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Zee – Mic Check

Post by lalaboiy, August 3rd, 2011

Zee got introduced to the NJO Fam on May this year and here’s her follow up track to that sweet tune “Standing” that featured amazing vocalist, Nosa. This new one is titled Mic Check which sees Zee go in with a much faster flow and also features Suspect on the hook. I can only suspect that Suspect produced this track :D, enjoy and share your thoughts.

– Lalaboiy

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34 responses to “Zee – Mic Check”

  1. fishyguy101 says:

    1st 2comment,,,nice jam

  2. meatguy102 says:

    2nd to comment ….i noticed her in minjin's turning me on song…she's not bahd

  3. ABD says:

    Delivery on point…Go Hard Gurl !!!

  4. Beas says:


  5. Ore says:

    A star is born! Stand up!

  6. marie says:

    Love d song, wordplay was on point, french @ d end brought a different flavour. Love her dexterity, switching from english to patois n bck again. Thumbs up!!

  7. majorB says:

    Hella dope!!!

  8. major says:

    hella dope!!

  9. biggy says:

    too tight for words,…….go girl the world awaits you!!!

  10. terry says:

    meeen we still get this kind skills for naija????? really good

  11. naija diva says:

    just 3 words, DOPE!, DOPE!! and VERY DOPE!!! (lol thats 4 words)

  12. dope rapper says:

    would definitely do a feature with you any day. nice one girl.

  13. Elcee says:

    zee baby is up to take a gr8 position….
    Dope delivery girl..

  14. amblors says:

    plenty energy, nice spittin.

  15. Biggy says:

    i Believe your suspicion is wrong, Lalaboiy. Josh Beatz made the beat, and the dude killed it. Zee came thro..solid. #Leggooooo

  16. bigmaxx says:

    Illest realest female emcee, nice one there.

  17. KOLONUTT says:

    Dope Joint.. one of naija's baddest Femcee on it again.. nice one zee.. u so on point.

  18. LadyBugz says:

    I didn’t expect anfin less……ma best Femcee yeah……u n diz world 4 diz…..Kudos maam :*.

  19. NwaDiAla says:

    na only for cross river dem dey find this kind talent (unique)….this girl neva clock 22 yet she confidence for track…carry go

  20. ByteChunks says:

    She always delivers like she's 9 months due….
    She kills every track….
    confidence oozes cos she bron to fo this…..

    Great track….

  21. Tmonei says:


    zee, keep repping……..

  22. Luna Bawa says:

    listen to Eni Ti Mba Mu by PasQal……..Believe you wont regret it

  23. Nnely says:

    Dats a banger,zee all the way

  24. stickystan says:

    Big S on ma chest like a hero and I waste (waist) every (w)rapper like iro. They be saying deyre d best but I don’t think so even dese jerks feeling me like a plimsole. D gyal sabi!!!. My favourite

  25. mista david says:

    zee is madt on this one… mad hook.. fuck u tha suspect.. u re always sick on the beat….

  26. Thesnaik says:

    Love da song, you know I got ur back…… Keep on da good work ok!!!!! Holla if u need any help….. Xxxx

  27. steinz says:

    nice one gal … u ve gat it …. keep da game tight …

  28. reyo26 says:


  29. reyo26 says:


  30. CONDA says:

    PROBLEM DEY OOO….This gurl aint messing around o….track is filled with so much energy recharged my laptop….niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..sasha are u watching abi na even listening ..this one no be joke ooo..PROBLEM DEY OOOO

  31. zeroz says:

    ure more dan a sick chick,ure jst infectin da airwaves wt birdflu.kip checkmatin dem micz……

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