:

    R I P MCLOPH ,,……Flavour i am in love with your songs especially your Voice i wish i can see or meet you .. i just want to give you something you will never forget .. you are a bomb keep it up .. all da way frm Malaysia


  27. chiefoo says:

    flavour i feel u…. we all gat to endure….

  28. JOE says:

    What can i say flavoure i apreciate ths is the best atribute i have ever hard R.I.P OBIAJULU

  29. Ifeoma says:

    Oh, Flavour, this tribute song is so so touching i pray that God in his infinite mercies give you and his Mum the heart to bear this great loss. RIP Loph Oma.

  30. Teddy cool says:

    Flavour sori 4 d death of ur dear friend.ur song is touchin & makes me cry when ever i listen 2 it R I P MC LOPH

  31. Princess N says:

    My brother Flavour, ndo. We Umunze People are all so heartbroken. All Nigerians are mourning Mc Loph. Mama Biko Ndo. Flavour ur song speaks volume. Keep his Legacy alive. Keep Loph alive through ur music. K

  32. amanus says:

    ur really an inspiration 2d youth,wish u da best n life,may d Almighty God grant Mc.Loph peace n His bossom take heart of ur dear frnd and also grant His Mother d fortitude 2bear d irreparable loss.Mc.loph we luv u bt God luvs u most

  33. Ernest says:

    Mc loph if i know this is how you will go i will say no. But why do you leave your patner flavour. Pls flavour biko dia woke ki bu. Mama biko ebesina chukwu a woluna.

  34. flavour am sory 4 your lost.

  35. flavour am sory 4 your lost.

  36. iwe ne wemu ooo, mc loph ala.

  37. iwe ne wemu ooo, mc loph ala.

  38. Harrison Mbah says:

    d very first day i listen 2 ur tribute dear friend, i wept over ur very good friend MC LOPH, we all loved him, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, my guy flavour nwa Umunze, plz take heart

  39. flavour take heart oooooo.

  40. flavour take heart oooooo.

  41. Mr Xpakey says:

    Rest In Peace Bro!

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