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WEB VIDEO PREMIERE: Timaya – Watta BamBam

Post by Ovie O, January 5th, 2011

The Egberi-Popsy himself, pride of the Niger-Delta, Timaya, has released the video for “Watta BamBam” off his last album “De Rebirth“. It’s one of several solid party tracks on the multi-platinum selling album which includes certified hits like “Plantain Boy” and “Who Born You”. If you haven’t bought “De Rebirth” yet, go and pray for forgiveness. 😐

I get the feeling this was shot in South Africa. Lovely video regardless.


YouTube Preview Image

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51 responses to “WEB VIDEO PREMIERE: Timaya – Watta BamBam”

  1. yes? says:

    first comment!! yes?? no?? lol
    nice video! he can dance

  2. LMAO says:

    sorry oh but dis is not the "premiere"…i believe its been on utube since yday…stop it

  3. crompton says:

    hahahahaha…multi-platinum selling album, abeg make una suffri dey lie here oooo…

  4. normal video good job not heart stopping though

  5. mememe says:

    lool i was about sayin the same thing @crompton.. multi platinum album my ass.. on this bullshit?….i will rather listen to a baby cry….clean video doe but no concept and song didnt make no sense.. keep doin your thind doe

  6. luvmusic says:

    BIG UP TIMAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stephanee says:

    Hmmm why do Some nigeria Artist repeat chorus( one Word) Bt it nyc Doe. I listen too Tino's Song Today On yutube Gat Me Crazy, and i immediately set is as My Ringtone… I think dat song is Heading Grammy award… All the way from UK..

  8. junior says:

    i like timaya very well…………….am a dancer i belong to a dancing group called DA SAINTS ARMY we always dance to timaya songs

  9. Who You Be says:

    Why do you guys doubt Timaya is selling multi-platinum.. Some of you are sick when it comes to thinking… If you are told P-square does, you will never believe but when they build a house worth millions of dollars you will say it's drugs… As MI said "if your fine boy too much, dem say na 19"… Stop doubting/Hating peeps… This is 2011…

  10. Sleek says:

    Yes oh! He has finally dropped the bomb! Imma have to learn that dance by timaya! Its got a good feeling attached to it!

  11. neo says:


    this dude desperately needs something different to sing about. real talk.

  12. ERIC says:

    Chei!!!!, ignorance no good o!!, do u guys know how much Timaya is selling!!!!, maybe coz ya'll are in other parts, but i stay in PH, and down south, Timaya is freaking Michael Jackson here yo!. Timaya and Duncan Mighty, they sell way way more than all these other acts dat u think sell more coz their songs are played by bus drivers in lagos. No Joke ya'll, Ovie and them know wot they are saying mehn. Once the "Oil City"..(Rivers State/PH) loves you, you dont even need a video to sell, ask Duncan Mighty……#WORD

  13. walla says:

    Na small pikin de worry timaya

  14. Cheals says:

    NotjustOK make u post a video requesting that our favorite actor Mr. Ibu's wife and baby be released please look into this. God bless.

  15. MusiqSouls-Ja says:

    I like the video, its okay….
    at least he wasnt just posing allover the place like he normally does (he even gets restless on the plane and walks up and down the aisles)…. lol!!!!!! true talk….
    he danced and was having fun…..
    I like the track…..
    same style but he gets across to those who enjoy his music…..
    Nice one Timaya…. Nothing do u…..

  16. Al i can c here is hater’s u pips shuld go hug transformer cos timaya is repin bayelsa.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Make d government do something abt dis issue of kidnapping issue.d kidnapper neva mind dat d wife is carrying a new born baby.

  18. Mr responsible says:

    Timayas dreads is madd sha

  19. Bobo says:

    starting to get tired of Timaya, 99% of his songs all sound alike

  20. ur voice makes me go gaga

  21. stanley says:

    timaya guy i lyk d beat of d song.u too much

  22. jay ar says:

    catchy tune

  23. Deryckeugene says:

    timaya you too much,i just the feel lyk say i for join you for black body,keep it on my broda

  24. rodeo says:

    club banger, gets me dancing even when i dont feel like it. tight song

  25. dazingeyes says:

    timi no time, u too mushhhhh

  26. Nelloboy says:

    Timaya.. the best when it comes to party high, i dont know why people are envying the poor boy. make una leave am to fill him glass, cos una no day the same class. Timaya is really the Ruler.

  27. Nelloboy says:

    Timaya king of the dance hall. All the way, watta bam bam, Another man chop, please am seriously waiting for the next track or album… Nelloboy say so. na matter oh.

  28. Andy Brown says:

    The sky is your limet.

  29. Andy Brown says:

    The sky is your limet.

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