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Zee Zee & EL Flaco ft. Poe’ (SDC) – Anyway

Post by Demola OG, May 3rd, 2011

Here is a joint from Mirror Man music made up of Zee Zee and EL Flaco called Anyway featuring Poe’ of SDC. The track has that soul feel to it which puts you in the right mood for the aspiration theme of the song.

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17 responses to “Zee Zee & EL Flaco ft. Poe’ (SDC) – Anyway”

  1. Edu Okpulor says:

    cool tune

  2. Daray says:

    OMG! This is of the chain! So so sick! cool, calm & easy to move wit, the 1st guy reminds me of B.I.G in his own unique way(awesome+ verse),

    "Poe-Poe" needs to do a track wit M.I & da rest wit his talent
    (Lets go! Lets blow!)

    So much effort at the start of it,
    I know this is my season,
    All I have to do is harvest it,
    Don’t see me at the top?
    You can find me at the heart of this,
    for those without this gift,
    I can’t imagine just how hard this is, huh!(awesome+wicked)

    The 3rd guy totally killed this track wit his verse, short, slow, calm, swagga plenty in short,
    ("Anyway, am so fresh wit it, shades on, u no fit see me")-(awesome+wicked+5star), all in all, a cool song, cool chorus, cool verses, a cool track, cool instrumentals,

    Needs a cool video pls!

  3. Shitta Pumpin says:

    Oh boy o!! See music!!! Nice one u guys…una suppose land nig soon make we see una…

  4. POE is the truth he is sick, and i don't think he should do a track with MI as they are different. MI is for Naija rap only, POE is universal and can rap with awon Kendrick Lamar, J.cole and the rest. Then he is in SDC again, men those guys really impress me.

  5. MIRRORMAN ENT. says:

    Zee Zee Facebook:
    El Flaco Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter: @MIRRORMANMUSIC @OshakesMM @ZeezeeMM @AfroflacoMM

  6. feshelu says:

    very nice joint….really feeling the freeway sample (song: reppin' the streets, album: free at last); gives the track that soulful vibe…thumbs up

  7. Segun says:

    Once again poe killed it. Poe is def gonna get big slowly but surely

  8. Olamide says:

    AWESOME TRACK. I love Poe on this…smooth and clear.

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