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BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher 2011: Nigerian Rappers Revealed!

Post by Ovie O, September 19th, 2011

Naija Stand Up!

The time has come for Nigerian Hip Hop to receive global recognition as we’ve been given a chance to showcase our rap skills to the international community. The BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 will be aired LIVE from Atlanta to the international audience on the 11th of October. For the majority of rapheads, the biggest catch of the show is the “CYPHER”.  Virtually every top rapper has graced it, and this year promises to be an exciting one. Why? Because a Nigerian Rap contingent will also be on show.

Last wednesday, Nigeria’s very best rappers spat killer bars and the video was shot the following day. received some “materials” from the audio and video sessions but BET has instructed us not to put anything up (copyright paroles). However, we can exclusively reveal the names of the Nigerian representatives at this year’s Cypher. Check ’em out below.


MALE (Alphabetical Order):

Ice Prince



Naeto C

Sauce Kid

X.O Senavoe

FEMALE (Alphabetical Order):






Producer (Audio): IBK Spaceship Boi (Enigma winner)

Director (Video): Clarence Peters.

The American rappers on the Cypher this year have not been made public (even on top US blogs/websites). However, our “inside sources” reveal some major names like Eminem, Ludacris and Mos Def. Exciting times, y’all!

The BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 premieres Tuesday Oct 11, 2011 at 8P/7C for US residents.

BET GHANA CYPHER 2010: D-Black, Sarkodie, Kwaku-T, Ayigbe Edem, BabyG, Tinny & Reggie Rockstone.

YouTube Preview Image

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158 responses to “BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher 2011: Nigerian Rappers Revealed!”

  1. gee says:

    they are mad not to ve included yung6ix in the cypher

  2. Tade says:

    You're wrong. The US rappers have been revealed

    Cypher #1 – XV, Chris Sutton, Gilbere Forte and Jay Rock

    Cypher #2 – Rico Staxx, Wais P and French Montana

    Cypher #3 – Estelle, Lecrae, Saprano and Nitty Scott

    Cypher #4 – Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill and Pill

    Cypher #5 – B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne and Big K.R.I.T

    Cypher #6 – Lady of Rage, Dom Kennedy, Skillz and Blind Fury

  3. The Nigerian Hip-Hop Movement is getting the recognition !!!!!!! I agree with the list, i expect em all to deliver!!! All dope EMCEES!!!!!

  4. tek9iner says:

    why is ruggedman not on the list?? Where is eldee? 2 major naija rap collosal OGs missin.. Those who compiled this list must b deluded.they prolly 4got how it all started! This is Acute amnesia!!! The cypher shuld b called ‘mode9 & kids’

  5. one says:

    It never gets play on American TV, just some regional isht like the ghanaian cypher of last year. It wasn’t even on the BET website

  6. RoRO says:

    its gon be dope! can't wait….

  7. Oscarmedia says:

    Nice to see them get recognition but this old news

  8. air-comodore bricks says:

    nid jagz in there…

  9. SLEEK says:

    Ha! I can imagine Da Grin on that beat! He would murder the shit out of the producer!!!! RIP Akogun!

  10. bigguyman says:

    Guess XO and Zee are wild card spots… cos neither of them have paid their dues! XO is frigging Ghanian too. Where's vector? Where's Kel? Where's Killz? Also wonder if Dagrin would have made the list since it seems like it's all yankee spitters

  11. NwaDiAla says:

    NIce list…i believe dem go represent us wella..However, we need one indigineous rapper too (as in pesin wey dey rap for one of our local languages na)…una no see how ghana rep their cultural tongue?

  12. BSTURVZ says:

    Eldee should be on there too i think,…. but why is sasha there, like really, she cant rap 4shit, and zee… the rest are are on point!!!!

  13. oludarebaloye says:

    I guess the space is not enough co's some name Like Eldeethedon just to mention no dey . they better come Correct Naija don't play with it only One oppotiunity to show the biggest market What you got , Don't blow it guys all the best.

  14. gomez says:

    sakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. kai he smoked the mic

  15. Please where is VECTOR & TERRY THA RAPMAN on this list? I just hope the names above d0nt fall our hand! As for the girls, i expected BOUQUI there. Thanks

  16. Xavier says:

    If you guys actually understand wat the word cypher means, then u should kno that both Ice prince, sasha shouldn’t be on that list. We can manage M.I.

  17. neo says:

    they should have replaced iceprince with freestyle n it would've been a better list. However, i look forward to X.O senavoe totally raping that ish wit no rubber.. dude is fire

  18. Flygerian says:

    YOo where’s Godwon in this list? Or Phenom, these r rappers that’ll kill that cypher yo, n pls ice don’t go there n spit bars off oleku again, thank you

  19. Sarkodie oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude roasted the mike..

  20. Otunba says:

    The Emcee's list is ok but and addition of Godwon,Killz, and Olamide would have made a complete and perfect list.. For the Femcees , I think Sasha should be replaced with Kel.

  21. somebody says:

    Iceprince shouldnt be on this list,

    where’s Terrytharapman????????!

  22. futballplayah says:

    Killa contigent from Naija…big up!

  23. cccc says:

    wtf is XO doing there?

  24. Sauce says:

    I'll replace Ice Prince with eLDee, I probably throw Kels (Ikechukwu) and Naeto C instead of Sauce Kid…and Jesse Jagz instead of Xenavoie

  25. 9jasnewdancehalldude says:

    lets not hate on any one, er1 on that list were chosen on a certain criteria so lets just support em all to showcase Nigeria to the world through this medium so yeahh. bigups to em all

  26. floridaswagman says:

    I know MI will kill it…..MI is the illest among them ….i m expecting a lot metaphors from you MI. i discussed u with my hommies here in florida, honestly Sasha is not suppose to be on the list, and if Ice prince can spit the way he spit on (somebody wants to die) hes gonna make me belief in him better, and sauce kid got the rap accent he just need to be more clever with his rhymes and metaphors and mode nine should try and to be more creative with his metaphors i mean something the society can relate to not complicated and unnecessary metaphors, and naeto c i liek your swag but pls dont pause on the beat, kill the beat. everyone is watching across the glo. i wish Cory gunz is on the US list. i wish you all the best. Opportunity comes once in a life time, Rap like its your last day on earth bcos millions of people are watching

  27. Guest says:

    If dats US cypher list techn9ne, MGk is a sick rapper,Ross,wale dis dude beta come correct expect punchlines from these rappers.

  28. Guet says:

    If dats US cypher list I pity us where the fuck is AQ dat dude shuld b on dis list.

  29. Abayomi says:

    Sasha shouldn't be on that list. No beef intended though

  30. @ooluphemmy says:

    Then I guess the list is still not complete without Terry G n Timaya! if y’all could be talking about Godmon and Olamide n shit…this is erffing BET Cypher and not some naija all stars peace song..STFU y’all.

  31. Tmonei says:

    this sounds like a list trying to conform and not standout……the list contains no ethnic rapper….olamide could av sufficed…you got to show them where rap started from…..mother africa! for that I am really dissapointed but its still a victory for nauja rap, though.

  32. Tmonei says:

    and Iceprince should leave his BB at home….period!!!

  33. Kamie says:

    Watch out for SAUCE!

  34. Aceurway says:

    killz should hav been on this…why X O senavoe?? mscheeeew!

  35. amblors says:

    am surprised Ruggedman fans haven't screamed that he shudda bin on there.

  36. DrXee says:

    Ruggedman should hv bn included…

  37. macaulay says:

    nice selection… But kills is not there, why?

  38. BheeJay says:

    Everyone wants their favourite rapper on but real emcee lyk killz shud be included.. X.O for where?

  39. austin says:

    Dyu listen 2 Jesse’s lines at all b4 u talk crap…

  40. 9micz material says:

    MODENINE…………….. 9999999999999999999999999

  41. Baddest says:

    Una just dey make mouth.,,if una wan fight, I fit arrange ring…who go d BET cypher no concern una, una own na to watch am when e happen…if the thing con interesting, una go change mouth…yeye dey smell…

  42. BosaLin says:

    Modenine!!!!! What is Sasha doing there?

  43. ebby says:

    M.I e g’egbu mmadu oh ooooo!!!!! ….if he is dere,the list haff finish.

  44. Please. I need Terry Tha Rapman on this list. Suace Kid and Sasha ain't gonna rock that cypher. no beef .

  45. My own list….


    Ice Prince
    Terry Tha Rapman



  46. GreenZ says:

    SASHA out !!!

  47. feronification says:

    sauce kid!!!!!! dts a huge joke

  48. amblors says:

    Pherowshuz is an absentee from that list. uncool.

  49. Aboy says:

    As far as am concerned..Vector and Terry tha rapman should be on that list..Iceprince is not good at freestyle would have preferred jesse jags..Ice and M.I messed up at TIM WESTWOOD..I can put my money on EVA..that bitch can rap..Naeto c will do well also..

  50. ticalemcee says:

    y the f*ck is ruggedman not on the list? This list is a joke. Waste of bandwith. Back 2 eating my popcorns.

  51. Modenine is going to shock the masses.

  52. Mike says:

    Yall should remember that the video is already done,so quit blabbing about who should have made the list and actually look forward to what 9ja has to offer.

  53. Aceurway says:

    X O Senavoe should be replaced with Killz, Ice prince hasnt paid he"s dues abeg, plus he isnt hiphop enuf for a cypher…he's more of a popstar than a rapper, would hav also preffered Loose Kaynon to Sauce Kid….As 4 d female emcees, Sasha is wack bt she's jst there cuz she's one of the most popular female rappers, and as for zee…..O_o..she's wacker than wack…this Cypher tin is all about Connections & who you know…normal naija way

  54. gidiboss says:

    if you take mine seriously, you nid examination for your ori:

    here we go…


    eedris abdulkareem



    tony tetuila (alter ego mode)



    nutty pin





  55. Smalls says:

    Not a bad list if u ask me but one question. WHEN WILL SOUTH SOUTH/ PHCity rappers ever be recognized? There are a lot of them out there! Even Mode 9 will tell u the same. All the best to those given the opportunity tho.

  56. Val says:

    Dude i dnt know u in person but mehn u killed it.other coments never existed

  57. ezfhy says:

    am nt a mode 9 fan,buh think it shud be mode 9,sauce kid,ikechukwu,mi,vector

  58. Bobo says:

    Jesse Jagz for Ice Prince!

  59. MAX says:


  60. Caesar says:

    Well, I’m happy the illest emcees in Nigeria were included in this cypher! And for y’all who don’t know the order of their “illness”, here it goes: Modenine>XO Senavoe>Ice Prince>MI>Naeto C>Sauce Kid!!! And for the ladies, this is the order: Blaise>Sasha>Eva>Muna>Zee!!!

  61. Lenson Chilling says:

    Da list is on point but terry da rapman would have made it beta.anyway its all good………………..i aint criticizing anybody…as 4 da female where is BOUQUI plzzzz!!! SASHA isnt on point @ all

  62. skid says:

    my list

    pherowshuz, overdose, Mi, cartiar, sauce kid.

    blaise, kel, muna

  63. Sure says:

    Those in the list are capable of it,if u saying one rapper should or shouldn't be there is irrelevant. u can even name new list that will do great… awon na onife te.

  64. Mista david says:

    Where is ruggedman??

  65. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    NEATO C all day

  66. jst krazy says:

    U metionin lyrical rappers who the fuck is ruggedman dats a vry lame ass rapper

  67. shogo says:

    Wow, i’m excited MI and Mode9 are gonna go head-to-head then….no probs wt d male list bt i kinda tink Ice prince is der cos he’s d naija version of lil wayne……rap prostitute – jumping on every tom,dick and harry feature! He’s good, no doubt, bt wud av preferred vector above him…..imagine d surprise luk on beyonce’s face wen he’s rappin nd she b lyk ‘but jigga jst left for d bathroom now, how d hell is he in cypher?!’…..naeto? Wel, lets show dem we got a pretty-faced TI-lookalike….nt expectin anytin big frm him. XO senavoe? Dnt knw him, so no comment….sauce kid?….no comment! Lyk i sed, its mi vs mode9 i luk forward to most!

  68. shogo says:

    oh and by d way, eminem nd d whole slaughterhouse r gonna b der for d cypher as well…….dat is illest shit to happen in a lng while man! I mean…..imagine eminem unleashed in a freestyle, not some please-the-mainstream-rap shit lyk ‘not afraid’? Damn! Am peeing in my panties jst @ d tot of dat…, throw in royce, crooked I tooo……maaaan….so sick!

  69. verse says:

    sauce is def. d illest freestyler of dem all. care less what yall think.

  70. Kiddo says:

    Sauce kid baba is d best freestylist… prince shuld hav mak way 4 killz!!!!!

  71. a-verse says:

    instant, instinct. dat’s freestyle, not some dope ‘WRITTEN LINES’. watch sauce kill dt.

  72. LAGIDIGBA says:


  73. tboi says:

    stop lying……..there is no nigerian BET cypher…… shame on you for publishing a false story

  74. Papy says:

    Uncle mode9 straight kiling! i can bet he will murder M.I on dat wit punchlines.KOSOSHE!

  75. Lone walker says:

    Y’al wackheads shut up!!!

    The list is good buh jesse is better than ice on freestyle.

    Sauce is ill,MI is ill,modenine gat it too,vector shlda been on this list (no doubt),XO who?…..olamide,ruggedman etc are not cypher material….eldee aint up to it

  76. t feli-feli says:

    ice prince shouldnt hav been there, it was just connections abeg, he shud hv been replaced wiv jesse jagz…..naeto c shud hav been replaced wiv khali abdu or beazy or even vector,, he isnt cypher material…i knew mode 9 wud be the best, he is the most hip-hop person in africa

  77. Effizy says:

    Guy hope u not wat u ar saying cos there aint sense out ur of nonsense.takia

  78. Papy says:

    Mode waz incomparable. for m.i no disrespects tho but x.o had beta PUNCHLINES but poor delivery as for d rest i never xpected much frm them.

  79. maggiKid says:

    Ice prince was ok. Mode 9 did more than I expected. Naeto C less than expected. Sauce Kid ripped it and MI was alright. I love the girls. They look fit. But UK cypher was rubbish compared to Naija so….

  80. Labbysxy says:

    Not very familiar with 9ja MC's but from what I saw on the BET Awards, MI and Modenine killed it. The others were embarrassing.

  81. Omase Khalifa says:

    all of you shuld short d F Up you dont like what you see them go call you dad n mom yur hole family member to get on B.E.T 9JAR n put us a show so we can comment on your and your family if you guys are much better than them lain ass weak balls like you ..Y PPL.. dey vex for other ppl success

  82. Amos Balsam says:

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  83. emphasis says:

    if MI’s not on your top two favourites, it’s Obvious you’re a gentile to rap. Mode9 was awesome. Ice prince had the coolest punch lines. Naeto C kept his swag. Others were just there to pass away time.

  84. feexzy says:

    Mode 9 is true hip hop, and a pro in playing with cypher, to him dat was like liftin a finger, 2 easy

  85. abdal rap says:

    pls wer can i get d cypher…send 2

  86. Odunhana says:

    Incredible M.I Killed It, Then M0de9, SauceKid, Ice Prince,Naeto C, X0 Are Just Doing Rubbish… D Selection Shud Av Bin



    Jesse Jago


    Loose Kaynon

  87. 8LYRIKZ says:

    mode9 had the best cypher and dilivery mi was just wacking, iceprince wacker,naetoc was ok but xo gat hot punchlines……MODE9 IS THE BEST AMONG MANY

  88. Naeto c is the best Nigeria rapper.

  89. Naeto c is the best Nigeria rapper.

  90. Felix Chuba says:

    M I kills it.

  91. ice prince zamani no one lyk him.. Blaaaaa…..

  92. ice prince zamani no one lyk him.. Blaaaaa…..

  93. Abdulhakeem Olajuwon says:

    damn so hapi wid dis list. so dis cwaaazie dudes who brag alot ain't here.

  94. Abdulhakeem Olajuwon says:

    damn so hapi wid dis list. so dis cwaaazie dudes who brag alot ain't here.

  95. M.i is the best niger rappers, his a hero, his a action movie star, his a legend.

  96. M.i is the best niger rappers, his a hero, his a action movie star, his a legend.

  97. SexySassy says:

    It's nice to see Nigerian rappers making it to the mainstream. With such a incredible talent, hope they continue to succeed in the world of hip hop!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Mode got delivery, sauce spit wit maturity, x.o senova got sick punchlinez, ice prince surprised me much cos he was vewi good on it! Naeto c did good! M.i did gud too! They all tried.

  99. Adesina Ganiu says:

    ice prince is d best nigerian rapper.

  100. Adesina Ganiu says:

    ice prince is d best nigerian rapper.

  101. Rasak Lekan says:

    Olamide is d best rapper in Nigeria.

  102. Rasak Lekan says:

    Olamide is d best rapper in Nigeria.

  103. Let say d truth Olamide is really trying let gve it 2 d right full owner BADO noni.

  104. Huh,,u punks…olamide?..i shud b on dah list insted!!…no beef intended plz

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