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illBliss – Anam Achi kwanu ft Phyno

Post by Ovie O, October 14th, 2011

Hardcore rapper IllBliss of “Aiye Po Gan” fame bounces back with this new joint “Anam Achi Kwanu” featuring Phyno. It’s the lead single of his forthcoming album “OGA BOSS” billed to drop sometime in December. Look out for other singles like “Graduate” (feat WizBoy) and “My HeartBeat” (feat Silvastone) which should be released in the very near future. The title “Anam Achi Kwanu” means “You know i’m not laughing” in the Igbo language.


Produced by Phyno

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73 responses to “illBliss – Anam Achi kwanu ft Phyno”

  1. amblors says:

    the beat is #sick #sick #sick
    same cannot b said for illbliss flow/lyrics.
    btw i like Phyno's hook.

  2. NwaDiAla says:

    Damn Phyno climbing to the top of my Ipod List….Hook sweet die "e furu ukwu eze'm"

  3. TTT s says:

    dis is hardcore!! phynoo

  4. BEAS says:


  5. oludarebaloye says:

    I am loving this head banging beat and sick line. I a big fan of igbo boys but i am a yoruba man so i need some translation people help .

  6. lakason says:

    Illbliss is always d guy with the flow. my man ill i dey fill u jor

  7. Curtis says:

    This beat is sick and wicked….. this beat Needs Chinaydu Rugged Records or Loose Kaynon

  8. roscoe says:

    the jam is mad oo..aha h illBliss don vex finish

  9. roy hughes says:

    im very glad to see illBliss drop something monumental, hard cultural and original.The song is definitely off the chain and the hook is wicked to the last not igbo but i can sure feel the heat on this one and if this is an indication of the OGA BOSS album then im really looking foward to the release. the flow is sick and funny though and i can hear all he had to say which is very absent in a lot of rappers minus Mi and modenine maybe.Big Ups Bliss…

  10. undercoverross says:

    wicked joint….tight beat, tight lyrics, tight video i pray…

  11. UncleRush says:

    for your mind you want hammer like wizkid abi?

  12. gerald mbu says:

    i ve never heard igbo language sound so cool and packed with swagger..this one is pure fire and illbliss murdered. the chorus sticks and i am proud to be from eastern nigeria today….God bless Dat ibo boi

  13. bigmaxx says:

    As u dey jerk try study ur jamb lol!! Did yall hear dat??

  14. @DaTEcNerd says:

    "i go slap u if u try 2 RUDE" lmao

  15. Nwa Afor says:

    A nam achi kwanu? (Am I laughing?) i furu ukwu eze m? (Do you see the roots of my teeth(gum)?) Absolutely wonderful! Go Igbo boyz..

  16. richard says:

    illbliss I love you so much(no homo though). Nice track.

  17. KWEEN says:


  18. eddy says:

    illbliss u pepper 4 mouth.ur head dey proud 2 be an ibo boy cos u re representin.

  19. MAGANA YANGA says:


  20. feronification says:

    Go illbliss go illbliss go dis song is so tite n lyrics is def on point

  21. VERS says:


  22. Da_kritic says:

    Beat 9/10, Rap 7/10. A good job iLLbliss. Da hook is really ILL!

  23. Emperor Lucky says:

    Honestly… I hardly comment.. But menn illbliss you made me comment by force… Hot Lyrics, Push Lines great!, Beat you went hard!!! Chorus so Ghetto… You get mouth!!

  24. MusicLover says:

    illbliss Shame on you for dissing Ice Prince or who ever …… he isn't so young… he is 25 yrs.. soulja boy is younger but has fame and fans than you and Ice joined together… and he doesn't rap so well still… or Chris brown and Justin beiber ( Boy In Detention mixtape was dope) i think they would have done better with this beat than beef.. and about the dressing.. i think you have no point is ART.. your dressing speaks for you…. Oh Well !!! That's Rappers.. keep striking at eachother

  25. howmon says:

    dope jam. love it bros ur head dey there.

  26. Lil'saint says:

    baba illbliss is my world best RAPPER

  27. nastyj says:

    great song…great flow..great chorus..iLLBLISS serves this one very hot…..big ups to all my naija emcees illbliss, mode9, mi, iceprince, vector….

  28. nastyj says:

    @music Lover, tell me why GOD no go just punish you now fr the rubbish wey you dey yarn? ILLBLISS NA BOSS fr this business, wey no dey ever disregard anybody….u don dey mad abi?

  29. rapjunkie says:

    I haven't really been a illbliss fan in the past . .but this track is tight!!….his flow and diction are top notch.. . great beat. . . nice one!!

  30. rocraida says:

    very correct jam….

    illBliss i m glad you are back with something hard and banging…

    lets go dia

  31. Gozie says:

    oga onpoint yes boss i see you oh.. we no dey make mouth way we no fit back up

  32. Curtis says:

    This is How you know a Real Rapper…. Real Rappers drop diss lines like parables and leave their fans to source the answer so far people are claiming its Ice Prince some Others are saying its Wizkid, the Last time i checked ill bliss didnt mention any name so i advice you beef analyst to keep your opinions to yourself and your family till we know who the diss line was directed at…………………Good job Ill bliss and Thank You Notjustok

  33. vince says:

    the joint is hard love it a lot…definately guys ill is goin at ice…buh for whatever reason i dont know..back to the joint..hook is mad the beat is crazy but the flow is wack…infact e wack die….illbliss to me is jes mature in age in the lyrical aspect the guy is a toddler…if a beef starts from here ice”ll surely murder him lyrically (my 4yr old cousin sef get heavier punch line than this “u wan hammer like wizkid abi?) laff wan finish me…matcheeeew

  34. HausaBoy says:

    dis tight mehn!
    IGBO boy!!!!

  35. Onyeoma Nwosu says:

    Now THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT Perfect example of IGBO SWAG.

  36. Onyeoma Nwosu says:

    Now THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT Perfect example of IGBO SWAG.

  37. Its tight. Illbliss is one of d few rappers who keep it real. Kudos to u illbliss.

  38. Its tight. Illbliss is one of d few rappers who keep it real. Kudos to u illbliss.

  39. Franklyn says:

    Yea gud song from a gud rapper…..but i dont think there is anything controversial abt dis song…..”die ur hair,skinny jeans,very little manners” wasnt really talkin abt anybody in particular……nice song sha…..

  40. ill blis 2 tit, cheers my hardcore rapper.

  41. ill blis 2 tit, cheers my hardcore rapper.

  42. olisa says:

    phyno is juz a fuckin boss nd ill bliss is abt to get schooled by ice prince

  43. msolufunmi says:

    Ion knw bout y’all buh I think he’s talking to someone in particular…too bad if that person is a kid like wizzy ill is way too mature to do dat

  44. @awololly says:

    what more can i say!! BOMB….

  45. @mogbonofelifel says:

    Phyno…. Where the hell were u raised? U sure weren’t normal on that hook… Nyc 1 phyno

  46. ill Bliss I love your floow u re among the Best keep it up Bro<3.

  47. ill Bliss I love your floow u re among the Best keep it up Bro<3.

  48. mikesean says:

    Nyc hook phyno dis song drives me crazy any tym I play it…listern to d lyrics well for those who claim to know rap..he aint dissing ice

  49. Noble says:

    Please carefully listen to that beat, you'd discover the Engineering in that beat. that beat is too ##BBAADD##..very hightech.. these guys're simply good..cheers..

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