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Post by Ovie O, September 18th, 2011

The eagerly awaited single from Chocolate City jewel, BrymO, finally drops! ARA is BrymO’s 1st official single as a Choc Boy who rose to instant fame with his feature on the biggest single of 2010, “Oleku” by Ice Prince. He has also been on a few other features including “Action Film” by M.I and “Attention” by 2-Shotz, and then we put out a warm-up song from him titled “Drifting” a few months back.

Within 12 months of being in the limelight, and without a mainstream single to his name, BrymO is already being touted by many as Nigeria’s hook master. Now that he’s stepping out on his own, it gives us a chance to really see what he’s made of. In my opinion, ARA ticks all the right boxes. Listen and let us know your thoughts on this song and BrymO as a crooner.


Produced by Legendary Beats

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166 responses to “WORLD PREMIERE: BrymO – ARA (Wonders)”

  1. AJCiti says:

    omg I LOVE THIS! Brymo’s voice literally gives me chills.. Chocolate City! Delicious music 😉

  2. reference says:

    the beginning reminds me of endowed lol. the joint is nice

  3. bsturvz says:

    lovely track… feeling this one….

  4. FaithDaBender says:

    this is cool

  5. tomisin says:

    lovely song and lovely voice!!!

  6. Mavrik says:

    BRYMOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I see people fist pumping to this in the clubs!

  7. amblors says:

    I don't understand half of what he says, but good music has no hiding place. HERE it is people.
    this is what it sounds like.

  8. dway says:

    Not bad .Keep it up I know you can do better

  9. Kator says:

    The song definitely moves the head. Nice beats as always but… eh…to me, It's just slightly above average. I don't envisage it being the hit song on the album. 6/10.

  10. amblors says:

    had to comment again, this song ROCKS. damn!!!

  11. chidi says:

    the song badddddddddd…feeling d tune man..his voice is so unique

  12. dan d says:

    Brymo Brymo. This jam will rock d lubs big time and d hook is of the will definately be in everyones head. Damn

  13. Kator says:

    I made a comment! Where is it?
    Summary of my last comment… The song is very gud but does not qualify to be a hit. 6/10.

  14. Ben says:

    this is killing mehnnn….I will continue to feel this jam any day any time and cant wait to know how to sing it so i cud flow along

  15. Brymo "the Hook Master". Great beat.
    Nice and impressive tune.
    However, I think it's not good enough to be a hit song.
    I would like to believe that there are other definite hit songs on the Album.
    I'll rate this track 6.5/10

  16. if u see a girl u like, she ugly or she fine. no stand dey look, just make a move, say baby please be mine, your beautiful no lie, have a drink with me no crime,am a gentle man, i have this small money to spend on you….Osheeeeeeeee

  17. towabs says:

    choc boiz….1 of you need to rap on this and kill it MI or ICE PRINCE or JESSE….. except dats the plan for the remix….cos it will be a bigger hit.

  18. mohammed sani says:

    All i have 2 say is that Brymo my broda u 2 much…..God go make u bigger ooh

  19. mikel bini says:

    why cant choc boiz see dat dis song needs sm1 2 rap mad on dis beat wif brymo 2 mk it insane????

  20. men… i hail you 4 this one my guy… i feel you

  21. @Unicalufi says:

    I have always said that BRYMO is the main man

  22. feshelu says:

    shiiiiiiiiiiii……nice party jam, a quick 16 wouldn't have hurt like someone rightly mentioned but hey, na why remix go dey for this song be that 🙂

  23. sam says:

    Might not be a hit but its a crazy ass song. Hes definately Nigeria's hookmaster. Im looking forward to the remix of this with one of the choc boys preferably jesse. 7/10

  24. gomez says:

    choc boys at it again

  25. Nice One BRYMO.. Bigg Fan here !! BLESS

  26. Obama2012 says:

    This Joint is so stuck on the replay… For all those saying this wont be a HITTT, just relax !!!

  27. jazzyfizzle says:

    OMG…… This is a mad track…. i can ice Ice prince murder this some…. yepaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. blinkz says:

    thumbs up if u brought yourself here……

  29. Hmmmmmm… Just can't review this…

  30. SexyHot says:

    This song is so going to grow on us all! Give it time. #thatisall!

  31. Kanu kelechi says:

    Wowwww….ccity hottest guy Brymo

  32. briggsss says:

    biggest boy brymo.nice song.

  33. oak says:

    Jisos. Brymoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. dis is d shiiittt…

  34. eMJOY Mayowa says:

    ThumBS UP!!!!!! BRYMO CCITY! Fi le Feel e

  35. ByteChunks says:

    Great track…… his husky fuji voice just gets me all the time……
    Fuji refined by great lyrics and instrumental…..
    Who wont dance to this?
    The chorus delivers a very potent message…….
    Adding this to my playlist……..
    Loving this all the way…… All the way bro no stop signs nor traffic lights…..

  36. eMJOY Mayowa says:

    BRYMO!!!!!!!!!!!! No rapper needed at all…
    Probably the hottest artiste out of Choc.City… :p Really tho
    Na JAM b dis!!!

  37. @iam_keny says:

    common you can do better than this

  38. MaZi'no says:

    Techno + Indigenous Nigerian?!?! This is my track!

    I will confess now that when i was first given a disc for one of Brymo's first singles way back in 2007 while a radio Personality in Abuja, I choked it under my starch of "to be thrashed" CD's. I APOLOGIZE now, Bry'. I find, however though, that just like as with other things TALENT grows. He has definitely coined a status as one of Nigeria's Nu Up and coming RnB crooners with more than just a twist to his style. His refusal to sing in the English might not be alien to his success and acceptability so far. I pray he remembers this and sticks to his style.

    Who is "Beats", The producer? Following (I hope I'm allowed to say this) icon, the stylings of persistent beats of local touch (Naija Techno) is lovable by any who considers them selves Nigerian and Party-enatic. THIS IS FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC! If I'm ever in a club and this is not churned out all evening while sitting with drink in hand, waiting for "MY SONG" to come on…I'd never return to that clud again!!

  39. Kanu kelechi says:

    Brymo my greatest hook artist… Fan of united

  40. Posh Josh says:

    Brymo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know what to say man! I just wish you great success in all you do! This is really maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From lyrics to the beat… omo you killed it man! Your time has finally come! happy for you man!

  41. Posh Josh says:

    Brymo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know what to say man! I just wish you great success in all you do! This is really maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Omo, i can't wait to play this in my car…………….. THIS IS YOUR TIME AIN'T NO ONE STOPPING YOU MAN!!!!!
    Lyric + Beat = Brychoccity.

  42. Jaylurd says:

    Over Make sense worry this song oooo…baba,Chop Knuckle!!!

  43. fikkyboat says:

    Thumbs up,lovely song… is d limit

  44. Arthur says:

    U Sir hav just killd this Song! A million Kudos! no Rap needed.

  45. DNA says:

    am I High? This is song has been on replay since i heard it…..This is the hit of the year and years to come. Its a classic, because it has everlasting message, unlike Oliver twist>>>>i like yanch and trash>>>>Brymo God dey with you and God bless you for making my day with this song!

  46. seyi says:

    this a lovely stuff….choc boys needs to make this video on time and a remix with iceprince or MI dropping one or two verses ….. then that will make it a complete work…. but for now it looks like like lovely piece but unfinished work… hope brymo can think along this line and do something urgent about it…..cos this track will take him far if he does !!!

  47. Dc1hundred says:

    well…its ok sha, i applaud the creativity!

  48. whoyoubesef says:

    nice tuune

  49. gentwosol says:

    good work but u can do better

  50. fan says:


  51. Mayowa says:

    Wouldnt mind if had a section dedicated to Track/Song of the Week…
    Although it may turn out unfair on other artistes as they loose attention from visitors… 🙁

  52. Ike4life says:

    Great song my man, keep it up

  53. wese says:

    very good hook but the first verse is very weak.A better first verse,it could be a hit

  54. cashmoney says:

    mahn!!! I love the track….i dnt blame those who claim its not good enough..we cant all appreciate gud muzic…with all d hype oliver d twist iz gettin, iz dat muzic or studio play..dnt c anything to d beat and d song…brymo thanx 4 tryin to bring good muzic back to d store…*peace*

  55. USNpeculiar says:

    Tight one Brymo…Very flexible n wud sooth any kind of show,,,be it blue or black..Kip it up bruv!

  56. blazeboi says:

    4 real dis is nt all dat so ya ll shld stop hyping it, no beef but i tink brymo can do betta common all d tracks he was featured he sang way betta

  57. @Damygurl says:

    This has been on replay mode since i heard it yesterday. Can't wait for his album to drop. Got mad love for his voice.

  58. TMM says:

    nice one …Brymo like the Fusion of Fuji-R n B ….makes Sense…..Keeping it Original!

  59. Tmonei says:

    lovely jam……….yoruba is a very poetic language….lovely lyrics, he killed the jam

    brymo, keep repping……….

  60. fawaz says:

    nice music………….Brymo is too good….love this song

  61. layide says:

    its ok,but byrmo is better is collabo than this

  62. ibtex says:

    brymo d beat,lyrics.chorus every abt dis ara is on point.

  63. original says:

    nice one …ludu like the Fusion of Fuji-R n B n rap badt pikin….makes Sense…..Keeping it Original!

  64. Guest says:

    I have been waiting for this dude to drop his single! Brymo you r the man bro. God giving talent. No singing lessons needed. You r truly blesses! This song means alot to me as i am going to do WONDERS! in life

  65. ice prince keep it up wt ur gud work

  66. JUMANJEE says:

    BrymO You are the MAN..GOD has created you with wonders…lovely track!!!!

  67. @USNpeculiar says:

    Brymo,,,u full ground and too heavy on this 1….Nice work!

  68. Phat Albert says:

    hmmmm Brymo i feel you man keep it up

  69. Finerpleasures says:

    Poorly produced song. Weak verse,chorus and post-production.

    Ara – sounds like Jesse Jags Wetin Dey. But, i guess you guys did figure that one out.

    This performance is piss poor, not that i can do better, but it aint gonna cut it. If this is what brymo and
    choccity intend to push into the market.

    Hope ice-prince is working with legendary beats. Cos if u r – Mr Zamani, yawa ne'

  70. saggs says:

    brymo is so good keep it up bro .saggs

  71. ify says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this songgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  72. 4tune Jay says:

    Wack……..i regret choc boiz signing you

  73. pharooq says:

    dis is definately ma best naija song at d moment……….

  74. sum1_fly says:

    reli reli reli awesome song!!! big ups 2 9ja musicians! dey r making us proud

  75. olshea says:

    omg i never knew that brymo was this good

  76. olshea says:

    i finally have a song that i can continuously loop

  77. DarkGene says:

    this Guy can sing die. this is like a wizkid with the beat and an R. Kelly and tyrese with the singing super mad track

  78. eeffy says:

    ibroo, i love this techno song

  79. ice_cross says:

    just heard d song, i tink wit all d baseless tracks flying around, dis song is just on point BIGG UPPS Brymo, dis is a very gud start of a succesful career in d Naija music industry

  80. Ifan says:

    Ifan….brymo u are on point

  81. joel says:

    this issh is dope

  82. Kulest says:

    Wu says its nt TyT? Go hit ur head smewhre… D sngs winin awards Abeg… ARA MBE.. Dats watsup!

  83. Teslim says:

    Hnmm great song

  84. d4C says:

    mad song…bin on replay ever since…BRYMO uve impressed me….Ara n be…love it….God bless….d4C

  85. edu femi says:

    demm i love this jamz by brymo ARA keep it up brymo

  86. Slimtee says:

    D song is so tyt especially where he startd “ma lo fa gun”…til d chorus.thumbs up bro!

  87. ofem says:

    killed shit……good music

  88. segzy says:

    rude boi brymo

  89. afo says:

    best SONG ever!!!

  90. damacus says:

    i really like the song so keeep up jooooooooo

  91. SpacoJ says:

    Have played dis joint like i don't even knw myself!!!dis song is now one of my best 9ja song's..
    Brymo am now yr fan…U re blessed to ve me as a fan cos am nt fake at all i will be yr fans even when u re nt around…

  92. Brymo u re d best,dis joint is madt i swear am yr fan frm now..God bless u for dis gud song u did for we 9ja music lover's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. prince says:

    i luv the song,brymo chorus master

  94. galadima says:

    Best music eva play on 9ja’s site

  95. hc freeze says:

    which kain guy b dis u re d bomb brymo big ups

  96. Frazy says:

    Goose bumbs everywhere in my skin…big up Brrrrrrymmmmmmo

  97. DANIEL GODUKA says:


  98. Olami says:


  99. Jerry says:

    That song is awesome

  100. Clarke says:

    Go brymo!!!! guy u don blow be dis oo

  101. moses says:

    man you are good

  102. tunji says:

    so on point…………………………..

  103. Mark Linus says:


  104. Mark Linus says:




  107. jasmine says:

    pls i have a crush on brymo d need 2 contact him plsss

  108. Everything about the song – instrumentals, lyrics, video etc – is TIGHT! Brymo u are too much!

  109. Everything about the song – instrumentals, lyrics, video etc – is TIGHT! Brymo u are too much!

  110. butiks says:

    thumbs up totally amazing video concept

  111. great song.great video…………..9ccceeee.

  112. great song.great video…………..9ccceeee.

  113. Barbara Ephraim says:

    I really love this song, I dance to this song everyday nd mime it too. It's a good song! The combination of the mix is what I call HI-TECH… 9ja's we r too much..We r the United nation of Africa..Phew we rock.

  114. Barbara Ephraim says:

    I really love this song, I dance to this song everyday nd mime it too. It's a good song! The combination of the mix is what I call HI-TECH… 9ja's we r too much..We r the United nation of Africa..Phew we rock.

  115. Lactoo says:

    Dey song tight die.

  116. pinson says:

    i feel u brymo

  117. Hassan bolaji bello says:

    D son of a carpenter BrymOlawale is a talented young man.. He’s rily tryin.. BrymO is a man.. Yaya mefa gudu gudu mejea if 2 follow u is a crime i dy go jail.. 4rm here 2 london i’ll rap u nd lik u lyk tom tom ha u got ma attension.. I swear no b lie.. If i get sister i go dash u.. I luv u BrymO…..

  118. PRINCE says:

    yor music make feel me top of the world.KEEP ON GOD BLESS

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