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302 responses to “BUY Album: WizKid – Super Star”

  1. brizzy says:

    sounds good

  2. BEESAMMY says:

    no track with tuface? then he is a complete JOKE

  3. best album this year so far

  4. OPINION says:

    this album is tight ..

  5. Mr.Who says:

    Nice Issh…gbadun "slow whine and for me" pass….omg Wande wher u dey nah?

  6. Nice album frm a yung dude.

  7. meeeee says:

    album sounds good but all the songs kinda sound similar. i guess thats just his style. good job wiz.

  8. wande coal killed it! my best 9ja singer after 2baba.. like dis comment if u know YOU MISSED WANDE COAL! .

  9. opeyemi says:

    Wizkid i love you style with your swagger so keep it up and let move naija up

  10. eddy says:

    7 dollars?.. its N150 in naija

  11. Omoba says:

    Good job Wizkid….na you be badt guys!!!
    #dont dull

  12. Joo or says:

    Wiz Party this song dey always make me kolo…my gbedu no dey rest

  13. teslim de'don says:

    9ice album but why legend(2baba) no dey dis album nauuuuu

  14. tumilara says:

    Pakuromo is so sick.d album is a nyc one

  15. TOGAS says:

    This Guy is Belj. Is da hotest guy in town. I LOVE THE ALBUM my fa4rite is PAKURUMO ko jo dada

  16. Olu says:

    best song wiz party…………………best 2011 album so far. gba bee

  17. Bussy Bee says:

    Dis really sound good even witout listening to d full music….me no fit wait to buy d album
    much grease to ur elbow

  18. Oluwakemitohbadt says:

    Oya funke Pakurumo Pakurumo ko jo dada MADT TUNE! My best song on the album ! Like this comment if you agree

  19. nich says:

    i have listened to all the song… thing about the album is that everything about the sound is clean and clear……and the young boy has got his own style….and i think this is where his success will stand…..i have to pic my album….a nice job

    the song 'say my name'….really introduced his ability

  20. i just bought d album nw
    never knew they accept paypal

  21. I'm me says:

    "slow whine" is the ish on this album thumbs up if u agree

  22. mr ceno says:

    d best track ever like n touchs my hrt Gidi girl, reminds me of so many passionate tins in my relationship. D yng man impressed my hrt so much.

  23. I REAPEAT " In my book, Wande Coal is the best Male Vocalist Nigeria has ever produced " @Wizkidayo . . .God Bless your hustle bro. Am so happy for you and would miss ya . . .LeadCityDays . . . .Keep Repping Bro!

  24. Wetin concern M.I with wetin dem dey do here nao, be like say u dey browse upside down …

  25. For me, For Me is another SURE HIT . . . .%100, We Miss Wande, it's obvious. I had to come back to comment when i discovered this album is the 2nd best selling album on NotJustOk in less than 24hours, i fear for M.I 2 lol . . .Naija just wants to DANCE, it's obvious. Am Happy For The Young SuperWiz!

  26. Shakeera Damilola Alao says:

    mehn wizkid i lov ur swager in pakurumo and am so sorry me don download all ur track so i wount buy but am sending pack to my sweethart in d state so am still buyin k

  27. Real says:

    I think people are going mad cos it’s free to say whatever u feel like saying. What does 2face have 2 do with this album or any other artiste for that matter. It is Wiz Kid’s album wtf. It’s like loads of daft people come up on notjustok and say shit. this is my 1st ever comment. i have read a lot of bullshit from people on this site but this has to be the most silly and senseless “why is 2face not on the album?” dumb ass school kids. If you don’t have anything 2 say like the rest of us, keep ur damn fingers to your self.

  28. Olakunle says:

    Wiz o boy i gbadun u jooooooooooooooooooooooo

  29. Teresa says:

    na so my brother even go Alaba you'll buy N70 per copy almost 1/2 a dollar

  30. Kudi F says:

    WIZKID you have done well. Don Chuks from St. Louis, I will carry your music every where in the US. SLOW WINE is an instant hit… The Volume level i had that song on in my car caused the police to come disturb me. All of my American friends begged for your album after they heard TEASE ME. Even the way my cousins and I anticipated the wait for this album you wouldnt believe. Anyways I believe my friends booked you to come to Baltimore this summer, we shall jam there. Keep up the good work…. you have made new house hold phrases… NA WE BE BAD GUYS, and my money and your money no be mates

    Don Chuks from Owerri

  31. the mr bad guy wizkid keep on guy we ur fans are on ur side

  32. michael says:

    9ice album wizkid , u're d real young superstar…

  33. Adebowale says:

    wizzy boy ur 2 much.keep it up

  34. Osa Sorae says:

    wizzy i tried to speak with you on fb but no replays. got some good mix-tapes i would like you to listen to

  35. $tar~prinze says:

    Guy dis is so fantastic,u re d real super star..keep movin no shakin.

  36. sheggsabeem says:

    oya pakurumo pakurumo ko jo dada…thats my fav track on the album,dude's got his style and i cant understand why peope are saying 2face should be on the album thats crap i mean did 2face featured wizkid on his? its wizkid album and he has the right to chose which artistes he wants glad he made the right choice bless you boy GOD is your strength

  37. iamjboyy says:

    MEHN u jst too MUCH!!!!

  38. Ruffpee says:

    Keep it up u r the bomb. I gat a featuring 4u

  39. AndyBlaze says:

    lol my friend just said how can i buy thz album when i cant download each track free on 4 shared. They shud plz not be puttin up album tracks on free sites

  40. David Author says:

    balogun wiz kid

  41. u are the bomb…..wish u the best

  42. Desiimurl @RUNDATRAX says:

    it's ur boy wizzyyyyyyyyy !! Huge fan from day1. #madHitz album… Congratulations to Wizkid & the entire EME family. GOD BLESS your career in JESUS Name, Amen.

  43. Frank u.c says:

    Wizzybaby u d bomb just kip d nice work do hp to ft u @ one of my tracks.

  44. millamzy says:

    dis boy go kill me.

  45. Toyosi says:

    Wizzy u da best . . . . They luv dat E.M.E boy o,she wan do dat E.M.E boy . . . .

  46. ugoharris says:

    I'm sure getting this album! Kudos Wizzy!

  47. David lewis aka Shegzy says:

    Big boiz hammering fuck d haters u da best

  48. richard brillzy says:

    nice 1 eskimo lyk we call u in school..u were really true to ur dreams..nice 1 bro..u kld call ur home boys on d next 1

  49. Pheeze says:

    Nice one Wizzy Baba….Your head they there

  50. Babatunde says:

    Wiz kid is d hottest tin rite now in d Nigeria music scene and he's surely going 2 be a hit 4 a long tyme.

  51. babe says:

    Lovin the album!! Wizkid has created his own niche and is excelling!
    Pls what does "pakurumo" mean?

  52. sdwssw says:

    it fucked 4real…which yahoo boy whats to b u…ode,mumu we pass u ten times with out us ur songs are fuck…..kid wiz

  53. abimbola abiodun says:

    wizzy u made us proud,it is truly u ar d best young artist..keep it up wizzy

  54. j brizzy says:

    dont mind the haters they are an're the best man

  55. emmy says:

    men this guy is so ill

  56. $tar~prinze says:

    9c 1 guy keep it on,u r da real superstar..

  57. laiwola says:

    men dis album is sick abbeg make una leave am ooo make him feature anybody wey him don feat,keep it up wiz and dey see some kiin comment 4 dere say ur song dey fucked make dem go sing their own dem they mad………

  58. hyceprincess says:

    wow!dis is gr8 jes kip it up

  59. Tobbie says:

    Wow!ur album rocks….kudoos.

  60. hakyola says:

    you really tried a lot … but in real life hope you are not too like woman coz most of your song is always go about babe … try man

  61. dj kenny says:

    guy u are 2 gbaskid.djkenny awrab suit hotel offa.kwara state.

  62. youre jonzing and we dey pay!!

  63. uche says:


  64. Wiz wiz wizkid.kip it up,u re a super star no one can doubts that.i got good rappers that am nurturing.maybe one of this days u will feature them

  65. NairaMan says:

    Wizkid You too much> Music na your talent joo. Keep it up!

  66. Abraham Femi says:

    Please we need your manager's phone number for enquiry

  67. Brillz says:

    This album is rubish,full of auto tune,after all the hype this a total waste of time

  68. Idy says:

    6/10… The album is mediocre… Wizkid i pray you survive after this

  69. jbharcourt says:

    i get voice like u ,2 many songs i have nt produced

  70. whats up wizzy wayback there in jos i know u gonn make it but na money be dey fall ur hand by den, yhankz to eme still ur boyz jtown lightess.keep it up we dey come meet u,08034829002 for sporsponship or equires contact me on is comingout by july tittle> make we dance>am still saying keep ur goodsong going.

  71. pretty says:

    u try wiskid,and guys please keep innocent baba out of dis,pls

  72. I love u wizkid… Im gonna create an artist page for you on You rock!

  73. julianah says:

    swt@ you tried but what i'm gonna says is that

  74. SANDRA says:


  75. dj says:

    nice 1 its a fairly good album hope to hear beta songs in his next album.

  76. idara ewmmanuel says:

    nice website fine boy

  77. idara emmanuel says:

    nice track, don’t dull

  78. Abumza says:

    Nice albulm. Bt i lyk ur charisma on stage d most(wen performing).

  79. christian says:

    I so much love ur super star guy u 2 gbaski baba I dey feel ur swag an pls don’t go funny.u ar my best rock musician dat I love so love

  80. aghogho says:

    wizzy is ur boy aghozy i will always luv ur songs bcos there’s always flavour in all of ur songs all the same i wish u all the best of luck bro let me tell u this year u shall win awards upon awards and as soon as it done 4get to inform me by calling 07030541140 in secrit we ur fan are always there 4 u bye and god bless…!

  81. Rossyrichard says:

    Wizzy no ni,kp makin nd keepin it real~u a star.its ma dream to meet ya wen ya….07036530674~hala @ur gal coz i gat no boi.LMFAO.Cheers boi!!!

  82. Aliu Ridwan 0peyemi says:

    I’m here 2 listen 2 d album

  83. christopher says:

    i don’t know u and i haven’t seen u b4 but d first time i heard ur songs, i was highly impressed i wish u d best keep it up. Guy your swagger 4 stage tite. Am 4rm owerri bye

  84. wayklef says:

    u 2gud o

  85. incredible(gazo) says:

    Yesh it's da best…keep it up ma nigga one luv

  86. Winnifred says:

    Hi wizzy u r wonderful i admire u, i luv urs intonation we in abj r all hailing u dat nice keep it up i luv dat

  87. Tolani says:

    Wizzy u d 1

  88. Tolani says:

    Wizzy u d 1 nw.

  89. temitope says:

    u rock boi………..ur album s not dullin at all…………sey make u scatter da floor

  90. nice album keep it up wizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  91. ifunanya says:

    i luv u wizkid i even want to do a tatoo of ur name cos am really crazy 4 u nt 4 wat u are bt 4 ur talent nd who u are

  92. Adebisi Esther says:

    Wiskid u are really a gangstar keep on rocking one one

  93. charmingreal says:

    wizzy u re 2 much!!! i luv u

  94. Tosin says:

    I luv u wizy,keep it up,i wish 2 be like u someday.

  95. ''AZEEZ'' says:

    wizkid keep it up it is not easy at-all

  96. Mojisola says:

    Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy bby, u are d guy, can i call ur name wizzzzzzzzzy luv u guy keep it up and don’t be rude.

  97. Swagkiid says:

    Stupid wizkid, i hate u.


  99. johndamien says:

    luv u put more grease to your elbow well i am upcoming artise need sponsorer and promoter weel i tink u can put me 2ru my no+2348168893066

  100. Deejay_m0'rAj says:

    wizzy, whts up man, u’re gud, keep up doin ur thing. D sky is ur limit, u wuld even go beyond d sky. Weldone

  101. Wizy m a dancer nd m opn if u culd link me al ur works

  102. Wizzzz wel i no i wil bcom some 1 like u by juklinecitibase &streetpastor wit kingsolomon production plx help mi i want 2 become 1.

  103. Wayklef says:

    Guy iluv ur swag’s so much

  104. Wayklef says:

    Guy i always feel u in songs,in dress & acting luv ur swag’s so much

  105. Wayklef says:

    Wizzy wizzy wizzy baby. Guy i always feel u in songs,in dress & acting luv ur swag’s so much

  106. themmy says:

    wizzzzzzzzzy:;u’re 2muuuccccch.just aiming 2 be like u.keep it up guy.

  107. icekid says:

    look at u now wiz someone helpd clear a path 4 u see how fast uve grown pls help me 2 climb.

  108. Igbara beatrice says:

    People are debating if de wizkid on face book is u or not. if i may ask, are u d wizkid on face book?

  109. Wizzy has a good, unique sound to him. Stands out amongst the junk on the radio!

  110. Dunit says:

    Wizzy i dey gbadun u……i lik ur swag

  111. Lemmy Nicekid says:

    Love ur songs but u nid 2 improve in ur lyrics, its nah al bawt swag swag swag just do smtin more anticipating lyk olamide. . .

  112. sam messi 1 says:

    man u r too much. Well my song is Mollow noni.

  113. sam messi 1 says:

    man u r too much. Well my song best is Mollow noni.

  114. umar tahir says:

    hello wiz kid i love your musik pleas let me be your friend

  115. chekz-johnson says:

    Mehn ur flow is sick, am enjoying the whole track.

  116. muhamme says:

    hey guy well ur muzik is lovely guy but 90percent of ur song is girls also try something diff. From dis

  117. ONEGREATEST says:


  118. abba chadelaine says:

    hi wizkid im ur number one fan 4rm cameroon luv ur swag n everthing else im on facebook can i pls hv ur address heres my emai. and on facebook as jessroycy luv u bye

  119. Simbiat says:

    I luv ur music.can i be ur freind please,u can get me 2ru dis number 07089981310,i will be wholeheartedly glad if u can do dat 4 me.

  120. Olamilekan says:

    Its okay! So what u wana do is my track… Ur head is dere.

  121. Walex says:

    Guy i dey feel ur swag.

  122. Queeneth says:

    Wizzy, u 2 wizzy abeg. Oya pakuromo. D sky shall nt b ur limit, its jst a startin point 4 ya.

    *I fink ve met u b4….guy…u light up ma world wizzy* kip ur swagx tite… (*_*)

  123. I can't believe I found anything about him on the Web. Heard his music about a month back and loved it. I thought I was hearing a local talent.

  124. daPoint says:

    nice wrk.but most of ur track,if not all is about smething different.nce songs

  125. Wayklef says:

    Wad up guy, skip u man

  126. David says:

    U make my legs wiggle even whn am nt in d mood 2 dance… Mehn u r an outrageous dude, thumbs up!

  127. Merit edos says:

    Hi wizkid i lov ur style nd pls neva giv up on wat u do…. I wuld lov 2 be close 2 u nd these are my nums(08155597208,08181648865)thanks dear

  128. Odiraa jennifer says:

    Guy i love ur albums jst started ur album nd it drives me crazy.kip it up i wud luv 2 b ur frnd cos ure so talented

  129. Elvis says:

    Wizkid u are my boy, i like ur music keep it boy. 2baba i greet ur office na ur be the king of nigeria music nothing do u carry go

  130. Ishaku says:

    Keep it up.u’re really representing jay town.

  131. Temitope halimat says:

    I lik all ur music dey are interestine kip it up guy luv ya

  132. Temitope halimat says:

    I lik all ur music dey are interestine kip it up guy luv ya, i live in surulere if u dont mind u can cal me to be ur frnd on dis digit 08100418784

  133. Queen says:

    Wizkid u r realy doin great so kip it up

  134. Kenneth says:

    Guy ur music sweet die and u too fine

  135. Frank says:

    Wizkid i like u and the things u the do keep it up my name is frank i’m just 17 old i love music i can do music very well but know body to help me out here is my number08067341399 i have 50 music

  136. Ametii de wizkid says:

    I luve u wizkid.This the name my friends cal me bcuz i u music the way u dress u smile every thing about i love it.And i use 2 do things the way u do.I love be signing with u pls.U went my mommy’s friend wedding.

  137. Dunsin adeliyi says:

    Wiz i love u ur too fine am sorry if dis is inappropriate bt pls call me 08034726272 wiz i will be 13 january 8 2011 my bro is 15 and my lil sis 3 years we love u my bro’s no is 08038650641 wiz it will be kul if u call me u rock

  138. kiddy says:

    wizzy i hope u win d headies although u are in a tight draw goodluck frm d littlekiddy blyout

  139. Fadipe Oluwaseun says:

    EME Boyz! U guys are very wondeful bt pls carry we ur fans along, we are out there to represent you

  140. kiddy says:

    can u give me ur number wizzy. i want to join EME ZEE

  141. Duff angel says:

    Hi xup swt i luv ur music so much add me.

  142. chissizzy says:

    wizi can i ve ur number

  143. chissizzy says:

    wizi u are cute can i hv ur number

  144. I enjoyed the majority of his tracks. I'd like to see what he does with better production value.

  145. Sus says:

    Hi plz i need a producer am a hip hop artiste so much talented. U can reach me on 08095546587 thanks

  146. JBABY says:


  147. Labake says:

    Starboi wizzy,i luv ur swag.cos u are just too flar,bt then many gurls trip 4 u bcos of ur nature,anyway am jst lyk u cos am also a superstar,my name is wizbabe aka malaikababy cos am his first daugter,i will like to know u personally cos we av a lot to do.

  148. Senatoresq says:

    Weezy am proud of u ma boy. Keep it up

  149. youngkid says:

    nice one wizboyyyyyyyy.well am young kid and i will like to get your know what i will like to feat you inside my next song lol.still on still bye

  150. abass ismail ayo aka dallas guy. says:

    My guy i dallas pray dat u may never fall by GOD grace AMEN guy dallas luv dan anyting ur head dey dere.07064778885

  151. This was much better than I thought it was going to be. Good stuff!

  152. sammyrogers says:

    weezy can i b ur boi…………………..+2347067413685 sammyrogers

  153. kelgrin says:

    wizzy,u are simply 2much,al d tracks make me go gaga especialy DONT DULL dat track is like medicine 2 me.hope 2 meet u someday

  154. Maryanne kattie says:

    Wizkid i luv ur song specially dis one i love my baby..kip on d gud work bro

  155. teemoney says:

    baba wizzey i luv ur song pass anything

  156. Jiru says:

    Wizzy! U ar kilin mi. Guy u 2 hot n cool, filin ur parol. Ani hw til wi jam 4 yankee 1 dai. Lol!

  157. Wizkid i love and ur songs especially hollat ur boy the vedio

  158. Wizkid U are that special one

  159. Giddykid says:

    Wizzy,i wanna b ur guy.08181995065

  160. Angel says:

    Wizzy u ar pwetty gud. I luv ya muzic. Kip it up. Hop 2 c ya sumday.

  161. MizJamMinaj says:

    Sing a song witout repeatn lyk d same tins, i’ll love you 4eva.. U r gud though..:D

  162. MizJamMinaj says:

    Oh nd i forgot 2 mention… Ayo, u r very cute & totali kissable… Lol…:*

  163. Larhnrey says:

    Weezy! U ar ma guy i dey feel ur song especially holla @ ur boy and gidi girl i eat am like food everyday.

  164. Larhnrey says:

    Wizzey! I dey feel ur song especially gidi girl and eme boiz

  165. Giddykid says:

    I’m feeling ur holla @ ur boy video

  166. Tobi t-boi kehinde says:

    I love my baby makes me luvs my babe everyday keep it up my guy nothing do u.

  167. Tobi t-boi kehinde says:

    Wizzy i love dat track 14 ft wandecole.



  170. wizkid!! I gbadu ur style jo

  171. navy boy!(tobi) says:

    thats true wizkid is a very gud bad guy!hyme super star

  172. Pitt Bulls says:

    Gave this a listen and thought it was really good. Can't wait to hear more!

  173. Joseph says:

    Pls i need a sponsor

  174. medyum says:

    Somebody necessarily help to make seriously posts I might state. That is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this actual post amazing. Magnificent activity!

  175. Mannury says:

    Wizkid is a very gud musian i luv him

  176. Adegoke Elizabeth says:

    Wizzy wadup, i like that no one track say my name.

  177. Adegoke Elizabeth says:

    Wizkid u are my no 1 musician

  178. Adegoke Elizabeth says:

    Wizkid!! I luv all your songs

  179. Adegoke Elizabeth says:

    Wizkid u are d bomb,luv ya

  180. Brian Onyido says:

    I hate hate you wizkid. Awful musician

  181. R luv u wizkid u all a big boy.

  182. R luv u wizkid u all a big boy.

  183. Joan Asebhor says:

    Wizkid is Nigeria’s SUPERSTAR

  184. I really like that……..and God will provide you good thing in you and I in the name.

  185. I really like that……..and God will provide you good thing in you and I in the name.

  186. benson says:

    why is d rap track nt here…i mean MAMI WATER dats my best

  187. Sophie says:

    Wizkid iz jst 2 much,..he has everytin it takes 2 b a superstar….his voice is enuf 2 make any gal drool.#cheers#

  188. dis guy 2 gbaski manee i like yhan

  189. Its a wonderful album.i love all the tracks in it.wizzy 10/10.i give 2 u.

  190. Its a wonderful album.i love all the tracks in it.wizzy 10/10.i give 2 u.

  191. Temmy says:

    Wizkid i love ur song,bt ur character is bad.

  192. Promiz wekz festuz says:

    U‘re talented bro.

  193. adewale olayemi says:

    i dey feel u brother wizkid u 2 much jo

  194. Layi says:

    Wizkid is cool bt it’s got into his head.

  195. Eme Edet says:

    Nice job. Luv ya

  196. Delight Emmanuel says:

    I love you and i like your song

  197. Delight Emmanuel says:

    Yes, ur song is really good but change your life

  198. Delight Emmanuel says:

    U’re well talented but make use of it wisely

  199. Dniel says:

    When i am hering ur song am caried along

  200. I love u Wizkid, u ar my best friend.

  201. I love u Wizkid, u ar my best friend.

  202. Olayinka says:

    I luv ur music..u r talented bt make use of it wisely n be carefully of wat comes around u….

  203. emmanuel says:

    menn i luv u soooo much asin calabar dey die 4 u.

  204. Saidu says:

    Anytime i heard ur song i always go gaga u are too much boy.

  205. Yusuff.abdulrahman says:

  206. Bukola says:

    U are,u are. U are ………….

  207. Afolayan funmilayo says:

    I luv al ur song pls be careful luv u

  208. Afolayan funmilayo says:

    Yes change luv u

  209. lek''Ary says:

    thousands cn say dey luv u bt none lyk me….u ar me-luv u boi

  210. Amusan lekan says:

    Wizkid love you u too much and love ur freestyle to.send me ur number or where you live so i can meet you i want to feature you in my first track please help me as you were also helped by well known number 08189728136 please call me to talk to me.

  211. Olayinka says:

    Hello wizkid ur head dey there pls we need to talk dis na my no 08162429168

  212. Olaoluwa says:

    Wizkid u too much

  213. Vivian says:

    Am ur replica,bt a female version,i lyk u xo plz a carefl,mk fwnds dat’l ad value 2 u.GOD bles u n dnt gv up on him

  214. Vivian says:

    Am ur replica,bt a female version,i lyk u xo plz a carefl,mk fwnds dat’l ad value 2 ur lyf.GOD bles u n dnt gv up on him

  215. Kayzey says:

    Wizzy wizzy u r 2much i lv ur tracks n u swag pls help me am an up coming artst i need ur help badly pls my no 08162664089

  216. Mayowa says:

    I realy luv ur songs.kip it real

  217. Victor Ndon says:


  218. omawummy says:

    i luv ur music keep it up.

  219. Francess says:

    Luv ya style, dearie

  220. Abubakar mohammed Alfa says: nt interest 2 sing bt i av prepare lyric which may gud 4 u 2 play!i fil ur swag

  221. Mescopaul says:

    Wizzy, nt doing bad, but what do u say to this: “wizzy, a womanizer, getting gals up, now and then,no discipline n self control,”:found on-net comment, as 4 me i dnt tk rumuors, so u’re doing k, thumbs up 4 u!!

  222. Mescopaul says:

    ‘Wizzy, nt doing bad, but what do u say to this: “wizzy, a womanizer, getting gals up, now and then,no discipline n self control,”:found on-net comment, as 4 me i dnt tk rumuors, so u’re doing k, thumbs up 4 u!!

  223. Divine says:

    £xcept itz nt him coz wizkid is a virgin…lolz

  224. your talent is one in kind and its indeed ringing the bell.

  225. your talent is one in kind and its indeed ringing the bell.

  226. Chidosman says:

    I dey feel u keep it up

  227. We all luv u becuz u ur generious attrative and well being jst keep it up there are more blessing ahead of you no body can pull u down except god ok i luve u take care fine boy no pinpules.

  228. KLINCO WHITE says:


  229. Vickbest says:

    Wiz i wana do a song with u but dont know how to get to u….. i really lov ur ”wiz voice”

  230. Juicykid says:

    Hulo wizzy,aw ar u duwin.

    There ar 2 unique things about u dat i lyk.they ar: ur voice & ur swag.

    omo,u 2 much.

    WIZZY my 9ja home boy

    …..carry go

  231. Blesskid says:

    Wadup wizzy just keep doing ur things God dey ur side. I luv u

  232. T don says:

    Wad up wizzy? I will lyk 2 ft u i 1 of my tracks. But i don’t know how 2 get u.

  233. freeman says:

    This is freeman from ekpoma edo state please I need your help I don’t want to die with my talent it is diffcult to fulfil my dream due to the poor family I came from, please I beg you in the name of god and my poor little mama thank you this is my number 08156871509

  234. I love your music and I think your very handsome.

  235. I love your music and I think your very handsome.

  236. Jsmart says:

    Wiz am j-smart an up coming artist i came 4rm pool family no body 2 sponsor mi. I dnt wont 2 die wt my talent i need ur help pls. 08104178532

  237. Vikiwizy says:

    Pls wizkid am victor ma stage name z vikiwizy i wil b hapi if u cn hlp a poor boy lyk me 2 achieve hs dreams.i knw u dnt ve tym bt pls hlp me da way banky did 2 me or u text me tru dz numba.07038186134.tnx i wil b so grateful 2 wrk wit wizkid i lyk ur swag

  238. Aisha says:

    Xup wiz,we lyk ur ‘wiz swagg n wiz voice’ on ma street.kehinde str. Surulere Aguda,Lagos.

  239. rihangel says:

    wizzy…u rock!!!

  240. Olawumi tosin says:

    Wizkid i need assit i get frather daid in june ’12 .1992 .i need help to you .tosin

  241. You are doing very well boy.. Keep going, I like all your tracks. God Bless..

  242. Michieblaze says:

    Wel wizzy u b glad tew knw dat i sing much lyk u do. Bak in ma plc dey kal me wizmich…lol. Buh ma stage name is Michieblaze hope tew feature u in ma nxt trak…

  243. I am roberts nkata.pls wizkid help me,am a dancer i can dance any type of dance like micheal jackson,stunting,break dancing e.t.c.just help me to achieve my 2go username robert782.GOD BLESS YOU.

  244. dupe says:

    freestyle? pleeeeeease that's better than many songs out there and u call it freestyle.olamide trend on i love u

  245. Wizkid u're too much, keep it up my guy!

  246. Wizkid u're too much, keep it up my guy!

  247. I love all your music wizkid.u are trying.

  248. I love all your music wizkid.u are trying.

  249. U ar a big boy kept d flag flying.

  250. U ar a big boy kept d flag flying.

  251. u arrrrr born to be a superstar break a leg.a deh jelos

  252. u arrrrr born to be a superstar break a leg.a deh jelos

  253. u ar born to be a superstar……………………………………………………..break a leg…..god don package u life

  254. gurjeet says:

    We all luv u becuz u ur generious attrative and well being jst keep it up there are more blessing ahead of you no body can pull u down except god ok i luve u take care fine boy no pinpules.

  255. Wizkid u ar realy fantastic bt never let it take over u

  256. Wizkid u ar realy fantastic bt never let it take over u

  257. Fizzy Baby says:

    Wow ₩izkid is the best.Have fun makin new songz Dear,man will don dull 4 u

  258. What a lovely song "Love My Baby".
    I downloaded video but not of HD quality. Can anyone give any reference for HD quality video of this song?
    Well done Guys !!!

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