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VIDEO: WizKid – Pakurumo (Behind The Scenes)

Post by Demola OG, November 7th, 2011

Your Boy Wizzy has shot the video for Pakurumo, one of his many HITs off his debut album Super Star on location in Lagos with the Director extraordinaire himself, Mr Clarence Peters. You can watch the making of the video below and it will give you an idea of what to expect when you see the complete video in a few weeks. LOL @ Banky W spotting the fake beard!.. You can tell that they all had fun on set.

In other EME news, expect new singles from Skales which is set to drop this month and at least one new single from Mr. Capable, better known as Banky W.

Also, expect to see the EME Boyz perform LIVE at the notjustok Music Concert on Saturday December 17, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

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62 responses to “VIDEO: WizKid – Pakurumo (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Paul Ukoh says:

    cool music

  2. ROMAN OSAS says:


  3. Tea $ says:

    yhu r mouthed wizzieeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Double_Cee says:

    Wizzy u 2 much

  5. Chipmunk says:

    This one's going to be hilarious, I can tell! LOL!

  6. ffffffsssshh says:

    i expect a nice vid

  7. Plat says:

    LOL.. Dis Is Crap..

  8. lentini says:

    sometimes i wonder if Naija Artist dey use brain or just fame when they do stuff. i dont understand the hurry in getting a video out without proper planning. looking at the pics/video, the concept is solid but i dont understand why wizkid n skales are not wearing ASO EBI as the others. he looks so odd with the crappy oufit and hat he has on while others are decked out in trad. why not try and get Fashola in the Video as well to give it more credibility.
    Now b4 many mumu start to yan opata for here, i never said Wizkid nor the song is bad, i just talked about the concept of the video….GBAM!

  9. dazeezoyelakin says:

    wikid i love u,nice tone but work hard on ur videos

  10. Kreativ says:

    Wizkid keep it Real JOOORR…No matter what they still t the top of your Game…..Chec OUT THIS NIU ONE FROM YOUR BOI……KILLING IT WITH SAMCLEF NO NIIIIIIIIII…. (link deleted)

  11. Chris says:

    U guys are here blabbing wit dat old story…well, dis will shock u’all, P.H 1st son DUNCAN MIGHTY has acquires a ROLLS ROYLES 4 a whooping $300000 am sure wiskid wud hv 2 sell 50 albums 2 get dat car…abegi, pakurumo ma ass!!

  12. GuessTheMaga says:

    why is wizkid just calling Banky by his name like that? should he be saying "brother Banky"? and why is banky allowing that small boy to curse in front of him?

  13. Whatever happened to the lawsuit? lol! People sure do crazy things.

  14. obiwon says:

    wizzy should do somethimg about that yoruba accent….its not cute, just try abeg,..ahh yoruba aint sexayyy sef..okbye

  15. AJCiti says:

    omg Banky…that beard.. "this is so fucking fun" Why yes, I can't think of anything more fun than being sprayed with money lol.

  16. Abdel says:


  17. MC ROLEX says:

    Am really in luv wit Wizkid n ol EME Boiz… Tho I dnt do Wizkid Parten BUT i must say entertainment wise, He’s tyt. Much Regrdz to My Homie Skales… Yesyes yoo… 2 Banky

  18. AndyBlaze says:

    I wish he would shoot love my baby video.

  19. AndyBlaze says:

    U need brain pills my broda

  20. Uju says:

    Who is dat dude in dis video who appeared immediately after Noble Igwe..the one wid white ??* Droolin* Fine Boi tho….. LOL

  21. BUBEL says:

    Uhm…no be small tins ooooh. Boy Wizzy got nice voice.

  22. freshest says:

    WIZZY you are the bomb, young, fresh,cute rich,what else do you want, na you oooo after you na still you

  23. blackswaggs says:

    boie wizzzy u are doing gud kip it upppppppppppppppp

  24. Bisola says:

    Wizzy keep d ball rollin u too much

  25. kabiru says:

    i like ur swag

  26. TemiTope says:

    Leave wizkid and face your life,you said wizkid don’t respect banky,how do you know?

  27. Bamitale says:

    Wizkid shuld respect bankky bcos he really tey for him.

  28. Chinny says:

    U guyz suck

  29. Swift says:

    hey..the song is just okay..nothing special..

  30. Ajay says:

    Talking abt Wizkid and Banky,wizkid sure does respect Banky.if u listened well he said 'pls' or do u expect him to say Bro Banky or daddy banky. also abt wizkid not wearing aso ebi,u shud have seen the real video before submitting ur comment.And also abt wizkid getting Fasola in the video,u must be kidding and don't know who Fasola is.Wizkid is not the first and will not be the last to mention a governor or president's name in his music without the governor or president featuring in the video.
    Wizkid I LOVE U

  31. Nyihemba sunday says:

    I just luv wizkid,he songs makes me feel excited,my boy move forward oh!i’m of u!

  32. […] VIDEO: WizKid – Pakurumo (Behind The Scenes) […]

  33. […] VIDEO: WizKid – Pakurumo (Behind The Scenes) […]

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