DOWNLOAD:Ex-O - Spotlight ft Zee & Ms Chief + BlackBerry + Girl on Facebook ft Igho –notjustOk

Ex-O – Spotlight ft Zee & Ms Chief + BlackBerry + Girl on Facebook ft Igho

Post by Ovie O, February 2nd, 2011

Peep these 3 tracks from Magege Theophilus aka Ex-O. He’s a producer and singer who started creeping into the notjustOk radar about 2 years ago. His production credits include Knighthouse’ “The Finest” (Won Beri), “I Go Vote” by Cool2Vote Allstars, Saucekid’s Airplane Mode, Terry Tha Rapman’s “No Love”, among others.

Up until recently, I had no idea Ex-O could sing so well. Listen to Spotlight, BlackBerry and Girl on Facebook then you’ll know what I mean. Ex-O’s “HipHop Speaks (The Mixtape)” drops very soon here on the site.


Spotlight ft Ms Chief & Zee


Girl on Facebook ft Igho

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20 responses to “Ex-O – Spotlight ft Zee & Ms Chief + BlackBerry + Girl on Facebook ft Igho”

  1. SLEEK says:

    This guy looks a lot like Ne-Yo in this pic

  2. Deep says:

    Bruv, Nice 1 dude! u tyt!

  3. @FARAW says:


  4. feshelu says:

    nice, he can produce and he can also sing…double deal

  5. Mr. Money Good says:

    Nicest One EXceptional One..
    big Ups to Cash-in, Henaus, Oraka et al.
    God Bless your Hustle..

  6. sophie ;-) says:

    she's "bold" with the right "curve" …sharp like "javelin" everytime she talks…. nice wordplay bro>>>nice!!!

  7. Njosh D Elcee says:

    i'm really short of words on this one….Ms chief ceaselessly killed spotlight, the blackbery track is another unique kind of song…Finally, the way u arranged the ladies name on "girl on facebook" is really killing…u are just so endowed.
    nice music industry is changing……………….

  8. abi says:

    Am really wondering why this guy only has 8 comments….. if it was some tukpa yukpa guy we will have seen abt 50 already…. EX O PLEASE TAKE MINE AS A 100 COMMENTS… UR HEA DEY THERE…. BEAUTiful music

  9. MusiqSoul-Ja says:

    Lovely tracks….
    very good….

  10. he is the feature of Naija Music

  11. Now this Blackberry is a classy jam…..mature sweeeeeeeet music…."girl on FB" is a sweet dreamy song..and to think the same Ex-O can go from dreamy music to grimy hard rap jamz…thats jus teriffic!!!Big ups to Igho, MsChief n Zee…. yall killed it!!!

  12. kintoy says:

    nice tracks. Kennis music!
    please help support {Deleted Link}

  13. shakirang says:

    now time to search for da ms chief , i gato get that girl mehn on my Track she is hot, EX-O there is nothing to say u ar one big bro right from d hood and u ar killing it right now stop being d under dog, music industries needs u. bravo.

  14. bubu says:

    spotlight is my favourite….dont dull oooooo….omo zee killed it!…mischief was ayt tho

  15. IXXIGABARI says:

    Master, good to hear yur jamx out at last, yu the best, EX-O, YU KILLIN 'EM!!!

  16. LE'MMON says:

    BLACKBERRY IS THE SHIZNITTTTT!!! loving the chorus…not surprised

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