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Sazzy Tribute – Mr. C (remix)

Post by Demola OG, October 24th, 2011

Shout out to Mr. OuttaTown, Zara Gretti, Yoki, Rilwan, SDC, Kanebi, Bush, Supreme Solar, DjATTE for hoping on this track to honor Sazzy a year after we lost him.
I was just thinking about Sazzy 3 weeks ago and realized that he was an innovator and that the Naija music game is missing a key producer.

Big Shout out to Dj Atte

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5 responses to “Sazzy Tribute – Mr. C (remix)”

  1. Mavrik says:

    #RIPSazzy. We miss you so much cuz! xoxo

  2. iDEAL says:

    Mr Chairman…Sazzy..Lives on!!! miss u…..yeah!

  3. Solzz says:

    RIP Sazzy!!!… Mr. Chariman!!!1

  4. Addie Fresh says:

    Sazzy R.i.P mesef dey feel d pain of yur transition!!!

  5. gilla says:

    Rest in peace, homee…… Ur works will continue to linger on…..Outtatown will keep the light shining. And NJO, it is Yokee not Yoki…..

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