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Pictures: Ice Prince Birthday Celebration

Post by Demola OG, November 1st, 2011

Ice Prince’s birthday was on Sunday, October 30 and he had a small birthday celebration at Oxygen Nite Club, Abuja in conjuction with Ubi-franklin entertainment.

Guests at the Party include 2face idibia, Jesse jagz, Ajay-prestige, Murachi, Young L, Brymo, Frank Edoho, Katung

Happy belated, 25th birthday Panshak!!!

Picture Credit Tope Brown

[nggallery id=12]


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44 responses to “Pictures: Ice Prince Birthday Celebration”

  1. Tj Show says:

    d guy putting on cuffed jeans,should buy his size nxt time,hapi bday ice

  2. tee says:

    the guy in the 2nd pic was just all over the every picture..Lol
    happy birthday Ice

  3. djrebel says:

    wow, the girl in green with no bra on.. SMH!

  4. This guy is gone places, not going places the sky na ur starting point…we gone colaborate some day..sure check out this new mixtate from your boi……i reamain kreativ…Maga don pay…..braaaaa a

  5. Tea $ says:

    ice yhu r rilli reppn..album launch nd buffdai …men yhu tight..dnt dull

  6. Random Chick says:

    OMG!! D ugly gal in green has her boobs out + Una self put the picture up for public viewing just like that.. ! NAWA O!

  7. Jeroh da hero says:

    Hapi bday zamani

  8. anna says:

    didnt u guys observe sumtn,there was a guy shoeing in all d pics,i tot it was iceprince,iceprince didnt take much pic.dat guywas so annoying,he spent time on the red carpet takn pic with evry one,jeez

  9. GreenZ says:

    Ovie you might want to take off the photo of that lady whose tittie's out

  10. GreenZ says:

    Where's my comment?

  11. GreenZ says:

    You might want to delete the lady's photo with the tittie uncovered

  12. anonymous says:

    Which 1 is ubi franklyn ent, this partyz was hosted by Baseline Ent. In abj,dem TK,oby απδ lam’s company… See as ubi jst dey pose everywre for pics

  13. ubi-franklin says:

    this party was organised by me with the support of baseline entertainment, next time be properly informed before u chat rubbish….
    thank you.

  14. anonymous says:

    Lies! @ubi-franklyn,stop tryin to take other people’s glory…

  15. ada says:

    this is ice prince's bday yet not a single pic of ice insight? bleh!

  16. video detective says:

    lmao…. i am guessing the ubi franklin guy was the one that got the amateur photographer…that put him in every f**king picture…

  17. Somebody says:

    Ice-Prince na real aboke, he still never get dress sense

  18. Ezzy says:

    abeg who dey celebrate bday? 2face or ice prince cos na 2face i dey see everywhere for the pix then can someone please tell ice prince to remove that brown patch @ d back of his head asap! its irritating ewwwwww

  19. Akpoko i muhammed says:

    Terry g i remain ur fans till i die,may gud bless u and ur wife i wish u happy marriage

  20. says:

    Ok i missed. Next time. It sure looks like a nice party.

  21. Music Critique says:

    Lollllll…..I thought I was the only one that noticed dat guy dat appeared in almost all d pics (guessing his name is Ubi Franklin). He spoilt the whole album, One would have thought it was his birthday.

  22. Truth says:

    Where was M.I and Jagz?

  23. Michael says:

    I just will like to know if Ice Price is 25 years old indeed.

  24. sweetprince says:

    yeh anyhow people dress 2 a birthdayparty is their own kind of styl or swagg so lets just liv dem, its der own way all i gat 2 say is happi birthday 2 iceprince.

  25. Really a nice and grand celebration of birthday.I loved all the images.Keep on blogging such a nie posts.Thanks a lot.

  26. Enjoy looking at the Ice Prince Birthday Celebration. They will delight you and your family

  27. florist says:

    This was so very interesting and helpful to read. I have really enjoyed reading this great and fun information. Thanks

  28. elizabeth says:

    i rili lv ur alblm nd i hope u had a swell tym ……………….luv u

  29. Leo Peter says:

    I luv ice prince@leo.

  30. Leo Peter says:

    I luv ice prince@leo.

  31. nyc pics big baller.u r reppin d street

  32. nyc pics big baller.u r reppin d street

  33. Xup Ice my best rapper so far, kp it up man….praaaaa.

  34. Xup Ice my best rapper so far, kp it up man….praaaaa.

  35. 9ic pics…baba 2 much…i dey feel your swagg.

  36. 9ic pics…baba 2 much…i dey feel your swagg.

  37. yo! says:

    happy birthday dogg!

  38. nuff luv, happy birthday ice!

  39. nuff luv, happy birthday ice!

  40. Eddie says:

    Somehow I'm curious. Did he get a party dj for hire or was he the dj himself?

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