Chelle ft Jodi – Make You My Lover

Post by Ovie O, March 16th, 2011

Gifted “African pop” singer, Chelle, has just released her new single titled “Make You My Lover“. Back in 2009, we posted a couple of songs from her, “Till We Meet” and “Opon Ti Sun” and then she followed up with a 2010 remix of “Opon Ti Sun” with YQ.

Make You My Lover” is a very sweet love song with a heavy touch of Naija Highlife. The lyrics and vocals perfectly match the mood of the tune. Feel free to push that replay button.


Produced By Mic Tunes

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29 responses to “Chelle ft Jodi – Make You My Lover”

  1. gbedu says:

    Serious naija music i must say….it will be my wedding song to my girl in August…. Nice one chelle/ mic tunes

  2. i'm a fine boy says:

    Nice song..

  3. 50cent says:

    Ima rock with this song. we goin love and fcuk tonight…

  4. Hunter Kinkead says:

    Summer time joint!!!!! Its most def baby making music. This American girl loves this song!!!!!

  5. bebetohbad says:

    LOVELY SONG..her voice reminds me of kelly rowland

  6. elavarasu says:

    I am a best fan for you………………………………………… after I heard this song

  7. MusiqSoul-Ja says:

    Hear gbedu….. na die o!!!!
    She can sing, backup herself and all…..
    The guy sef try….. the song just flows…..

    Una too try o!!!!!

  8. Nice Lyrics, Nice song. Great Job. Can you email this track. I can help promote it. :)

  9. Natalie says:

    this is amazingly romantic! I love it… all the best

  10. sexy marlene says:

    love this song!!! raw talent at its best!!!!….keep it up and keep it coming!!

  11. Idowu Akinde says:

    Wow! I looooooooooooooove it!

  12. Chinwe says:

    Hot song. I love the instrumentals on this track. Really smooth and mellow song. Mictunes forever!!!

  13. TAWNYA says:

    I looooooooooooove this song! I'm a bit of a music "snob" lol so it's not easy to get me groovin'! BUT THIS SONG DEFINITELY HAD ME GROOVIN!!!!!!!! GOOD ONE CHELLE!!!!!!

  14. saleem says:

    the very beatifull song we love this song in pakistan nad in mideleast

  15. NJ Empress says:

    I love this song… I see myself on the beach just rocking to this feel good music…. great work Chelle….. so much talent……..the instrumentals are fire….. so on point……… mictunes!!!!!!!!. Love It!!!!!!!

  16. Mike says:

    well the girl's picture did the trick,i had to check it out.
    cool song tho

  17. NJ Empress says:

    oh my ……..i love this song… She has suck a nice voice.. the two of them just made magic…. the instrumentals are amazing… A+….. 2 thumbs up!!!!! this is my new favorite song…. i love it!!!!!

  18. Francis says:

    I see you Mike…smooth production. Summer weddings, here we come!!!

  19. steve balding says:

    Lovely little tune, very sweet, great rythm!…

  20. Emma says:

    Love this song! It stimulates a person in so many ways … easy on the ears, makes a person feel happy and loving and DEFINITELY entices one's body to get up and MOVE! It makes a person want to get up and dance WHEREVER she is. Listen up people, go out and get this ASAP. For all those people who are somewhat depressed and for those with unpleasant personalities get this and PLAY IT REPEATEDLY! Surely you will get some benefit from listening to it. For those lacking in confidence, perhaps after few plays, you might decide it is now or never and YOU will go out and get you YOUR Lover. Go get happy and make someone YOUR lover and you both can get down with MAKE YOU MY LOVER! Love this, looove this!!!!

  21. sumon says:

    Very nice song !

  22. hitman says:

    This is a Hitsong cuz i said it.I hope she will do more songs sha because we need her to represent us here and abroad. Give us more we are waitin!!!!btw #omotohbad

  23. Andrew J says:

    Nice. I can hear the afro-background.

    AI conversational song style.

  24. Osazee says:

    ooooh my .. Her Beauty describes her Beautiful Voice
    De song is just tooo Good….

  25. benz says:

    nice tune..keep it up.

  26. Antoinette says:

    sounds great! cant wait to hear more!

  27. @IAmSimplyT says:


  28. Kamie says:

    This is the first Chelle's song I like…. The rest always sounded off some how……….. This one is cool. Jodi sounds great too. Keep it like this onwards. All the best you guys.

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