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STUDIO LEAK: YQ – Moda4ka (Freestyle)

Post by Ovie O, June 10th, 2011

Here’s a new leaked freestyle from YQ, Naija’s #1 hookmaster! This is certainly not a single ‘cos the last I heard, YQ was meant to release something new on the 1st of August (his birthday). I really don’t have much to add at this point aside the fact that this song has all the elements of a street smash. NBC will quickly ban it due to the explicit lyrics, but who really cares?!

#Random: Shout-out to Alaba boys. We know this will be on the next mixtape in the market. 🙂


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48 responses to “STUDIO LEAK: YQ – Moda4ka (Freestyle)”

  1. splendidjoe says:

    nice track…who cares if dem band am….enemies dem be motherfucker..

  2. must everybody freestyle? i'm not down with the track……….

  3. justmi says:

    not bad!!!!

  4. Tobby says:

    Enemies dem be mutherfucker, @njosh, freestyling took terry g to where he is now, so roll up! @yq I SEE YHU

  5. Chocolate Kay says:

    Enemies dem be motherfucker oooo, nice one bruv

  6. superstar says:

    nice freestle…….cant wait for d new single

  7. tee y says:

    Nice track….all D̶̲̥̅̊ bad belle people are moda4kas

  8. folabi says:

    this is what you u get after mary-j sinks into the system and u get a beat to spit on.

  9. kelechi says:

    Nonsense..trash..big waste of time!

  10. kolo says:

    nonsense plus S

  11. ola says:

    nice one YQ jubril .

  12. Mackarone says:

    Dis is Terry G's beat.. listen wella fellas.

  13. Freezzy G Artist says:


  14. Suuisaidl says:

    Haba YQ!

  15. naijaboy says:


  16. realtak says:

    guy, write songs, u dey hang. u cant freestyle. why not write and call it a freestyle. we no go know. good beat.

  17. Hov says:

    Nice one bro.. all d enemies dem be mudafucker PLUS D MUDAFUCKERS SAYING IT IS A banger i assure u

  18. marto zoro says:

    nice 1 yq abuja is feeling you.keep keep flyn.ooose!

  19. AndyBlaze says:

    why nbc dey do dat stuff self. Lollipop nkor

  20. Big danny jones says:

    Guys una no de try o!una tink sa he da essy 2 do am tight i beg al of una mke d yab my man mke una go do una own mke i

  21. Neejay says:

    U 2 mush brus enything u do i dey fil u

  22. This is tight, I love Kudos 4 ur great works.

  23. millamzy says:

    which one is murder fucker

  24. Justix says:

    YQ, you are so talented and may Almighty God keep giving you the idea and the zeal to always be among the top Nigerian Artist… Awon ti Massiano in Barcelona.
    Respect man!

  25. bidemi says:


  26. Dr k@@$h says:

    nice one Y.Q… i can work on a remix if you don’t mind

  27. Princess says:

    Good Music has finally left Nigeria… PLS PLS PLS PLS!!! Stop dis rubbish!

  28. Cheals says:

    This man makes mutherfucker sound cool, too bad i can't say that to my boss, Boss you know you are a mutherfucker, teacher you are a mutherfucker, girl, u wey refuse give me Ur number U are a mutherfucker. MUTHERFUCKER.

  29. Qashius says:

    Desperate. Catchy bridge though. Could have done more with it. Pity.

  30. Qashius says:

    A tasteless cocktail of what he probably thought were commercial elements. If YQ's motive was to make an impression, he certainly succeeded. My opinion of him has plummeted.

  31. Tmonei says:

    lol…he is a proven material anyway….u grab attention which ever way….dats ow it works in planet showbiz

    YQ, keep repping……..

  32. Music Critique says:

    Lets call a SPADE a SPADE…..This song does not sound like a freestyle and has no Xfactor to it. The fact that he uses the word "Moda4ka or Motherfucker" makes it worse, most parents would not allow such in their homes and even it wont get any international endorsements coz of the swear word that is meant to be the songs CATCH phrase. However its good he called it a Freestyle, so he dosent hav to release it. Finally NotJustOk needs to be strict with the lyrical contents they allow on their site, dont just put any rubbish on ur site calling it a LEAK. we only want good leaks.

  33. jay p says:

    Save Y.q wit IQ

  34. pokochiny says:

    is ur home boy pokochiny we de fill you here for ghana keep doing ur things boy who nor know u na mugu u lose for the matter i believe u.

  35. pokochiny says:

    o boy yq u go for the matter who nor know u na mugu keep doing ur thing if e easy make them try am see we de fill you here for ghana high star bro

  36. oma igala, keep it up & continue to represent Igala and the rest of Kogi and 9ja at large good work.

  37. Medo says:

    Bad belle dem be MUDA4KA…if u no fit support ur fellow beign hustle ,U B MUDA4KA. Nice 1 bro, feeln yo hear in Dagenham London.

  38. bolu says:

    well dis is okay 4 our pals

  39. Aj says:

    We dy feel d lyrics bro,bad belles na moda4kas.kep it going abeg u too much.

  40. Eric H says:

    Sickkkk freestyle! Anybody got the download link?

  41. I'm feeling this. Good freestyle!

  42. I thought this was pretty solid. Can't wait for him to drop a whole LP!

  43. I like what he's working with. Great word choice and flow.

  44. Pretty good stuff. Not liking the Giants hat though!

  45. Pretty good freestyle. limited pauses, and the lyrics are alright.

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