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VIDEO: Terry G – Baby Don’t Go

Post by Ovie O, October 15th, 2011

Who says mad men can’t fall in love?? Terry G drops a video for “Baby Don’t Go“; one of the previously released singles off his new album “Terry Gzuz“. On this one, he takes a break from letting us know just how mentally unstable he is, and decides to focus on matters of the heart. Dude keeps doing his thing regardless of what anyone says.

In other news, look out for Terry G’s mixtape titled … Lucifer! (No, I’m not kidding).

Directed by Terry G, Produced by Terry G, Mixed/Mastered by Terry G. He does it all!


YouTube Preview Image

Feel free to pick up the album if you haven’t done so already.

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49 responses to “VIDEO: Terry G – Baby Don’t Go”

  1. element says:

    Terry G .. making sense .. cool video … nix jam

  2. optical says:

    homie i lyk d song but i dont support ur music… why wud u name d title of ur album terry gzuz.. hav u no respect? u naw wanna name ur mixed tape lucifer.. onto what level guy..ur on ur own ma necca..

  3. akpako pikin says:

    lol..terry sha.. obviously found it hard to stay normal but as e de go i will still b d no 1 fan..kpakam

  4. mannyp says:

    Oh. BOy I like the jamz , you are going up with your type of song terry just continue doing it don’t mind them

  5. Mr Swag says:


  6. NwaDiAla says:

    Terry G please no dey use cheap camera take dey shoot video….i know say na u be one of the few naija artist wey hold money CONFIRMED so please no dey mise your ego dey spend am on quality shooting.

  7. k2slim says:

    terry g 2 b truefull dis video lack quality..plz improve on ur video

  8. k2slim says:

    terry g 2 b trueful dis video lacks quality. Plz improve on ur video u can do everytin jst try 2 share idea wit oda so u can deliver 2 ur fans quality works. U r bigger dat dis but still luv u

  9. Akindele saheed says:

    Dey think dey can drop u dawn,which is not.

  10. Nice jam not like the madness sturvs……..Video cool for the concept of tha song#PopItUp !!!

  11. All his videos now looking d same now.. he no wan spend money..

  12. Phalaenopsis says:

    Make I no vex guys here..

    There is something wrong with the whole of this album. First I am not a fan of this type of music, to me it's more noise than substance. Now with that out of the way, somebody should tell Terry G THAT MUSIC IS AS MUCH ABOUT PACKAGING AS IT IS ABOUT SOUND.

    From the picture of this guy-with the terrible wings, on his album, the Gzuz name, a whole album with songs that sound alike and now to this video, it shows that he is either getting very bad advice or that he just doesn't take advice. Terry G needs to re-package and get some other people to see his works before they are released to the public. This just isn't working. Shikenah!!

  13. feronification says:

    i hope somebody in notjustok rids dis. i fink dere r a lot of promising artist out dere seeking 2 b recognised. notjustok, i believe u cn help dose artists n stp postin crap by terry g i min i lyked his free madness n sme of his old songs bur dis guy is way outta line albulm title " terry gzus' mixtape title " lucifer" he's tkn his fans n media 4 granted..

  14. agent206 says:

    It is sad to realize that the people dissing his video are out of touch with the naija reality. Naija reality is home video reigns, akinchawa video still sells hot in the east and localities. The massive fans of terry G don't care. Every artiste has his own demographic and target audience, please if u're a fan of MI or Whiz kid, pls stay and enjoy their music and all, but leave terry G, he is satisfying his fans, and not people that like Mo cheddar.

  15. Fantastic and Unique joint…good job Terry.

  16. misspymp says:

    nice one teery, love dis

  17. akeem says:

    i really lyk dat frm terry g

  18. omoogbomosho says:

    you guys are hating on terry g. his music is an acquired taste and i dont see anything wrong with his video concepts at least he is not putting borrowed cars in his videos like the other naija artistes he keeps his music and videos grassroot oriented. He is an entertainer not a rapper or a singer… when will you guys realize this … dbanji, terry g are entertainers ……. so free terry g abeg

  19. ugoharris says:

    Very cool again from Terry Madmannnn! I always love the sound his bell. LOL!

  20. unique tune…. video is so similar to this done 3yrs ago

    unique tune…

  21. Dj Ephyzzi says:

    Terry G is retard! Is so funny how this guy is taking his fans for granted. I advice is time he comes out of the madness box and sit-up else, his name will go down the drain….

  22. prettyjenny says:

    Terry g is lacking concept, wat i dont like about him is bcos hes not original, he stole the tune and rhythm from the cowbell oyoyo advert, if u dig out, den u know what am talking of………….

  23. emperormarble says:

    The video would not be very good but Terry G is learning. Watch out for the guy when he is done learning dats how he started when making beats too. Terry G i feel ur hustle tryna keep all d money within and for the haters, ur a fan dats why u even pressed play in the 1st place and for those dat don't know, Terry G.zuz album has over 6 hit songs….hate it or love it, u wud still dance to akpao wen it comes up in d club #kpakam enemies chop chicken…Lmao

  24. Terry Baby says:

    I love Terry G. Buh trying to be original doesnt mean shooting a poor quality video. Upgrade on your content buh stick to your originality-meaning the song quality,the madness, the gingah..stick to that. Buh pls darling improve on the video shoot. Thats all Baby. Love you forever!

  25. biodun says:

    any1 who calls dis a cool video needs to go wash his/her facae at the lake beside national theatre.

  26. gboyega says:


  27. Warrior says:

    funny enough, I have had dis song on repeat….. cool song jor

  28. Chi A Do says:

    Terry G is a commercial and local champion.. best of both worlds.. don't hate when he goes local.. I luv his music cos he can do both! MAD MAN!

  29. John gogo.A.K.A,J-SON says:

    Bad guy on d right thing doing d main thing me feel ur swagg j-son i like dis just do more.

  30. snipez says:

    the song is tite but the video? i can direct and shoot a far better video with ma phone.

  31. onyeka says:


  32. LeWhisky says:

    bad the song,love the video too>>>>>>>>>>>>

  33. Sunday john says:

    Hit man keepin doin ur tin no send dem bcos u be d best ginjah masta mr S J

  34. mofe boyo says:

    hes simply just an hard working guy. he knows wat he want,lovely song,stolen or not

  35. kayode says:

    he claimed he ia a madman,but him get brain die!9ice one bro!!!

  36. realtalk says:

    this sounds like the cowbell advert

  37. Benjamin says:

    Terry u sabi sing jor.i luv dat song.u sing pass d banj

  38. I love dis song lyk my mama's starch and banga soup.

  39. I love dis song lyk my mama's starch and banga soup.

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