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BUY Album: Darey – Double Dare (Heart Beat)

Post by Demola OG, February 27th, 2011

You can purchase the individual album or buy both in one purchase. Listen to Snippets
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Heart Snippets
Track ListingPlay
1. Sisi Eko

2. Sweet Mother

3. Stroke Me

4. Close

5. The Way You Are (Acoustic)

6. Don't Let Me Know

7. Never Say Never

8. Maybe Baby

9. Cure The World

Beat Snippets
Track ListingPlay
1. The Way You Are

2. Provider feat. P Square

3. Elevate Ya

4. Turn Me On feat. Mo'Cheddah

5. Pillow

6. Like A Movie

7. Ba Ni Kidi

8. Back To Sender feat. Timaya

9. The Way You Are (Rmx) feat Chamillionaire

10. Belly

11. Style Na Style Remix feat. 9ice & Jesse Jagz

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11 responses to “BUY Album: Darey – Double Dare (Heart Beat)”

  1. Kehny says:

    Ok lemme bring out my wallet and khop this album!!!

  2. Realniggatalker says:

    Finally the wait is over!

  3. righthere says:

    Finally…Now lemme listen to Darey ft Cham

  4. UncleRush says:

    Darey the Unique man with D Unique Voice, Songz, Unique way of (songing off) & doing things in public! <==== don't gbagaun me! CONGRATULATION would definitely buy one later today!!

  5. pinket-rita says:

    …… to me it's not just MONEY, bars and music for an artist its about reaching that target audience positively, connecting and reaching out to your fans …..darey you have done that plus more and for that reason you are the best… i love that line like a movie…. I step on the scene got everybody looking at me like George Clooney! nice & the more they try the more we getting higher … Congratulations Darey.

  6. Jaiye says:

    All i can say is WOW!!! You have lived up to expectations. Kudos bro.

  7. Timmy says:

    Notjustok as much as I like u guys, u na be thief ( am only kidding) lol for iTunes u can get both albums 4 £8:99, sorry I take my comment abeg help me convert this into pounds, I be student, na lunch money wey I dry use buy album, darey in terms of talent u get am song writing abilities na your head dey there

  8. Sadiq says:

    Bro kep it up even d sky can b ur limit u 2 mush

  9. Ibenegbu says:

    Me I too like this guy and his Album, Biko hold the one weh you hold, maka odimma

  10. joe says:


  11. steven gerald says:

    nice one

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