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VIDEO: Capital Dreams Pictures Presents: Capital Hill Viral Series (Debut Episode)

Post by Ovie O, July 19th, 2011

The Capital Hill Music Viral series is a give-back-to-community-initiative from Nigeria’s most successful music video production franchise, CAPITAL DREAMS PICTURES.

This video “HIGHER” was directed By multiple award winning filmmaker/CEO of Capital Dreams, Clarence Abiodun Peters, and features very bright and upcoming stars PHYNO (Producer), BOSSTA, BARON G, BIG MAXX and female emcee ZEE. The platform was designed to assist unsigned acts and give them the much needed nudge in the highly vibrant and expanding Nigerian music scene. Expect a new edition every 3 months. IF you’re an up & coming act, and you’re able to impress them one way or another, you just might get a call-up to be at a future series.

I, for one, think this is a brilliant idea by Capital Dreams Pictures. This is the way forward.

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115 responses to “VIDEO: Capital Dreams Pictures Presents: Capital Hill Viral Series (Debut Episode)”

  1. ynow says:

    .Dat Nigga Bossta reminds us of Dagrin thumbs up Bossta!!!Baron Ginger and BigMaxx love dat track ki lo fo si ..Its a Bangggggeeerrr and zee Femcee Zee went Hard among 'em Emcees…She also Raps in French..dats is sick

  2. ynow says:

    Femcee Zee went Hard among 'em Emcees…She also Raps in French..dats madd //bossta reminds me of dagrin big maxx flipping 4rm english 2 yoruba then 2 patua waz crazy

  3. This Is Music…. I See yu all…. Nice One….

  4. Brother Man says:

    "I'm the boss and I ain't talking bout Moluwe". Damnnn!

  5. Man Rapper don dey Plenty ooo, hope sey dem no go begin dey collect Bsc, to dey respected oo..This is fantastic..

  6. newsultan says:

    tight..ah ah..talent everywhere…. they are Not smiling o and the guy wey kick the hook dey like Swiss Beat

  7. Dat guy use style tarsie Toni Payne. come hype Olamide……

  8. Watched / Listened to this Video about 15 times now and Seriously, The Rappers at the Peak now should step up, 'cos These dudes are getting ready to take the Spot Light…Seriously, Watched Da Suspects I no Send U – Hardware Version and There was little or no difference. Infact I'd choose this over that one….The WEnt Hard, and could get harder…(But hope they werent refering to Konji Hard…jsut saying)

  9. OK watched The I no send you again…..The Difference is quite clear…but this one get rep near am 2…hmmnnn…Big Ups to Clearance

  10. hey!!!! this guys bad oh…. "they sound like a bad investment, i loose interest…… DOPE track

  11. ola says:

    zeee all d way

  12. xtopher says:

    noiceee…"this bar beach (bitch) got flows like the ocean……nice1 zee
    "i see emcees like blood they flow in vain(vein)…dat was DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..big ups bigmaxx
    bigmaxx and zee killed it…una try

  13. Noble says:

    Shit, this is Tight , nice joint… @Big max, " We dont battle all we do is eat in burial ceremonies " crazy dude… @ZEE, U DEY VEX OOOOOO, other everyone else came hard… lovely

  14. Hollalaykan says:

    God bless Clarence Peters … I always appreciate people that believe in the street… God bless you boss … you did this for us … God bless you once again …

  15. realtak says:

    so many rappers in naija now. na M.I. success deceive all of dem oh. hunger go soon fire them. lol

  16. Mavrik says:


  17. itsjustayo says:

    Damn Yo! This is Music!!!!!

  18. D girl Raped themmmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. iTalk says:

    Punchlines so tight got me docking from left to right……
    mehn…… i cant talk…..
    Niaja hip hop has evolved….. transcended, will soon be mutated until the world bows down…
    lets just leave it at that…….

    Una too try……

  20. mosaibi says:

    diz guy are hot, diz musik of great clazz!!!!

  21. coolkyd says:

    big ups to capital…yo bossta…i see u hommie

  22. HARY PO says:

    yall over killed it…………..big ups to ZEE (21st century femcee) beleeee dat!

  23. joewiicrack says:

    C'est l'heure pour dominer… Si tu comprends et maintenant je suis numero un..Ca fait longtemps…
    Its time to dominate,If you understand and Now I'm Number 1….Its been a Longtime…Zee's French lines goes Hard..Which Naija Femcee Can do this..?????

  24. coooooooooooooolllllllllll

  25. VIV says:

    superEXCLUSIVE…big ups!

  26. henrymic says:

    keep repping guys…….u are all on point

  27. shegreeny says:


  28. Vicgoon says:

    Baron g killed this shit

  29. Blashi says:

    baron i see u!!! Good music

  30. uche says:

    am loving this been listening to it all day….

  31. Yo..Baron i see u bro!!!..nice one

  32. dharnelle says:

    This music is totally dope 😀 (Y)

  33. jobinho says:

    Baron G I see mehn the next big thing Rapboi nice music nice video #teamcapitalhiLL

  34. jobinho says:

    Baron G U̶̲̥̅̊ go soon make olamide dey fear oo

  35. Bameezy says:

    Nyc video.Baron I c u

  36. k_billion says:

    Blooody hot mayne….baronG always makes heads turn!

  37. dteeperez says:

    Barong G n Big maxx killed it

  38. koded says:

    this is so on point ……wa gbayi

  39. d'mode says:

    I dnt knw y I b getting bbm bc’s and fowards 2 go comment on a song or video I haven’t seen, bt I knw baron.g and I knw clarence.p so Its def a hit, I guess. shout outs 2 d ova rappers pon dis mix…seeing what its about I wouldn’t mind being pon d next one if ya’ll get me!

  40. sirrockyfela says:

    wickedness, sick joint

  41. aleix_tatToo says:

    Yo, baron, its really tite mehn. God Go Make U Bigger

  42. itsyaboi_flame says:

    cold case murder…. Baron-G n Big maxx killed it….songs banging….. #as_e_dey_hot

  43. Tmonei says:

    this is madtttt, people…..short and sweet……dat guy with the ragga twist killed it for me….plus beat is banging…….Phyno, nice drums on da beat…

    Good innitiative by Capital…we cant wait for the government, they are busy with politics/boko haram…

    Clarence, keep reppin………….

  44. Emphartic.. says:

    Mehn dis joint is smokin hot…big maxx ure wonderful u gat d dopest nd sickest shit mehn god shall crown ur effort tight one zee nd others ya yao…ill figurez baby

  45. Tola says:

    Bossta, I feel U!

  46. Alaba says:

    Great punchlines Bossta. You get mouth dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  47. big maxx — baron G – zee – bossta…thats my rating for this track….cant stop listening to this shit….all of em went hard on the beat..big ups!!!

  48. John says:

    Baron G is just a talented motherfucker!!!!!Big upz capital!!!

  49. Femi says:

    All the best Baron G

  50. tunde says:

    Baron G…big ups bro….You are getting there…we believe you….

  51. Tjay Smith says:

    This song is on point like an aroused nipple :p damn!

  52. Tinuke says:

    I love you so much baron G…I am your biggest fan

  53. Toyosi says:

    Big upz capital…….Baron G you are going places…

  54. ibrahim says:

    I believe you die Baroooooon…No forget your boys ooooo!!!

  55. Pedro says:

    baron G your swag murdered everybody even if your verse was short…..You still killT it….

  56. Gbenga says:

    Baron G…..too much swagggggggeeeeeeeeerrrrr…..ogba representer…We are proud of you son!!!

  57. halima says:

    baron G all the way mayn…..

  58. Saliu says:

    Oga make Olamide park well jo…….Na Baron G we want i beg….

  59. Luciano says:

    please does any one have baron G's contact…I have to sign that boy….Is package is 100% on point!!!

  60. Irwin says:

    Zee all the way…i'm not surprised cuz she also killed I no send you Femcess version !!!

  61. nancy says:

    Kudos to Zee Babbbbbbbbbbyyyyyy….Still she shines bright lak sun in the Morning and still Lacing tracks lka shoessssssss!!!Go Hard Gurl

  62. Tage says:

    Y'all should better get your hands up lak dey got a gun to your head..The Lyrical Lady with Metaphors..Zee your Hairstyle was harded dan any others rap..No to talk of your lines which had French innit

  63. feshelu says:

    zee pissed on all of them, lol

  64. Josh says:

    We need a video for ''Standing''…..We want more of Zee…Nice work gurl …."Thumbs up"

  65. Kunle says:

    Yeaaaaaa…The tune is actually a Bangarrrrr…Big Max..I see you…Kudos to Bossta and Baron G

    I rate Zee seprately ……Na she Tight up the tune Pass!!! #Gbam!!!

  66. Lazlo says:

    Actaully and Frankly speaking yh??If ZEE wasn't on this Track…mehnnnn Its a Long tin!!!I swear dwn

  67. Bobo says:

    Okay I'm watching this from Houston Tx…….Bring'n Naija Femcees on a tour here won't be a bad idea..Sure ZEE would rape the crowd real hard…We know Muna Already..We want to hear something Different..ZEE is actually a stunna…#word!!!

  68. Kpobari says:

    Yes I agree Bobo….ZEE is a stunna !!!

  69. piccaa says:

    baron to fine is fucking good i c u bro

  70. Emphartic. says:

    Christ!!!! Bigmaxx killed em all he is a real talent i mean very real talent fear d guy shout ouff to d odas Ya yao i see u …..ILL FIGUREZ BABY.

  71. mathew says:

    Yayaooooooooooo….Big mAX in the building we feeling you bro

  72. akeins says:

    This big max good oooooooooo i wish to meet you men you are so cool molue………….

  73. Heathrow says:

    Great job by capital hill baron dats cool,bosta nice phyno great,bosta nice punchlines Big maxx is d bomb on dis track capital hill please please do not loose dis guy he is tight odas mceees should fear him oooo……..

  74. Emphartic says:

    shout out to capital hill dis is great ,Christ!!! BIG MAXX i see ya ure going places i told you they have not seen anything yet keep murdering them..

  75. meginis says:

    Big max!!! ure d main man in dis joint we love ya…..

  76. looney-toonz says:

    BigMaxx, the bomb on dis track….. ILL figurez killed it. much loves.

  77. 88 paul says:

    tell'em to respect Bigmaxx. ti pawon ku

  78. Dj banty says:

    Big max i have always knew u are going to be a big figure in this music industry,will keep the record slammin always

  79. La belle hotels says:

    We believe you frm day 1 BIG MAXX….keep d dice rollin man …i dey holla others oooo zee , baron g, bosta and phyno nice one

  80. lamizle says:

    BigMaxPayne murder was the case on this one!!!

  81. Zeal-x says:

    this is good music, BigMaxx u're dope and tight swag, zee u're cool and hot shouts out to d rest of y'all

  82. paulo 88 says:

    BIG MAX …men ur sick …. keep the game up … men i love this ….

  83. howmon says:

    am i the only one feeling Bigmaxx on this murderucking *hit. This guy is dope like arabian coke.

  84. dr blak says:

    all of una try …….i dey tell u …see groove ooo

  85. nonso says:

    Baron G joorr nice verse

  86. demi says:

    baron G i believe you nice one the sky is the limit

  87. DOPE SHIT!…big maxx murdered ds shit…baron G shot the Beat in its head…Zee stabed it to death and bossta …well i cnt think of ny murderous thing to say agen but u killed it as well…Dope hook…Phyno looks alot like swiss beatz if u notice

  88. JUGGERNAUT says:

    i usually dont do dis buh dat dude BARON G has gat it goin on……keep schoolin des peeps n let dem kno wot tym it iz……….OVER N OUT

    n tell lil’dagrin to get his own style

  89. Missity says:

    This is hip hop,….Bigmaxx u killed it, Baron G i see you,Zee…me love ur style long tyme…dis joint is dope.#muah

  90. Ay Yayo says:

    Baron G…Baron giiiiiiiiiiiinger!!!!

  91. Gbemi says:

    Busta the new da grin….Zee killed it mayn….Bigz up to Baron G for adding swag!!!!

  92. Obiora says:

    baron G…swag no go kill you oooo

  93. Nkechi says:

    I love you so much baron G…Your just too cute!!!!

  94. Felix says:

    Bigz ups to capital mayn…This is the new young money crew…..

  95. Gbovo says:

    God bless Baron G…your a complete talent

  96. Bukky says:

    Big upz Big Maxx….Zee I see you…..baron G…you swag…nice!!!

  97. Olu F Eazy says:

    Shout out to the whole crew, but Bigupps to BIG MAXX, damn you murdered this

  98. Will.I.Am.Not says:

    Why is everyone overestimating mediocrity/arrant nonsense….these guys were personified the word "below par"….this just doesn't cut it…..I know we want to give them confidence and all but at least somebody should be truthfull….this just doesn't cut it

  99. howmon says: what doesn’t cut it wit BigMaxx on this track. he’s not a newbie He’s the host. show me wat cuts it.

  100. Dougy says:

    Maxxin , your head is there!

  101. shovay says:


  102. tunde peters says:

    BOSSTA u re the replacement of our DAGRIN, we nid u lik we nid CHRIST !!!!!

  103. Oluwaesgzy matrix says:

    BOSSTA:its just t great than expected,neva call all dis upcomin rather u̶̲̥̅̊ call them,stars in making.this track is 10/10

  104. FLEsHbwoY says:

    Bigmaxx u killed da song men u dope gan oooo

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  106. Bob blaze says:

    Tyt dudez…big maxx nailed dis jam witout hammer,gud mcee.

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