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VIDEO: R. Kelly, 2face Idibia and One8 – Hands Across The World

Post by Ovie O, November 17th, 2010

Sony Music Worldwide and Rockstar4000 are proud to present the International Supergroup “One8” made up of 8 African superstars from 8 different countries and Global pop icon, R. Kelly.

The artistes include R. Kelly (USA), 2face Idibia (Nigeria), Amani (Kenya), Fally Ipupa (Congo), JK (Zambia), 4X4 (Ghana), Navio (Uganda), Alikiba (Tanzania) and Movaizhaleine (Gabon).

“Hands Across The World”, recorded last month in Chicago, is the 1st single from One8, and we’re told to expect a full-blown album, a DVD release, and a series of Diaries in the very near future (possibly before the end of the year). Visit for more information.

Written and Produced by R. Kelly.


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2face Speaks…

YouTube Preview Image

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114 responses to “VIDEO: R. Kelly, 2face Idibia and One8 – Hands Across The World”

  1. partyrider says:

    big ups to rkelly..one8 crew keep repping Africa..and to our 1 and only 2BABA nice one man..nothing do u

  2. sirrockyfela says:

    ovie thanx for finally posting it up. respect.

  3. debo says:

    Tubaba confirmed……repping naija.

  4. ayobami says:

    So so so proud of 2face idibia.d song is very nice.2face did not only feature he leads other african superstars in ONE8.I am a proud nigerian.I can assure u dt he is closer 2 making his big big international break.he has achieved a lot dis year alone.congratz 2 africa,naija,2baba & all lovers of good music.

  5. fesh says:

    kell's is a genius….tubaba no fall naija hand AND the other people brought it too…great song, this super group got me wanting more!

  6. Optical says:

    im sorry but this has illuminati written all over it and i aint in support..the first thing u see when u even press play is a Pentagon and their speaking about one world unity which is the new world order program 🙁 … ahnahn this people want to enter Africa..thats if they havent.

  7. real says:

    We are finally gettin our international break. African music rox.2baba u too much

  8. Someone says:

    well done to 2face Idibia and everyone that is involve in the one8 project. Hope Shina Peters will eat his word saying "2face is empty". I agree with @Ayobami that 2face Idibia is very close to that big worldwide break. Keep the flag flying.

  9. re_fodio says:

    Im XOXO proud to be a Nigerian at all level men..2Baba no Lele you too much…Nice project and great combination….Africa 4 life….Rey Fodio

  10. Michael says:

    Reping Brooklyn eeeee 2baba eeee next time you come new york come that lounge Amarachi lounge make we do as we do the last time dis nigga cant be stoped

  11. yoyoyo says:

    Africa to America…this is ti oo..TUBABA Is a confirmed guy

  12. blah says:

    Nice talents, cheesey song.
    Yea, and autotune forever!!!!

  13. Pheesh says:

    Way to go 2baba!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  14. MusiqSoul-Ja says:

    R Kelly too much….. Innovation is his middle name…..
    He know his fans very well……
    This whole idea is great,….
    Respect to all the artists there…. the back up, harmony and all is just overwhelming…..
    I no fit talk… 2baba… Great job man……

  15. gboy says:

    i love dis song 2baba u do us well keep it up try make ur own collabo with kells, for sir shina peter sorry for u go continue sing ur yoroba song old ass nigga too much respect 2baba and one 8 musicians

  16. baba neh says:

    with initiatives like this, our music horizon is limitless. thumps up

  17. ceo haterz club says:

    good music will alwayz win this shld be a lesson to our naija artiste especially d ones that deliver good content keep pushing one day d stage will be urs…..2baba is good…..imagine terry g or timaya on dis track our hand 4 fall reach ground.

  18. true talk says:

    d beat, d sound, d hook, d lyrics………TIGHT!!! one of d best i ve heard dis year…

  19. prince says:

    am a nigerian bt i must say fally ipupa cant miss that distinct voice of urs,big up tuface naija ''all the way''

  20. SOMEBODY says:


  21. beweilz says:

    2baba no 1 in nigeria, am feelin u

  22. debola says:

    tubaba has decided to walk among legends
    i have followed you closely from the beginning of your career
    not only have you grown, you have made any Nigerian that still believes in value know that through it all
    diligence hard work and a commitment to excellence is not just a possible dream but a present day reality
    love you man
    keep the flag flying and never stop spreading the message people are listening

  23. TOLA says:

    this is quite a lovely one from africa. it's good to be one, tu baba na you biko.i am proud to be an african

  24. yemi says:

    Thank you Thank You 2face AKA 2baba…see nothing do you….make u just dey do ur own….1love….

  25. jide says:

    best song in the world for now

  26. kjkj says:

    2 baba dey there!!!. why song no go sweet.

  27. Andre_de_Canuck says:

    This is so coool….

  28. sirkissme says:

    2baba waz up

  29. this is it, tu baba u r a living legend n doin us proud, am so proud 2 a nigerian, luv die

  30. omofemi says:

    2baba nobody can stop u now just keep on moving one love nigeria, one love 2baba one love my people.

  31. BABALAWO says:

    yoo people R.kelly killed this joint with his harmony men the guy na winch 2baba u get mouth nothing do u if na dbanj wa them put here na filleh filleh him go dey sing lmao south african gals need koboko, london gals gbadun koboko, nigerian gals them like koboko lmao thnak God na tubaba them put free me lol

  32. chuks says:


  33. Atairu says:

    2baba has done it again, he's the best!!!!!!!! 1Love

  34. yemi says:

    2 baba.. we luv u..thats all i can say… d best

  35. igbaladun says:

    i want Nigeria press to come out this time and denial R.kelly did not meet 2face ever in his life. i am tired of Naija press, instead of elevating this guy they contributed to his downfall. God do catch up with hater……ALL OF UNA GO DIE ONE BY ONE. THIS GUY IS SIMPLY THE BEST. SKIA SAY SO

  36. Seun olukoya says:

    There will always be haters bt baba’s records speaks for itself…keep the fire burning!!!

  37. this is nothing short of brilliant and heart warming….i likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Seun olukoya says:

    Plss peeps where n when did shina peters make dat statement?I wld appreciate it if anyone could fill me in…plsss

  39. Lexzy says:

    No shakin tu baba is da best.nd 4 all d 4ckin haters go die like d rest.1 luv

  40. adedeji omotunde says:

    gat nofing to say than to tel you…………you are too much you never foul my hand……..bro you are one in a century…… yha ma broda….tunde mayor ib

  41. Brother Man says:

    Crap song. Absolute crud. Same message that has been preached for years "we are helpless Africans, help us o America ". Weak

  42. Kham says:

    This is one of the very best songs I have ever heard in my life… Strong Message too! Bless 2Baba! Bless R.Kelly! Bless my African brothers…One love!

  43. goatherder says:

    Great track. I love good positive music!

  44. BheeJay says:

    International 2baba…Everything just happenin all at the same tyme happy for this guy men…..____R.kelly mojo still dey work die….. classic collabo what happen to S.A?

  45. Xeun says:

    Am glad to see peeps comment,glad we all like tuface and no complaint at all,cheers tuface u are the best,even though dem say you are not educated dem wey dey educated where are they??????????????,one love

  46. Hadebola says:

    2baba your head dey there enter gutter.
    I just like your songs, I dont know why.

  47. Muh'd says:

    2baba 4 life.
    Na only you be big boi 4 9ja.

  48. BABALAWO says:

    2baba inshot as from today i go dey call u 20baba lol omo u get mouth keep reping we dey ur back 2-8-7

  49. DJ Rotwell says:

    wow! when i 1st watch the video .. i was touched and tears fall for my eyes .. 2baba Mikel go come beg u soon …u be Icon multiply by legend ..i dey feel u die … Big ups to R.Kelly and rest of African … lovely songs ..Stay bless ..2 baba one luv n no lele

  50. David Temitope says:

    I’m just short of words,i’ll always continue 2 preach that 2baba is still Naija’s best,keep making us proud 2baba,one love.

  51. Seun olukoya says:

    You guys need to take it slow wit dis iluminati…and not taint this remarkable achievement.Cos kels is,does nt make everyone who works with him.Dont undermine 2baba’s efforts wit such tins.2baba aint just d most incredible outta naija,he’s d most international n of course,R kelly KNOWS HIM!

  52. ISIBOR says:

    shina peter are u not the one dat said the young shall grow in ur fuckin ass juju musik? why are u beefin 2baba at dis ur age..wetin concern rnb artist nd old skul juju musician lyk cuz callin old man lyk u an artist is a waste of tym..if i may ask wat do u knw abt empty?

  53. kelvin says:

    it just 2 lovly 4 mi, 2 baba u ar d man on 9ja hit, lov u wit passion

  54. Seyi says:

    Good song, good intentions.. R kelly you are the best.. you have shown that there are endless opportunities for those who are deligent at their duties.. 2baba you are invincible.. you are not only walking with legends, you are a legend. You've kept the flag flying, you are a source of inspiration that we cherish. thumbs up bro.. cheers!

  55. seun says:

    who won test d heavy weight champion?…….. 2baba u are just 222 much

  56. Tollymax says:

    to all haters, e don happen at last the long time awaited collaboration is finally droped.

  57. derinidowu says:

    now i think Africa is no longer left behinde again,in terms of entertainment, sport, politics e.t.c.i think we are moving higher.kudus to u Africa

  58. pepes says:

    2 baba is the Living Afro pop legend of my Age. What else he ft with Rockstar Gangstar R&B Rap Hardcore Herbalist like 9ice..what else

  59. Seun olukoya says:

    Thanks bro.I checked it,who God has blessed no man can curse!

  60. james benjamin says:

    2baba u d best!!! kip it up……………………………

  61. james benjamin says:

    2baba u d best!!! kip it up bro……………………..

  62. biyooyo says:

    2baba u da best, kip it up

  63. FBS says:

    2baba dey dia. BRAVO!

  64. attu baisy says:

    proud to be an african,u made it guys,big up to R,kerry

  65. Sweeny says:

    You guys are really wonderful. Thumps up!

  66. Romeo John says:

    2baba I’m proud of Ʊ bro……keep it up

  67. momo says:

    no be small tin woo!!!

  68. I have listened and philosophied on the message that was sent out by you guys.It was capturing all we need to do is practice it and be our brothers keeper.And to you my most prefered African musician 2FACE let the heavens be your kelly most prefered black American Pls we are grateful and we will pray God to descend and you will continue to live and do ,ore and more things for us African.As for musician from my country cameroon, politics have eaten them like virus has consume a flash lol we pray to see the light some day.

  69. VICARIOUS says:


  70. VICARIOUS says:

    Rkelly big up africa people big up ali kiba uko juu

  71. filinho says:

    guy on do d right thing.2baba

  72. A-ONE says:

    May God bless 2face and R. Kelly

  73. Jerry says:

    God bless africa 2face you re still africa best we love you… Nd also thanks to R.kelly africa america.

  74. Dan Halls says:

    2 Baba, Ure definitely unstoppable. Keep keeping it real bro, like i tell people DIS IS JUST YR STARTING POINT, DEY AINT SEEN ANYTHING YET.

  75. Nicky says:

    My guy na yr eye u go sharpen,cos u dey work hard for the money, it is not funny, cos of u i get busy, cos i no go fit afford to lazy, no let opportunity pass u bye… guy, u really grabbed it well,and i am so so impressed. jah bless ya.2 Baba.

  76. End Time Message Believer says:

    @ Optical, I agree with you 100% but unfortunaly our bro’s nd sister are blinded. So there’s nothing we can do but hope oneday they get to know the truth. When I heard the word “unity” then I knew its an ILLUMINATI product, and its really moving towards the one religion, one goverment etc stage. Such songs will be produced so that people get use to the idea, that when its finaly implemented people wont see anythng wrng. listen to songs like “We are the world, also known as USA for AFRICA” nd you’ll see what the real agenda is (Fighting GOD)

  77. abraham celestin says:

    you guy's are really wonderful, R.Kelly too much.

  78. Law Cool says:

    I will alway lov u 2 BABA.

  79. Law Cool says:

    I will alway lov u 2 BABA.

  80. Gr8th one 4rm group of talents , 4rn Motherland Africa 2 America. I love u all.

  81. Gr8th one 4rm group of talents , 4rn Motherland Africa 2 America. I love u all.

  82. Don Ekanem says:

    any song 2face is featured is d grand finale.

  83. Don Ekanem says:

    any song 2face is featured is d grand finale.

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