VIDEO: L-Tido ft Banky W – It Ain’t My Fault

Post by Ovie O, June 25th, 2011

S.M.A.S.H.I.N.G T.U.N.E!!!!

South Africa’s L-Tido and Naija’s very own Banky W created a monster hit behind closed doors, but it’s now coming to light through the video which has just been released. Thato Madonsela aka L-Tido is one name I came across very recently through Banky. I never knew he was actually this good.

This video premiered on MTV Base this weekend, and thankfully we get to see it online virtually at the same time. Crayzie tune, and a well-crafted club video. Africa must hear and see this!


YouTube Preview Image

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45 responses to “VIDEO: L-Tido ft Banky W – It Ain’t My Fault”

  1. It aint my fault that I was the first to comment on this video …cool 1 baby

  2. luklek says:

    This is a dough track. The chick in the video is Lepa to bad.

  3. Will Umotong says:

    Good song

  4. NwaDiALA says:

    Our very own Nwa Naija- Banky W..Nna nice collabo

  5. realtak says:

    very dope video

  6. feshelu says:

    banky come correct…the rap is jst ok, not hating lotsa rappers (even south african ones would have murked that beat one time!)

  7. lol says:

    nice hook banky….

  8. Lupo says:

    Big tune…Weeet Video 😀

  9. KkLondon says:

    I wonder why Kayne didn't sign people like Banky W??? I just dont knw what he wants to do with dbanj…The normal file file right ? smh….wtf …this nigga (Banky) can break into yankee market with In-House support from 'em kayne,jazzy etc…+ This jam is correct!

    • Alrighty says:

      Thank You! Banky has the swag and talent to do it not d'banj….even darey!

    • vic says:

      its a business strategy u dont seem to understand, they have a million artists who sound like Banky W, they could have signed either of them…they want to bring an Original fresh new sound out of africa THat can pull profits in the american Market as well as overseas….Its seems you dont realize Dbanj is actually THE BEST ENTERTAINER in NIGERIA right now with stage prescence, confidence and charisma that is highly evident in each performance just search he is loved all over africa search "M-Net Face Of Africa – FOA" or "D'banj with Rwandan Girls" and "Dbanj perfomance" in youtube….Banky is a good artist and i feel him but for nigeria to stand up and get recognized we need to stand out…which is what dbanj does.GBAM!

  10. NameSayneProduckt says:

    Wicked Production….

  11. Hollalaykan says:

    Everything on point … Banky W .. never a dull moment with you … that voice that voice chei … God bless is more and more

  12. Hollalaykan says:

    Everything on point … Banky W .. never a dull moment with you … that voice that voice chei … God bless it more and more

  13. true talk says:


  14. ayoo says:

    good song..better video.

  15. Deji says:

    just ok….no replay on dat….

  16. 2359EB87 says:

    this song is on-point i luv it so much i was with you @deuces club on the island on friday and i really enjoy the way you comport your self anyway nice one i luv ur music so much you are always on-ponint

  17. L-Tido fan says:

    Ungasithathi kancani

    Mfanagithi asazani

    We rolling… we rolling… we rolling

    Ungasithathi kancani

    Ubabuze ekas’ lami

    We rolling… we rolling… we rolling

  18. banky dey sing sha . . .

  19. Vee says:

    Big Tune!!!…

  20. efizzy says:

    Banky na FATHER

  21. shout out to l tido,u're kul and smashing and big ups to the legend banky w,u guys are great

  22. Elcee says:

    it ain't my fault that i had to listen to this sick track. waoOO.. banky is simply the bomb. he is always killing it

  23. 9jaboy says:

    Banky is ILLEST!


  24. @activ8ed says:

    whats the girl doing with that other guy in the first place..lmao…@ the beginning of the video

  25. lure slex says:

    L-tido bankilling w! u guys r just wat we shld be hearin

  26. @theonlynape says:

    Yet Another killer video production out of S.A, we need L-Tido to feature on Wiz Kid Holla at your boy remix, they must shoot the video in Lagos.

    Big up to L-Tido and Banky W.

  27. bobo says:

    beat is nice..lyrics weak tho…

  28. Dj Ak moni says:

    L-tido gat dat international swag………wit banky, d house came down. more grease 2 dey elbows.

  29. okpa godwin says:

    nize 1

  30. chris says:

    beat is superb, video cool, and the girl very very beautiful. I mean it

  31. roy da prince says:

    can any body plz tel me dat cute gal name?wanna download her pic plz help

  32. Mimzy Tash says:

    this is so so…..nce! L-tido!

  33. Mimzy Tash says:

    this is so so…..nce! L-tido!

  34. I luv video 2 bitssss nyc one thato.

  35. I luv video 2 bitssss nyc one thato.



  38. Lwando Bbuku M says:

    the video its a hit.

  39. Yousef Yezyd says:

    I luv ds vid..

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