VIDEO: Majek Fashek – Jah Revelation

Post by Ovie O, September 15th, 2011

WOW! Guess who’s back…. Majek Fashek! Yes, the Legendary Reggae artiste Majekodunmi Fasheke!

Majek Fashek  the “Rain Maker” was one of the very first Nigerian musicians I listened to as a child. He, alongside the Commodores  Mandators, were the Reggae icons at the time and I still recall several of his hit songs like “Send Down The Rain”, “So Long”, and this other one that goes “Majek Fashek ina New York” (sorry, I can’t remember the title).

Well, Majek Fashek has been living in the United States for well over a decade. Little did I know he still had intentions of making more music. “Jah Revelation” is his new 2011 single. After listening/watching this, you’ll agree that this guy remains a genius. I love it! Welcome back, sir!


YouTube Preview Image

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71 responses to “VIDEO: Majek Fashek – Jah Revelation”

  1. amblors says:

    good music no doubt, the guy don old sha.

  2. mooh says:

    Blessed love Majek fashek…Jah revelation liveth forever!

  3. miami-vice says:

    Damn! what crack can do…………………thatz why I be on ma weed only

  4. dotun says:

    wow…… diz is really cool

  5. rozt says:

    Nice song…..rather not watch video tho

  6. untunu says:

    this nigga looks like a crack baby

  7. NwaDiAla says:

    Talent dey but oga u no dey age gracefullly..biko quit dem crack and roll up some weed to rejuvenate your body…Jah bless

  8. jaja says:

    Nigerians! Lets stop being spiteful. I know Majek personally and he does NOT use crack. Weed? Hell Yeah!
    Watch out for Enjay Ft MajekFashek ..'Unite'..Feel his blend with Rap..For the First time..
    Respect the legend

    • shegzy baba says:

      I beg ur pardon

    • ronpaul(legalizeit) says:

      @Jaja you're a big fool u obviously knw nothing about majek or u're one of his friends that use crack…..the man admitted to using crack and said he had stopped which I don't think he did.
      I could post the article here if u want me to. Idiot if u knw nothing shut ur fucking trap up…

  9. Blue South says:

    Respect to the legendary

  10. babaniyen says:

    Damn, feeling this ish in my bones mehn.

    How is is that a Majek not yet in full form is way better than 80% of current *sober* Naija artistes put together?

    You can pay for school but it wont buy you class.

  11. MaZi'no says:

    MAJEKODUNMI FASHEKE. Even his name would resonate tales from long before that still hold fort in international music scenes. What Current urban Nigerian Artiste can boast that he would remain relevant after TIME, VICE, MEDIA and TALENT DECAY has had their way with them. When life bends you over and VIOLATES you without so much the thought of anointing u first with Vaseline nor scented lubricate oil.

    THIS MAN stands, even today, as a TESTAMENT to TALENT. A man way ahead of his TIME.

    I care not that he indulged his vices, but who from us all hasn't a monkey on his shoulder? WE ALL HAVE DEMONS AT THE LOWER LEVELS OF OUR MINDS. Majek's only sin is that he welcomed us to SEE HIS DEMON.

    I HAIL HIM and take my hat off for this effort. It has no longer become a case of if this track retains the quintessence of THE RAIN MAKER as we remember him from when we were growing up as snot drooling babys… BUT THAT HE IS STILL AMONG US as a LEGEND that he truly is.

    BABA FASHEKE. Mon'ki nyi!

    • phalaenopsis says:

      Which kind 'mentol'? Na St. Moritz abi na peppermint?

      Una go carry grammer kill person for this country. Na why I dey always talk say make we dey use our pidgin or our languages.

  12. Tmonei says:

    Majek is just a testimony to the self destructive testament of geniuses and icons….to me he is in the mould of fela because…………it was only he and fela that managed to create a music genre from the scratch…..FELA with his afrobeat and Majek with his Pangolo music…..just like fela, he was also very passionate about his unique sound…but that peculiar genius eccentricity is nearly ruining him…

    Pangolo is a heavily africanised reggea whose sound his characerised by african perccussion like agogo, bata, yoruba talking drum and shekere….yea, majek gave that to the world…..he got an international deal that the MOhits and co are jostling for today based purely on his genius….and not Effizzy like some group I wouldnt like to mention….MAJEK is a living LEGEND…

    Majek, keep repping….

  13. ologbojo says:

    nice tune man ….the LEGEND is back

  14. Rexlaw says:

    Dude is tripping off something (not sure what) having said that he's still got the voice…wish him all the best.

  15. listic says:

    nuff respect man

  16. 9jaboy says:

    amazing….video had all the elements of dementia

    Majek Fashek…some say na gbana
    others say na ganja
    I ask, wetin be the genre?

  17. zoms says:

    when I see this guy with him guitar as e dey comot from train station for Brooklyn NY,I shiver! the people around didn't know the kind of Man he is…a legend! but him don thin fiiiiinish! exactly as e dey for this video…

  18. Sad says:

    if it wasn't for crack, he could have been listed amongst international Legends like Bob Marley,Peter touch,Lucky dube etc…..saw the video didn't know if i should cry for him or be happy for him for trying to come back….Always liked his songs….. What a lost 9jerian.

  19. oludarebaloye says:

    Still love his music , for the fact that he had the confident to still make music he a Legend to me, Majek was on David letterman 1994 check it out.

  20. omorede enoma says:

    luv the song but hate his looks now.

  21. Ayo Shonaiya says:

    I was afraid to watch this video because I love Majek so much I didn't want to cry. Well I think I did anyway but thankfully it was for the music. The talent and the music "so true, Jehovah true".

    Majek's music I fell in love with so much in the late 80s that I named my first child Rain after his great song Send Down The Rain. I met him in 1997 and spent a lot of time with him and his family in Brooklyn New York just before he finally went off the rails. I have seen him around the States since but never re-intorudced myself because he was always in a bad shape.

    I am so glad he's picked up his guitar and making music again, that is one thing no one (or any substance) can take away from him. I will still buy his music and live by his lyrics. I love you Majek.

    PS. Ovie, the 'Commodores' were your one of your Reggae icons in Nigeria when you were younger? Really? Or you meant the "Mandators"? Lol. I'm surprised none of your readers picked up on that. I guess that's why we old school people are still needed in the industry.

    Ayo Shonaiya

    • Ovie O says:

      LOL!!! Uncle Ayo, u're right. I meant "Mandators" not "Commodores"… I knew it had "…ors" at the end. At least I tried na. lol. But damn! Those were the days!!!… and those were the guys I listened to as a very lil boy in the late 1980's/ early 1990's.

      Wow! I'm actually watching "Where are the Prophets" by Peterside Ottong right now. *cold shivers* All dem Edna Ogoli and co. Infact, we need to gist. There are some songs I remember in my head, but I can't recall the artistes or the titles. U'll help me out with those.

      Thanx 4 stopping by, sir. U need to come thru more often to keep the new generation Naija music heads in check.


    • LOL! @Ayo. Caught Ovie some slack. LOL!

      I too was also afraid to watch the video but glad I did.

      It is good to see him back.


  22. @benrain32 says:

    Dear Mr. Ovieo, Majek Fashek Real Name Is MAJEKODUNMI FASHAKIN Not ————– MAJEKODUNMI FASHEKE. Welcome Back Baba Majek, Nice Music…. LoL

  23. LAJI says:

    I did not realize how much I had missed Majek!!! Sweet Jesus – What a man… God's Speed….

  24. rapjunkie says:

    nice song. nice lyrics. . . . . . .BUT his voice has changed and he needs to fix that missing tooth……its hard to reconcile the Majek i remember in the 80's tp this old geezer in the video….are we sure its the same person?. . . .

    • ozhane says:

      you may as well wanna ask how old he is now…..yea his voice has got to change cos he's aging…the fact is he's done it again and still he go his message across. thats true!

    • Sparks says:

      as much as i wana ignore ds shallow comment i cnt help it bt i guess ozhane took d words outta ma mouth…

  25. tony says:

    the living legend majek fashek.THATS TRUE

  26. where has he bin all dis while… i love his music 2 much.

  27. opeyemi-oduwole says:

    this is our own legend,let's continue praying for proud to say he his my friend and member of my church c&s church olutunu brooklyn new-york. the talent,voice still there.nothing prayer can not do,prayer break the yoke,he need our help and prayer,and GOD will send down the rain of deliverance on him in jesus name amen.

  28. Aficionado says:

    WTF is he still doing with the mic? He should leave the scene for the younger artistes.He is pass his prime and besides, reggae doesn’t sell anymore.Disgusted!!

    • german machine says:

      You are a fool. Did you listen to how well his lyrics were well arranged? Not this trash this current artist throw about. Tugbatugba.

    • mike says:

      what do u listen to in music? correction Reggae sells massively everywhere, even in his state the wisdom that is in this music many african artisites can never inspirate this way..

    • Someone says:

      Reggae is still far the best genre of music. The reason i love 2face's music more than his fellow in this new dispensation is because he infuses reggae into it. Reggae lives on. Reggae is the music with a message. Long live Majek "The Rain Maker" and long live Reggae music.

    • Slanky says:

      @Aficionado "reggae doesn't sell anymore" really??? … go sleep for gutter man … you nothing about music, you think say dis w kpangolo music u dey listen to, when una dey call music?

    • Fuckdemall says:

      Shut your trash mouth what hell doing you know!

  29. Dejavu says:

    wooooooooow, he still sounds good thou, thank God for his life.

  30. Sparks says:

    wow….am flbbergasted…….so majek still sounds dis gud? i had 2 go bak n lissen 2 'hotel california'… personal majek fashek all tym…….respect *salutes*

  31. german machine says:

    Welcome back Majek Fasek. Good job. I ve been playing ur song all day.

  32. ENEET says:


  33. walee bee says:

    u still got it Majek!!! u inspire me a lot but i don't like ur present state!! well JAH knows all

  34. Pharaoh says:

    nice baba africa legend..

  35. unkle says:

    He without sin, let him/her cast the first stone. Big up's to Majek, Good content is quality. *****

  36. feshelu says:

    why does he look so haggard though?

  37. Fuckdemall says:

    Big up Big brother living legend we still love you and you make us proud with this new latest good tune and nice video what more can you give us God bless and keep you going!!

  38. Cross says:

    Hommie, give it up…. ur career is over

    • to Cross says:

      @Cross you da mad oo say your papa fit sing? you see person way make ur papa dance in his time still da sing for you hear at ur own time again na you open your mouth say make him give up instead of to hail am for his good job done at his age..9ja will never appreciate good things…make buko aram find you blow off your head with bomb… mad man

  39. ikhine says:

    Majek your song means a lot to me, i just want to let u know that , the rain that has wet you up today God has decided to dry you up and put a new song in you. i do not care to know the cause of it you will be free today

  40. With sadness have I watched this video, I remember meeting him in his days on Aina Eleko street maryland where he lives in the 80s. I remember send down the rain, i remember Lekki sunsplash where my mum walked up to him before he went on stage and adviced him to be very careful that stardom gets into peoples head and can destroy.

    Now years down the line see what has become of him. I love the guy so much that I'm angry at him for what he has done to himself.

    But hey! life continues.

    • K.E says:

      You mirrored my thoughts exactly. I met him at Apapa Amusment Park as a kid and I was over the moon. Send down the rain was my favourite song of his. I feel so bad that he let himself degenerate to this level. That said, I really enjoyed this song

  41. Maurice says:

    Since I lost my best duo regae artists in persons of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, I had consolation in Majek Fashek and Lucky Dube as replacement respectively. Lucky Dube has gone. Majek Fasek turns himself to a bounce of disapointment. Well, I have not lost hope on him anyway. I hope, like a prodigal son, he can still come back to himself and do us (his fans) proud. As for his latest work, its commendable. Tomb up! –Maurice Lucky

  42. Stan Usc says:

    Can't stop listing to this music may God strengthening you Majek Fashek!

  43. Stan Usc says:

    Can't stop listing to this music may God strengthening you Majek Fashek!

  44. Toby Olly says:

    Oh Majek! i love u so much, ur unique reggae lyrics really inspires me, i miss u soo much… May God heal U 4rm all infirmities, & i pray for u long life to still shock d world… Amen..

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